00h UTC; TUESDAY, 25 SEPTEMBER 2012: Let's just get on with the business to hand, OK?!
  • Leading off this bit of blogsense is news sure to tug at the heartstrings of such conservative Zealots and True Believers in the doctrine that "AmeriKKKa should be more like China" if job creation and realistic socioeconomic recovery are to be hastened within measurable distance: Rioting provoked by wild rumours about the Foxconn plant in Taiyuan, China as makes Apple's iPhone 5 under contract "going Bain" (as it were) spread like wildfire in an employee dormitory operated in Foxconn's behalf; some 2,000 employees (mostly rural migrants) were involved, with 40 people hurt and public-security forces requiring about eight hours to restore order. In consequence, Foxconn has announced that iPhone production at Taiyuan will be suspended indefinitely, shifted for the most part to other contract facilities in Chengdu and Shenzhen.
    (As if that weren't awful enough, calamities at two Chinese coal mines in different parts of the country killed 22 miners between them--15 from a fire, the other seven from flooding. Is it any wonder that want of decent safety regulations, aggravated by rampant and institutionalised corruption, mismanagement and overzealous allegiance to central planning and Five-Year Plans makes China's mining industry perhaps the worst in the world when it comes to workplace safety?)
  • So where was the materfamilias all this time? A North Carolina mother of three couldn't believe it when an episode of Lilo and Stitch: The Series on The Disney Channel via satellite TV the other day was interrupted for six minutes by an adult movie channel's feed as suddenly broke into the Disney Channel's such. (Dish Network and The Disney Channel are conducting enquiries.)
  • Could it be that Mitt "Believe in AmeriKKKa" Romney, in letting slip the impression via his 2011 income-tax returns that the United States was a foreign country (perhaps accidentally), may be a sub rosa "sovereign citizen" we're not aware of? (Cf. the so-called "Sovereign Citizens for Liberty" out of Madison, WI a few years back who urged its followers to file their tax returns on an unauthorised mutation of IRS Form 1040NR, the Non-Resident Income Tax Return, which gave their citizenship status as one of "non-resident non-alien.")
  • Meanwhile, what about conservative prolefeeder Ann Coulter's implied disregard of the very "White Christian Privilege and Honour" (cf. that encapsulate in the white-nationalist acronym ORION, as in "Our Race Is Our Nation") when she used her appearence on ABC's This Week yesterday to suggest that, with the Democratic Party somehow abandoning blacks in favour of Hispanics vis-a-vis "civil rights," she felt such was the sole domain of National Minorities and immigrants? Is that not doublethink right there?
  • As if conservative and "Tea Party" prolefeed insisting that the State's role in promoting socioeconomic recovery and stability should be deemphasised in favour of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te dien" expected to "do its fair share," reinforced by requisite appeals to AmeriKKKan National Cohesion and Solidarity as part of the bargain, Your Correspondent has to ask if such calls to mind appeals by Afrikaner Nationalist leaders and movements during the Luscious Glory of the Afrikaner Economic Movement to a quasi-mythic Volkseenheid ("organic unity of a people") supposedly extant in the Afrikaner by inner nature to rally round campaigns and movements such as those of the Reddingsdaadbond (RDB; "Rescue Action League"), that Mission from God seeking to unite the Luscious Glory of the Afrikaner culturally and socioeconomically. (As well, said Volkseenheid was also expected to be emphasised in the Afrikaner ideal of labour unions reinforced by deskilling of industry; the contention here being that the more conventional-design "mixed" unions, as had both white and black members, were "Communist-influenced" and "promoted ideals as undermined Afrikaner values and identity," especially of the Christian Nationalist model that the otherwise pious and simple Volk held deeply and dearly as farmers and pastoralists, only to risk compromise when they moved to the cities to find work.)
  • Is it just me, or are there some in the "Tea Party" element as are behind supposed "calls for help" in the "419" stylee making the "spam" e-mail rounds from time to time, supposedly from soldiers as served in Iraq and Afghanistan as (so we're expected to believe) came across substantial sums of cash vis-a-vis former regimes while on patrol, and sought someone "honest and reputable" (read: dumb and easily-manipulate) to launder said "assets" into investments stateside before Baghdad and/or Kabul had call on such as Plundered Assets of State (and the "soldier" faced prospect of court-martial for Disregarding Chain of Command under the circumstances, with likelihood of Dishonourable Discharge, concurrent reductions in rank and pay grade and worse)? Isn't this, in essence, a new form of Stolen Valour?
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