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Excedrin Headache No. 5183

October 1, 2014

18h16 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 1 OCTOBER 2014: Such is the arrogance of Pat "700 Club" Robertson when he suggests on air that his powers of faith-healing "could put the medical profession out of business" within measurable distance--yeah, right. Didn't his fellow televangel Oral Roberts make similar claims going back to radio days, suggesting he was able to channel God's Healing Powers through the electromagnetic waves of radio and TV broadcasting, especially with regards to Certain Loathsome Diseases?

And what's more, how do we know such access won't be limited to such among his "poor white" audiences coughing up their monthly tithes to Robertson's CBN (pseudo)ministry at the expense of more essential needs like food, clothing and shelter? That, and taking advantage of the vulnerable to the point of discouraging essential medical treatment or consultation where said Loathsome Diseases come into the equation (among them cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, tubuculerosis, arthritis, the clap, the rhal, even diabeetus).

In any event, the Mayo Clinic is NOT amused by such claims.

You may or may not recall where at least one pseudo-religious prolefeeder has been overheard hoping for a major outbreak of the ebola virus upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land in the interest of "cleansing" same of such "deviant elements" seen as "standing in the way" of Reclaiming Thy Dear and Lovely Land to the Greater Glory of His Divine Will and Prophesy, and in a stylee calling to mind apartheid South Africa in its Luscious Glory ... well, we can just imagine their drooling and smecking wholesale over the news that there has been an ebola case diagnosed in the United States.

As in an American who spent time in Liberia, which has seen its share of ebola's effects and devastation--never mind it taking four days for his feeling the effects thereof to require his going into hospital in Dallas, where he is under strict quarantine and isolation. (Members of the ambulance crew as transported the patient to hospital have since tested negative; however, medical authorities are seeking to retrace the steps of the victim and find such he may have come in contact with, the better to see if they have the symptoms thereof.)

What Christian Right warmongers may want to think about:
Don't they realise that their desideratum for Crusader-stylee sadism and ultraviolence against Islam, to be excused officially as being For My God and My Country (to be seconded by none other than "Our Lady Queen of the Holy Rosary, Mediatrix of Peace, Mediatrix Between God and Man", never mind the supposed "apparitions" thereof at Necedah, Wisconsin in the summer of 1950 having been ecclesiastically discredited), can only risk bankrupting Thy Dear and Lovely Land, let alone disrupt its finances in the face of their Holy of Holies insisting on keeping taxes all the lower "to help jobs creation" for an extended time beforehand (which the "New World Order" can easily exploit through trick, deceit, teachery even, or so Christian Right prolefeed wants us fearing)?

And One Thing More, in a way: With crude-oil prices on the NYMEX approaching what amounts to a psychological--nay, emotional--level of $90/bbl over recent days, not to mention fuel-price analysts suggesting that the average price for unleaded regular could fall below $3/gallon in 30 states by the Christmas/New Year's period, what precludes the Zealots and True Believers in fanatical AmeriKKKan conservatism seeing cheap gas as a Holy of Holies vis-a-vis Our National and Sovereign Identity with slogans like "Drill HERE, drill NOW, PAY LESS!" reinforcing their message from actually rejoicing?

Is it that they actually have secret loathings and misgivings about the very ideal of ons styl ekonomesie vryheid they openly regard as Essential and Mutually Beneficial to Our National and Sovereign Identity as explains such price declines of late?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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Excedrin Headache No. 5182

September 30, 2014
icon icon

18h18 UTC; TUESDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER 2014: Your Correspondent thinks it best to lead off with some breaking news fans of televised sport are certainly rejoicing over--as in the Federal Communications Commission's unanimous (5-0, to be exact) decision to repeal ourtright the 39-year-old Sports Blackout Rule which--
  • required home-market broadcasters for certain sports teams (especially in Major League Baseball and the National Football League) to black out game broadcasts if the game is not sold out within 48 hours of game time; and
  • banned cable and satellite channels from rebroadcasting blacked-out games in afflicted markets.
Meanwhile, we have to wonder how conservative prolefeeders as worship ons styl ekonomesie vryheid as one with Our National and Sovereign Identity are reacting to this ruling, which the FCC felt was outdated, archaic and a disservice to fans.

No wonder Zealotry and True Belief in "REAL AmeriKKKa" "saving itself" by shunning State or charitable welfare in favour of channelling the supposed Natural Unity and Identity of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation expects students from "government-dependent" backgrounds to consider going direct to workforce after high-school graduation, even in such areas of "REAL AmeriKKKa" where jobs and socioeconomic prospects are limited or nonexistant--preferably where reinforced by subtly-coerced "School-to-Work" schemes which turn out to be heavy on ideology at the expense of the practical.

The ideology tending heavily to a hybrid of North Korean Jucheism and the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweging, with necessary modifications and revisions ideologcai to "conform to AmeriKKKan conditions and experience" which holds ons styl ekonomesie vryheid to be one with Our National and Sovereign Identity to the point of a (howbeit flawed) "mutual interconnexion." Not to mention implying that the "REAL AmeriKKKan," expected to be the Master of Everything, is "morally and intellectually incapable" of making sound or wise decisions, thus requiring "guidance" in the form of a superdivine "Great Leader" expected to act as an intermediary between the "Supreem Leaders" of God and Jeebus and the AmeriKKKan People and Nation, expected to essentially serve as Prophet, Seer and Revelator and perform all manner of superhuman acts, deeds and exploits in the name and behalf of "REAL AmeriKKKa" based on the doctrines of die mensgesenterde ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl to be seen as one with Our National and Sovereign Identity, coextant for Natural and Mutual Benefit.

In a somewhat relative vein, how many more "distributors" do supposedly "direct-selling" companies as are probably disguised Ponzi games need from "REAL AmeriKKKa" in the first place, unaware that such probably have finite limits on how far it can expand before collapsing--especially considering that such tend to be built on building downline and/or "front-loading" (essentially expecting the hapless "home businessman" to flog off such cheapjack at a loss) rather than selling serious, value-for-money products or services (which "REAL AmeriKKKa" is not expected to know about all along in the name of "economic empowerment")?

Itself calling to mind where the Aral Sea in Azerbaijan, once one of the world's largest inland freshwater bodies, has essentially become a pale shadow of past Luscious Glory, soon to become dry outright, thanks to misguided attempts by the then-Soviet Union to use the Aral Sea's waters for irrigation some 50 years ago in the hopes of developing new agricultural lands in desert ... only it turned out that such irrigation attempts became star-crossed to the point of such lands becoming unproductive and worsening air pollution levels in that part of the world.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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Excedrin Headache No. 5181

September 29, 2014

17h42 UTC; MONDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER 2014: First off, Your Correspondent feels it best to extend his solidarities and sympathies with such in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the so-called "People's Republic of China" as are valiantly protesting for the cause of representative democracy and responsible government in the face of Beijing's objections and the insistence that the masses are somehow "incapable" of making wise or sound decisions for themselves.

Sounds like the AmeriKKKan "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" movements, does it not?

Has anybody considered where last Friday's Unfortunate Events at the Aurora (IL) Air Route Traffic Control Centre (ARTCC), with ensuing and wholesale disruption to the air traffic of Thy Dear and Lovely Land (in particular afflicting Chicago's two main airports, O'Hare International [ORD] and Midway [MDW], and the airspace across much of the American Midwest), may have been a willful and conscious attempt at sabotage by some class of a "lone wolf" saboteur with "Tea Party" or "Christian Patriot" "militia" associations hoping to carry out some class of a "false flag" attack aimed at General Insurrection Against Thy Dear and Lovely Land of the sort that the weird and unwholesome can easily exploit?

As for The Oxycontin Boar's sucking up to "Men's Rights" Zealotry and True Belief
with that "no means yes" delusion vis-a-vis rape and spousal abuse (and the defence of such being one with "cultural heritage", for one), such makes you wonder if the greater Men's Rights Movement's ideal is one of a caveman mentality when it comes to sexual relationships and sexuality; i.e., "catch 'em young, treat 'em rough and tell 'em nothing"--and to use Any Means Necessary, especially the sadistically ultraviolent, to ensure she "submits graciously" to his will and desires.  No wonder a lot of the cave art found in Europe (France especially) reveals a lot about our caveman ancestors' being rather open and candid about sexual matters, particularly considering where said caves were more often than not used for secret "coming-of-age" rituals where sexual introduction or instruction was involved. (Of note is where some of the cave paintings depict such in positions of priests or shamans having sex rituals with animals, as if such were a sort of fertility offering.)

Not to mention articles of faith condoning the (howbeit tenuous) tradition known variously as the jus primae noctis or the droit du seigneur, holding as they (theoretically) did that those of high rank had the right to sleep with (and have carnal relations with) women of lower status and standing at the pleasure of such in power. (It should be noted that some primitive societies in Latin America, Africa and Polynesia have been known to have similar practices.)

These I bring up in light of a new California law, "first in the nation" essentially, which holds that such collegians in state-funded colleges and universities who are silent, intoxicated or otherwise in hiding are deemed to be incapable of giving consent to sexual liasons with another student. In short, holding that "Yes Means Yes."

(And getting back to The Oxycontin Boar for a moment, discover the interconnexion between the lead image and whence it links to by clicking on same.)

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

Preferably through e-mail and/or social media:

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