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18h25 UTC; THURSDAY, 19 JUNE 2014: In their Luscious Glory of desperation aimed at winning credibility for what are essentially losing causes they insist are Consecrated to the Greater Glory of God and Country, let alone the commonweal, you can just expect certain specimens of conservative Zealotry and True Belief between a rock and a hard place (so to speak), especially in the face of repeated rejections of petitions advancing their articles of faith, to play the card of "cultural heritage and folkways" as a defence to such articles of faith they seek to legitimise.

Especially so where the Politically Incorrect or otherwise Insensitive to National Minorities comes into play, as in the decision by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to revoke no less than six trademarks held by Washington, DC's long-established NFL club as being Insensitive to Native American Peoples; expect certain Guardians of Our Cultural Heritage and Folkways (howbeit those of "poor whiteism" likewise held up as Noble and Virtuous) to use the rather flawed patsy aforementioned in briefs as may be filed appealing the revocations--never mind said "Cultural Heritage and Folkways" tending more than likely to the misogynist, the racist and the pornographically tasteless, especially in all-male scenarios likewise to be thus excused.

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Staying for the nonce with the "cultural heritage and folkways" canard, we can just imagine Fox News and suchlike prolefeed conduits professing to serve as the Voice and Conscience of "REAL AmeriKKKa" (as in the ranks of "poor whites" not expected to advance socioeconomically all the more under current socioeconomic conditions) to invoke such in excusing the likes of opposition to proposed Federal Government mandates regulating the likes of fats, salt and sugar in processed food--and their marketing to especially children and others easily influenced.

Besides, where exactly is it written that children need to be taught not so much reading, writing and artithmetic as "healthy and proper respect" for ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl as one with Traditional AmeriKKKan Values, Identity and Heritage (howbeit based on the model of apartheid South Africa's Christelik Nasionale Onderwys syllabus, and preferably--or so they think--in a homeschooling milieu)? And is the ideal of said ekonomesie vryheid really one as is closer to crony capitalism condoning cartel behaviour as being "part of the Natural Evolutionary Processes" therefor, to be reinforced as part of a larger Juche-inspired agenda and related articles of faith?

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Bob Jones University of Greensboro, SC has been in the headlines of late for a rather unwelcome insistence that students of the hyper-conservative Christian college who claim to have been victims of rape or sexual assault may have brought it on themselves by the likes of dress, acts or deeds, as if insisting that the Good Christian is somehow morally incapable of being victimised by sexual violence thanks to healthy Pavlovian conditioning based on "Christian" models.

Now, they've "kicked it up a notch" by insisting that rape victims so attending may have suffered some class of Sin themselves in past as may have only worsened the situation for the victim, and want counselling staff to draw out the details of Past Sins towards such a conclusion.

Has anybody considered where some of the students may have themselves been victims of incestuous acts, deeds or exploits in their youth as the parents excused to be one with "asserting power and control"?

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As if Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), link swaps and exchanges, even "targeted e-mail lists", weren't exactly good enough tactics to attract attention to "mommy blogs" across Teh Innwewebz, the case of Lacey Spears out of Rockland County, NY in attracting attention to her "mommy blog" sounds rather tacky to the point of disturbing: Her blog, in documenting the almost-constant health travails of her son Garrett, failed to conveniently mention where the materfamilias doped Garrett with excessive amounts of the old table salt so as to exaggerate the health issues so detailed until the son died in January at age five.

Hence, charges of murder being filed against Ms. Spears (37), originally out of such backwaters of "REAL AmeriKKKanism" as Allen County, KY, for the death-by-sodium-overdose of Garrett. But then again, Ms. Spears' having a mental condition known as Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy (in which a parent exaggerates the medical state of one or more of their offspring to get free or reduced-cost medical help for the latter, let alone notoriety for the parental units) could be enough for the court to recommend psychiatric hospitalisation rather than penal servitude of the Orange Is the New Black stylee.

Still, though, has anybody considered the possibility of Ms. Spears having been nrought up in a dysfunctional or otherwise unfeeling home in younger days? Such could be of great help in explaining the root causes of what drove her thus.

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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