18h30 UTC; TUESDAY, 10 DECEMBER 2013: Ahhh, the power of nuance, subtlety, shades of meaning even, as a conservative prolefeed weapon and agency of the highest order: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is pushing the trope now that so-called "enterprise zones" in targeted culturally-deprived environments aimed at creating jobs and socioeconomic empowerment to "preempt the spread of government dependency," as it were, be restyled as "Economic Freedom Zones."

As if suggesting that such be breeding-grounds for right-wing "social experiments" in how regulatory relief, especially through relaxation of the mininum-wage laws and nil tax rates, could save ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe from itself, essentially reducing such targeted areas to a Wild West environment of Ayn Randite ekonomesie vryheid as could, for all we know, become hoist by its own petard of unravelling.

Meanwhile, if there was ever a reason for radio stations across "REAL AmeriKKKa" especially to drop Rush Limbaugh's misadventures in conservative prolefeed posthaste--especially before serious scandal ensues--it would have to be his infamous counsel to misogyny on Monday's programme, which he seems to think should be excused as "defending mens' rights" through "keeping women in their place" through especially rape, never mind the potential for such likely bearing fruit in due course.

For those of the conservative insistence that AmeriKKKa "needs to be more like China" in the name of hastening socioeconomic recovery translating into a New Life-Changing, Wealth-Enabling, Prosperity for All within measurable distance, they need to consider:
  1. China's latest viral video sensation, as noted on state telecaster CCTV's evening newscast the other day, is hidden-camera footage of firefighter recruits in Inner Mongolia province being subjected to hazing by paramilitary-influenced training officers; inevitably, much in the way of criticism has ensued from users of China's "harmonised" Weibo microblogging conduit.
  2. Xuzhou's Golden Eagle International Shopping Centre was a scene of tragedy at the weekend when one Tao Xiao leaped from a seventh-floor balcony to his death when he refused to accept his wife's pleadings for buying more shoes therein, wherein a brawl ensued as led to Tao's suicide leap.
  3. Latest directive from Tiananmen in the interest of preventing the spread of corruption as could prove detrimental to National and Party Interests: No more lavish banquets among Party officials in private halls leased for the occasion, especially where shark's fin and birds' nest soups, among other exotic delicacies of traditional Chinese cuisine, are on the menu. As well, cadres below provincial level are no longer allowed to stay in high-end hotel suites while on official business, nor can they accept any sort of cash, bonds, gifts or local souvenirs from any sort of meeting, lest such be seen as "bribery."
  4. Recent noxious levels of smog in several eastern Chinese cities as went "off the Richter," so to speak, in terms of health risk have led to facetious-sounding commentaries from the likes of China Central Television (a commentator therefor seeing same as having made "people more united, more equal, more sober-minded, more humorous and more knowledgeable") and the quasi-official and at once jingoistic Global Times (which saw same as having obvious military advantages; the commentary was since pulled from its website). In response, an essayist for Guangzhou's Southern Metropolis Daily facetiously remarked (as per BBC Monitoring) "When I am in Beijing's haze and in the process of acting as a human vacuum cleaner, I will have an unprecedented sense of security."
So much for Christian National Homeschooling being the medium by which Right-Thinking Christian Families can empower their children to be the vanguard by which Thy Dear and Lovely Nation will be Reclaimed to the Luscious Glory of God, thereby Hastening the Final Achievement of God's Zion on Earth--especially after reading this article from AlterNet, originally via The American Prospect.

And, for that matter, this item off RawStory.com as shows just how blatantly puerile one Christian National Homeschooling programme actually is, what with its emphasis on outdated and discredited educational concepts seeking to reinforce the Bible-Believing Christian ideal of thus inculcating Zealotry and True Belief in "REAL AmeriKKKan" children.

Not to mention calling for the Real Americans among ourselves to question just how exactly "Christian" the concept of Christelike Ekonomesie Vryheid is, especially after such turns out condoning crony capitalism and cartel behaviour presented as "giving the poor MORE choices, WIDER selection, LOWER prices in the free market" than "enslaving government dependency***coerced upon the poor."

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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