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Don't believe this title articles

October 30, 2014

20h30 UTC; THURSDAY, 30 OCTOBER 2014: First off, I need to apologise for the delay in actually getting this posted; an earlier attempt was thwarted by some class of technical bug in the host servers. Not to mention having had a late start following lunch buffet and the need to rest it off.

As well, it's likely there may not be a post on the morrow, what with my six-month physical scheduled for mid- to late morning potentially taking up some time as could cross over into the lunch break. Just so you know.

And make no mistake: The "Christian" homophobes are getting all over
Apple CEO Tim Cook's "coming out of the closet" in an essay in Bloomberg Business Week, acknowledging his homosexuality and its creative possibilities. Which could be enough for especially the more hard-wired Elmer Gantryesque sort of "Bible-Believing Christian" to call for boycotts of Apple products, including their iTunes online music store, the iOS mobile operating system and the Safari browser, "For My God and My Country" (not to mention Christelike Ekonomesie Vryheid Van Ons Styl).

And, in their turn, calling for the development of "Christian" alternatives as will tend to be at all the more at risk of wormhole exploitation by hackers from without (Russia and China especially), notwithstanding all manner of attempts at extreme delicacy and chastity in terms of filtering and algorithms serving their warped and perverto delusion of "Bible-Believing" Christianity. Not to mention a "Christian" model of wireless network pledging to tithe part of its profits into "pro-AmeriKKKan, pro-Christian, pro-family, pro-life, pro-free enterprise" causes and movements ... only it turns out that its business model is all the more unsustainable. (Still, though, if they want to buy cheap smartfones and tablet PC's they can buy wholesale to flog off on the unwitting at inflated prices as part of their Noble Experiment, do click on the relevant links.)

And what price Our National and Sovereign Identity, our finances even, when we take mountebanks like this seriously:

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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This surprisingly snarky post title must still be devised

October 29, 2014

17h47 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 29 OCTOBER 2014: First off, warehouse-shopping club Costco deserves kudos for its announcement that all its locations will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day in respect of the day's Sanctity and Sachristy as one for families to get together--even those of their employees and associates--over the traditional turkey and trims. Which, of course, probably isn't sitting well with Walmart, Target, Best Buy and suchlike as are planning openings around 6 pm on Thanksgiving night so as to appease the "value-for-money" crowd when it comes to holiday shopping.

Of course, you've also got the Online Mall here on my website--with the added display of social consciousness (as in pledging 9.11% of my share of your online purchases therefrom towards Reducing the American National Debt, in case you needed a Good and Worthy Cause to Support), not to mention its being open all hours, as with Teh Innerwebz.

Is it probably but moi, or could it be that such specimens of "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" Zealotry and True Belief relative to opposition to the mininum wage as "outdated," "archaic" or "a jobs-killer" (especially absent facts) are actually using such as dogwhistle code for seeking the "complete and final" abolition of the Federal Reserve System and a return to pre-1933 monetary policies (i.e., such which linked the dollar to gold) by way of "currency boards" with clear and present risk of monetary policies calling to mind Weimar Germany's notorious spate of hyperflation following World War I as sought to "flip the bird" at the Versailles Treaty and such provisions seen as "undermining" the Luscious Glory of German Honour (especially the "war guilt clause") to the point of such being seen as a "stab in the back" of German National and Sovereign Identity?

As Real America still awaits conservative prolefeed reaction to TLC's cancellation of Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo over allegations of Mama June's consorting with Weird and Unwholesome Elements, with Clear and Present Risk of Moral Harm to the Children Ensuing, we'd like to hear from Sarah Palin "herself" what Real America "needs to talk about" rather than the "distorted out of context" (or so she perceives it to be) details of the late donneybrooke at the Palin residence outside Anchorage, especially in the wake of police recordings therefor (expletives and all) having been released last week.

And we can do without your recommending her streaming online prolefeed channel, Vrowe Palin.

So the "REAL AmeriKKKan" is "perfectly capable of making their own decisions" when it comes to retirement savings and planning in lieu of what you perceive as an "outdated" and "inefficient" State system of Social Security--especially considering where your "REAL AmeriKKKa" has no idea as to the workings or mechanics of the banking or financial-markets systems beyond your stock anti-Semitic tropes and canards as use "Wall Street" as dogwhistle code for "Jewish control of business and finance."

Let alone offering any viable, realistic even, notions about what you would consider to be "Christian" models of banking, business and finance. In particular such as go beyond your stock canards about ons styl ekonomesie vryheid being at its heart and soul, as one with National Unity and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations by the Goodness of His Grace and Favour Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land (or even your warped idea of a "natural and mutual interconnexion" of the concepts requiring acceptance of the ideal that an attack on one concept is automatically deemed to be that of its equal).

Even when you factor in the Jucheist concept you love to push, as if reinforcing your "government is not the solution--government is the problem" platitude, about Man being the Master of Everything and deciding Everything--yet, on the other hand, suggesting that Man is somehow "mentally and morally incapable" of being entitled to make their own decisions, hence requiring a super-divine Great Leader, "Prophet, Seer and Revelator" even, acting in Man's name and behalf to ensure their betterment and happiness, with Man expected to rally round such--as well as believe beyond question that said Great Leader is incorruptable, perfect in body and mind, above mortal error and weakness, even the Divinely-Appointed Representative of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation in their Luscious Glory of National and Sovereign Identity. Which, as Khruschev's "secret speech" in March of 1956 deflating the "cult of personality" around his predecessor, Josef Stalin, revealed, is more often than not a propaganda farce.

With at least one prominent homophobe suggesting that "gay rights" is a dogwhistle code for "superior rights" at the (presumed) expense of so-called "Bible-Believing Christians" "entitled as of natural right" to certain Antient and Peculiar Rights, Privileges and Powers which "inferior peoples" are not otherwise entitled to, aren't we forgetting where apartheid South Africa was about giving especially "poor white" Afrikaners "superior rights" at the expense of British rule which regarded the Afrikaner to be in a state of ethno-racial Limbo, notwithstanding his being a Pious, Humble, God-Fearing Christian Called by God Unto South Africa to Defend the Honour and Luscious Glory of White Euro-Christian Colonialism Against Godless Communism in the Guise of Independence Movements and "Self-Determination"?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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Inventing the title for this great article

October 28, 2014
icon icon

17h47 UTC; TUESDAY, 28 OCTOBER 2014: Firstly, in case any of you needed a reminder of today being National Chocolate Day--consider the lead-off image. And click on same to discern its significance.

Meanwhile, as we await conservative Kulturkriegsmennesch reactions to TLC's cancellation of Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo on word that Mama June has been seen in Weird and Unwholesome Company, the Canadian Broadcorping Castration, in the interest of its name and repute as a Revered and Sacred Canadian Institution on a par with the Canadian Pacific Railway, Niagara Falls, Sun-Wheat Biscuits, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Tim Horton's, among other Sacred Canadian Cows, has sacked Jian Ghomeshi from his position as host of CBC Radio One's cultural programme Q (as can be heard on some public-radio stations in the United States) after word emerged that Mr. Ghomeshi had been "engaging in rough sex" with several partners, with potential harm to the Castration's Name and Image--particularly so in the face of ongoing budget cuts as are affecting programming and programme quality.

Tell me this isn't doublethink heading into Indecision 2014: As in conservative politicos, and related articles of faith, insisting that a "people-centred" Reddingsdaad is the Best and Only Way for Saving "REAL AmeriKKKa" From Itself, by virtue of its drawing upon a "natural and organic unity and identity" inherent in the AmeriKKKan People and Nation into a Spontaneous and Mighty Campaign of Socioeconomic Rescue and Empowerment founded on the disciplines and principles of ons styl ekonomesie vryheid as one with Our National Unity and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations ... yet at the same time putting up all manner of roadblocks, berms, stalling tactics even, to prevent their dear and lovely "REAL AmeriKKKa" from actually seizing the potential for said Reddingsdaad actually working and producing the desired results.

Is rheir real desire here actually using the "REAL AmeriKKKan" as prolefeed Objects of Fun, especially where cheap and crude "elegant pornoo" can be used to pacify them all the more?

Staying with the conservatives' Zealotry and True Belief in ons styl ekonomesie vryheid as a Great White Father of National Unity and Identity, as it were, why exactly aren't they rejoicing at the news of gas prices in some states falling below $3/gallon for regular unleaded and the NYMEX close yesterday for benchmark crude being $80.66/bbl (and poised to fall still further)?

Case in point:

The closing item today may be out of Switzerland, boys and girls, but it sounds just like certain scions of AmeriKKKan "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" prolefeed which seeks to hold the Lower Classes all the more into contempt and umbarge. Not to mention, in keeping with this blog's spirit, after the Disney Parks, that "it's a small world, after all," enough to wonder if a similar policy would work in Thy Dear and Lovely AmeriKKKa.

Kudos to BBC Monitoring's "News from Elsewhere" blog therefor:
A Swiss canton is considering banning cars for people on state benefits, it's been reported.

Zurich's regional parliament has passed the first reading of a bill which would stop welfare payments being used to fund cars, unless a disability, illness or professional reasons could be proved, the Le Matin website reports. The idea, proposed by the right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP) and centre-right Liberals, caused a "lively debate" in the region's parliament, but passed by 87 votes to 84, the website says. Left-wing parties oppose the move.

Supporters of the proposal say people on welfare can't afford to pay for a car, and if they want one then their benefits payments should be reduced. "If someone can afford a car, it can be assumed that he has other sources of money," Jean-Philippe Pinto of the Christian Democratic People's Party, which supports the measure, is quoted as saying in Neue Zurcher Zeitung. But others say the proposal is unnecessary. "Recipients can decide for themselves whether they spend their money on food, books, cigarettes or a car," Beatrice Henes, a spokeswoman for Zurich's social services department, told the 20 Minuten website earlier this month. A final vote on the issue is expected in the coming weeks.
So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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