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So the "insult to economic freedom"

January 29, 2015

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18h33 UTC; THURSDAY, 29 JANUARY 2015: Before Fox News and their conservative prolefeed minions as insist that ons styl ekonomesie vryheid, and the defence thereof, is somehow Essential and Integral to AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity and Interest start tearing into the following as Insults to National and Sovereign Interests, allow me to explain:
  • As if $4 million for a 30-second advertising spot during the Super Bowl's worldcast Sunday wasn't good enough for major national advertisers seeing such as one with Corporate Pride and Prestige (Fox, who has the broadcast rights for this year's Super Bowl, has sold out all available ad breaks), it turns out that such may not exactly translate into serious value for money, especially when reflected in subsequent sales and enquiries: Some studies out of Europe (howbeit involving equally-prestigious sporting events like the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup Final) suggest that many viewers of such high-end sport events may not exactly remember the advertisers or their messages some months on after the broadcast; such, in and of itself, may be something of a lesson for Super Bowl advertisers to ponder for what are probably one-off messages of the sui generis sort, the classic of which is probably Apple Computer's "Big Brother" spot from 1984 to introduce their Macintosh PC.
    What's more, a German researcher is suggesting that such advertising may not have much power or intrusion after all because many viewers are likely to eat during the commercial breaks, the ensuing noises essentially weakening the advert's potential value.
    So much for advertising during the Super Bowl being serious value for money.
    (Incidentally, the reason the Federal Trade Commission voided the Television Code of the National Association of Broadcasters in 1983 was because such was used to artifically control and inflate advertising rates and advertiser exposure in ways inconsistent with free-market principles, especially so during prime time.)
  • Blame changing market forces, not "insults to cultural heritage," for ConAgra Foods' announcing where Ry-Krisp crackers, a Minnesota institution in its own way, will no longer be manufactured from March after over a century or so of production, after which the Minneapolis plant as produced Ry-Krisp for some 90 years now will close and the 25 employees there being offered positions elsewhere within the ConAgra Foods organisation. For those who can't get over the news, there's a few other brands of rye crackers to stand in, howbeit imported, as in Wasa (originally from Sweden, now produced in Germany), Kavli (from Norway; profits from sales thereof go to a charitable trust) and Ryvita (from England).
In closing at this time, something of an admission I need to make: Since launching my Tumblr blog, "It's So Hanna-Barberaesque", last fall shortly after my mother passed away, Your Correspondent acknowledges where he's been devoting a little more time and effort to that particular blog, perhaps to the detrius of this Blog That Am! (as witness the less-than-frequent nature of these posts since the New Year). Too, "It's So Hanna-Barberaesque" has been gaining some audience share of late to the point of overtaking this blog's traffic numbers. Proving, no doubt, that many of you must probably like Hanna-Barbera-flavoured fanfics and musings more than political commentary as has been this blog's forte.

(In fact, the original inspiration for "It's So Hanna-Barberaesque," a mashup of the Cattanooga Cats unto the Old-Time Radio comedy Duffy's Tavern, was originally planned for this very blog as a way of giving this such some variety and diversity. Eventually, however, the decision to go unto Tumblr proved irresistable, what with such providing more opportunity to concentrate his energies unto the Hanna-Barberian.)

Ergo, it appears likely that I may feel like abandoning this The Blog That Am! before too long, what with tastes and rationale in blogging bound to be changing every so often; my own case being no exception, what with the allure of Hanna-Barbera's forgotten characters being given fresh attention and new leases on life through the fanfic form being somewhat irresistable to Your Correspondent. But cry not for moi over this news; on the contrary, such could actually be a blessing in disguise, letting a more imaginative side of moi come shining through.

In the interim, may I just say "thank you" for all your support in my over 15 years of blogging misadventures in a political or current-events vein ... and hope you can like me at "It's So Hanna-Barberaesque." Which, come to think of it, also includes a ready-to-use mobile version for those of you in the smartfone fraternity (as opposed to the extra-cost option which Yola has for upgrades, which I am unable to afford at this time).

As the Cattanooga Cats' bassist Scoots put it, "Wavy chitlin gravy!"

So till next time, folks: "73"

(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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So the "people-centred" Reddingsdaad

January 26, 2015
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18h52 UTC; MONDAY, 26 JANUARY 2015: No wonder doublethink tending to hypocrisy is essential to the paleoconservative ideology and its articles of faith to which the rank-and-file Zealot and True Believer is expected to accept blindly, without question, reservation, or evasion, under pain of Serious Consequences as risk Indirectly Endangering Thy Dear and Lovely Land and Its National; and Sovereign Identity so as to Betray Same to the "New World Order" and its Sinister and Dangerous Agenda as has Trampled Underfoor the Natural and Soveriegn Identity of Nations, all that cal.

To take as example thereof, witness where these paleocon beliefs hold "deeply and dearly" that which expects the "REAL AmeriKKKan"--for the most part, a "poor white" whose poverty, fecundity and ignorance makes them Fair Game for exploitation thereof, hoping they won't complain too much about it "for their own good" to be recognised--to "rescue themselves" out of the "enslaving" thralldom which State policies (especially with regards to welfare) are seen to have made all the worse and into the "ennobling" Luscious Glory of Industry, Self-Reliance, Personal Responsibility, Thrift based on Cash Economy and A Wholesome and Simple Home Life, to be best achieved solely through 'n mensgesenterde ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te dien" as channels the "natural unity and identity of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation" as a supposed unitary Whole into a "spontaneous, divinely-inspired" campaign of Reddingsdaad expected to "help the poor to help themselves" based on the concept of Helpmekaar rather than State or charitable relief.

Only it turns out that such a model of Reddingsdaad is one driven all the more on ideology and cheap bumper-sticker slogans to be parroted in a fanatically puerile cadence at spontaneously-called "mass rallies" and hyper-secretive meetings of Reddingsdaadbond-inspired "campaigns" and "movements" at the expense of the practical (especially such where referrals can be made to such tools and resources as would inspire the targeted towards the otherwise noble aims and motives). And to make things worse, expect such to be packaged as a Mission from God to Save "REAL AmeriKKKa" From Itself, when in the end such borders on $cientologist-model brainwashing, mind control and "Fair Game" exercises officially to be excused as one with "Pavlovian conditioning".

Only it turns out that such worsens the will to uplift the masses out of thralldom, essentially precluding such from being made workplace-ready and open to exploitation by swindlers who, it turns out, may really be connected to these same "popular movements" and getting a cut of the profits from membership dues officially going towards a group life-insurance and burial plan and/or a "consumer benefits programme" whose supposed "discounts" may be, at best, negligable as compared to the local Walmart or Dollar Tree and, at worst, a farce rivalling the worst of Branson "music shows" being kept going solely through "foundation grants" in the face of low audience numbers.

So where's the outrage here, people?

So till next time, folks: "73"

(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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So the "ennobling" experiment

January 24, 2015

Witness what lies beyond this particular link. Just click on it. I dare you to so do.

18h05 UTC; SATURDAY, 24 JANUARY 2015: So much for the Grand Delusion held deeply and dearly by especially "Tea Party"-tending Congressionals which suggests that the best and only approach to "saving" Medicare and Medicaid so as to make it more "people-centred" (and, in the process, "adding taxpayer value") is to essentially convert such into vouchers to allow the targeted to buy their own health cove "guided solely by the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace" so seen as Essential to AmeriKKKa's National and Sovereign Interest, thereby "helping REAL AmeriKKKans help themselves The AmeriKKKan Way!" (or so their snarky, puerile prolefeed would have it): Maybe it was time to ask these questions of your Congressional delegation, be it by e-mail or through social media conduits through the links as follow this post, in respect of this Grand Delusion:
  • Just how sure are you that a voucher-based model of Medicate and Medicaid is indeed "people-centred"?
  • Just how sure are you that taxpayer value for money is being served by conversion of Medicare and Medicaid into voucher-based models? Are there any actual scientifically-tested studies and research available which confirms this thesis, and is it available in plain-language summaries?
  • How do we know such an approach will actually translate into lower consumer costs for health cover, especially if it emerges that the vouchers will only be accepted more than likely by politically-connected insurers, Health Maintenance Organisations (HMO's) or Medical Savings Schemes, thereby putting paid to your belief in Greater Options, Wider Selection, Lower Prices thereby realised because of competition and "leveraging the power and intrusion of advertising and marketing" through potentially deceptive and misleading means?
  • What sort of educational campaigns would there be in mind to explain the need for such conversion? Would they be accurate, impartial, unbiased and at once responsible, without recourse to dogwhistle code which can deceive, mislead, take advantage of the poor and unsophisticated even?
  • What sort of checks and balances would there be in place to protect the interests of all stakeholders in such a Noble Experiment--as in the Good Taxpayers, the Medicare/Medicaid clientele, insurers, actuaries and the State as well?
  • How do we know fraudulent, misleading or deceptive sales practices on the part of insurers will be avoided (including, for one, putting salesmen on quotas and under instructions to use high-pressure sales methods which could excuse forgery of signatures on the applications and even creating sham applicants to inflate sales numbers, especially where commissions come into play)?
  • Is the impact of future consumer-price inflation being duly considered in such a concept, especially in considering the impact of declining purchasing power as could vary depending on how inflation emerges in future (including the prospect of "currency reforms" reeking of devaluation)?
  • How many states do you know of as are actually seeking Federal waivers at this time to convert their traditional "fee-for-service" model Medicaid schemes into voucher-based such, with the Federal funding as seeks to subsidise Medicaid or equivalent schemes converted into block grants without any sort of oversight expected? Do such requests for waivers deliberately avoid any sort of oversight or monitoring requirements to protect stakeholders' interests?
  • How many sovereign peculiars elsewhere in the world already have voucher-based schemes for the purchase of health cover as their national health services policies? Do they generate serious taxpayer value? Are they actually "people-centred"? Have same actually encouraged marketplace competition based on sound market practice? What lessons could Thy Dear and Lovely Land learn thereby?
  • Are the cost savings expected compared with maintaining the status quo for Medicate and Medicaid actually realistic, even allowing for future inflation and potential dilution of consumer purchasing power?
  • "Have you stopped beating your wife?"
The sooner these questions are asked all the more (and politely, mind you), the better the debate will become.

And before any of you specimens of "Teapotter" Zealotry and True Belief accuse me of being a "Communist" by this approach I have just taken, or otherwise question my Loyalty and True Patriot Love for Motherland, I insist that you show proof of your claims. Especially where supported by at least two impartial witnesses, and not by hearsay or rumour. Besides, your rather absurd conflation of Communism, Fascism and Nazism ideologically is itself ideologically flawed; go look them up in your Funk & Wagnalls beforehand.

So till next time, folks: "73"

(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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