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17h33 UTC; FRIDAY, 20 JUNE 2014: Perhaps it was time for the Good People of Wisconsin, in light of the developments as broke just yesterday afterlunch, to realise the Error of Their Ways in electing Scott Walker as their gubenetorial choice in Indecision 2010, and in rejecting the recall challenge against him in 2012, under glowing promises of attracting 250,000 spontaneously-generated private-sector jobs aided and abetted by tax cuts in aid and comfort therefor.

Especially because they failed to see the Clear and Present Danger inherent in using the power and majesty of the governor's office to condone illicit and potentially dangerous acts, deeds and exploits serving his agenda and related articles of faith which, unbeknownst to the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan" masses cherished by Governor Walker and his prolefeed drookies as his Good and Loyal Drookie base, put democracy and liberty at clear and present risk of betrayal to equally weird and unwholesome interests last seen in apartheid South Africa with their Unholy Trinity of the Afrikaner Broederbond, Sanlam and Volkskas having their fingers in the Afrikaner Nationalist concept of Volkskapitalisme which sought to empower poorer Afrikaners socioeconomically for the sole benefit and Luscious Glory of the Afrikaner, which saw such as payback for years of British colonial repression from Slagters Nek to the Boer War extermination camps as served to inspire the Nazis' genocidal designs for perfecting their "Aryan Master Race."

And which, given that Governor Walker faces reelection this year, should be enough for Real Wisconsin to call for impeachment proceedings in the Wisconsin Legislature against Governor Walker in view of such developments as endangers The Badger State's Good Name and Repute--and whose agenda poses Clear and Present Harm to its Sovereign Debt Ratings, which could be seriously downgraded as an October Surprise following a deliberately Double-Secret Credit Watch and Ward by way of Moody's Investors Service, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings.

And to reject any and all manner of spin and platitudes which Governor Walker may attempt in the name of Certain Victory, especially if such takes the same route of drunkenness which Alabama's legendary Big Jim Folsom fell into in his 1962 reelection campaign for governor (as in a rather infamous televised campaign address where he forgot the names of his children, lost track of memory and imitated a cuckoo clock at one point). Likewise if his campaign resorts to obnoxiously pandering appeals to True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command as pervert patriotic symbols and iconography, and the real symbolism thereof, in line with "Tea Party," "9/12," "Christian Patriot" and suchlike elements his agenda gravitates with. Emotion can sometimes carry a darker side.

BTW, I should close in explaining that the title of this essay (which I would recommend sharing responsibly with your Wisconsin friends through the "Share/Save" button as follows) is a close English translation of "Nun, steh auf, und der Strom bricht los!"--the very words with which Nazi Germany's Propaganda and Enlightenment Minister, Herr Josef Goebbels, closed his "Total War" speech at the Berliner Sportpalast of February 17, 1943, as broadcast across the Grossdeutsche Reich, warning that Germany was all the more in greater danger of capitulation to the Allies and "Bolshievism" unless drastic and extreme measures were undertaken all the sooner.

So, good Wisconsinites, what otherwise stands in the way?

Someting worth remembering, people.

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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