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18h06 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 18 JUNE 2014: Real America (unlike the prolefeed simulation conservative prolefeeders will love to deploy for distractive purposes) needs to be watchful for the very concept best described by the Afrikaans term Christelik Ekonomesie Vryheid van ons styl ("Christian Economic Freedom of our stylee" is what it translates to), especially so as a prolefeed distractive of the highest order, let alone quality.

Particularly so after the stylee recommended by Professor David Brat, whose name is starting to gain some traction as you no doubt know about--as in suggesting that the defence of ekonomesie vryheid should be seen as one with Traditional Christian Values and Identity, not to mention the basic concept being promoted as a Holy of Holies when it comes to evangelisation and mission work.

But when all is said and done, such is enough to make you wonder if the pure, final form of said Christelik Ekonomesie Vryheid expected is one actually closer to that of so-called "network" or "multi-level marketing," especially so the brand as emphasises building downline over sale of products or services.

Otherwise known as the Ponzi scam, particularly so the sort using the "forced matrix," "binary" and "Aussie two-up" models which can be structured so that only the "elect," as opposed to the rank-and-file theoretically expected to "see but healthy and positive benefits" from said ekonomesie vryheid thanks to manipulation of the relevant scripting code and kickbacks disguised as "consulting fees" going to an ur-Reddingsdaadfonds which is theoretically expected to "help REAL AmeriKKKa help themselves" based on the disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid itself expected to be based on the Afrikaner Nationalist trinity of Reddingsdaad, Volkseenheid and Helpmekaar rather than "continued enslavement" to State relief seen as "promoting un-American concepts and values" such as Socialism--but in reality is expected to be nothing more than a slush fund serving Religiopolitical Right causes and movements.

Not Just That: You could also imagine the adherents of said ekonomesie vryheid to hold up Charles Ponzi as a Hero and Role-Model for Real AmeriKKKan Youth to Study and Emulate in service to said ekonomesie vryheid, unaware that Ponzi's name has long been synonymous with "make money fast" schemes taking advantage of the vulnerable and easily-influenced whose limited savings can ill afford to be lost to the weird and unwholesome; in Ponzi's case, his approach was to offer investors in his Securities Exchange Corporation double their investments in 90 days--all, or so Mnr. Ponzi claimed, thanks to investments in International Reply Coupons issued by postal administrations whose currencies lost considerable value thanks to the effects of World War I (but in Reality, by paying off established investors with a finite stream of funds from new such not otherwise securitised, eventually collapsing for want of fresh monies to keep the whole solvent). In any case, Ponzi was eventually charged with Securities Fraud and Misleading Investors, and served prison time which would be followed by deportation to his native Italy, whose Fascist regime saw Ponzi as some sort of a financial wizard--in reverse, it turned out. In the end, Ponzi died in the charity ward of a Rio de Janeiro hospital, utterly penniless.

Oh, and One Thing Moar: How sure are we that the promotion of Christelik Ekonomesie Vryheid through mission work can serve to help "preempt" the Evil and Pervasive Influence of the So-Called "People's Republic of China" when it comes to foreign trade and investment in especially "underdeveloped" countries still trying to come to grips with past colonialism under the British, French, Germans, Belgians or Portugese, as the case may be?

And how do we know such isn't secretly a new form of "Co-Prosperity" such as Imperial Japan was seeking to push across Asia in the runup to World War II, as sought to replace a Euro-centrist colonialism with a Sino-centrist model seen as more conducive to Asian interests for the greater benefit of Asia (only structured to benefit the Japanese and the zaibatsu cartels expected to thus profit through "synergistic integration" of common interests in especially Japanese-occupied areas, as if Korea, Formosa, Manchuria, the Liaotung Peninsula and the Pescadores Islands wasn't good enough for Tokyo)?

Such, in any case, needs to be worth watching out for. And challenging at any and every turn, especially where the explanations tend to vague and unclear generalities of the most glowing sort (or so expected).

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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