The Concept Behind The Blog

The concept:


There was a time, not too long ago, when newspapers across the country would have @ least one columnist as pondered over the foibles and follies of the mundane ... the which were as much fun to read as they were probably fun to write on the part of the columnists themselves.

All in all, providing a worthwhile distraction from the mundane and the distressing routine of the world-at-large. Especially when what the columnists wrote about related to what readers were experiencing themselves in their routine, sometimes bringing forth a smile to an otherwise gloomy state of affairs.

This, basically, is what inspires Your Correspondent to go forth with The Blog That Am!, this newest (mis)adventure of Your Correspondent here on the Information Stuporbahn. A mixed bag of a blog inspired by the glory days of the great newspaper columnists and their stylee of writing, observing what Your Correspondent--an otherwise unemployable dyslexic on State Social Security--comes across in his mundane existance.

Sometimes it may be political, sometimes it may be trivial, but all in all, expected to be a boon companion to your day.

I hope you will like it.

In any case, the blog is now up and running; see it for yourself if inteersted. And to keep up with the ongoing postings, be sure to subscribe to its RSS feed in such vehicles you prefer. Likewise with the online shopping, on its own dedicated page; the better to help support Your Correspondent as much as to help reduce the National Debt in the United States (in case you needed a clear and compelling cause to shop online for).

"It's too cool and beautiful to develop and motivate, build up character."

--actual unsolicited comment from "Denon Receivers"


The Mission Statement

"Demonstrating that The People Our Parents Warned Us About (Your Correspondent included) CAN and DO have opinions as need to be expressed through Teh Blogospheerz of Teh Greater Innerwebz."

The Disclosure (Please read carefully)

Please be aware that The Blog That Am!, in the course of its blog postings, may occasionally mention brand names, businesses, products or services. Such is intended solely to enhance editorial clarity or meaning, and unless otherwise noted, should not be construed as endorsement of that particular product or service.

All brands mentioned in this blog are the registered or common-law trademarks or service marks of their respective owners, and their respective rights are recognised accordingly.

As well, The Blog That Am! has affiliate relationships with various online e-tailers whereby Your Correspondent can earn money from purchases made through the Online Mall, The eStore That Am! and The Online Boutique. Consumers are urged to exercise due care and dilligence before making any online purchases vis-a-vis the character and repute of such e-tailers they plan to shop from.

Occasionally, The Blog That Am! may link to outside websites (as will open in new browser windows) in blog posts for the sake of insight into the topic at hand; however, Your Correspondent has no control over their contents.

For best viewing results, Mozilla Firefox is recommended as the browser of choice. Click here to download the latest version on your PC free of charge.

To interested media outlets:

Representatives of recognised media organisations, as well as chat show producers, wishing to interview Your Correspondent about this blog will please contact me via the contact form on the blog page to arrange all the necessary particulars.

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