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00h UTC; FRIDAY, 4 OCTOBER 2013: As if certain weird and unwholesome elements suggesting that this afternoon's melee in the general area of The Capitol was actually a "false flag" set up by President Obama's "deep state" minions wasn't disgusting enow, reader, consider where the Greek press has been having quite the field day of late with revelations of what Greek police discovered in recent raids on the residences of such in the highest echelons of the now-banned neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party: Portraits of Adolf Hitler and other high-level Nazi German leaders ... Nazi posters and regalia ... even Five-Foot Shelves (as it were) of texts lauding Nazi Germany, the Nazi regime or its leaders, no doubt giving Hitler's Mein Kampf due prominence.

Which could possibly be the same with those among "the Four Hundred" using the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement to undermine Thy Dear and Lovely Land ... which can get even more galling when you discover just how closely ingrained the "Tea Party" is ideologically to the John Birch Society, who just can't wait to seize power by exploiting the current ex-lax in Congress, playing the race card against President Obama by using the McCarthyist canard of "closet Communist" (howbeit lacking credible proof), &c., &c. (And yet want to avoid "dropping hints" of their shrines to not just Hitler, but also apartheid South African majordomo Hendrik Verwoerd, especially so by playing the martyr card with him.)

With that in mind, then, the following "letter to the editor" on perhaps deserves your attention:
Dear Editor: Has "Marketing" replaced “Economics” in importance in business school these days? Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce's TV ad thanking Gov. Scott Walker for helping Wisconsin's economy is misleading. Contrary to the ad, Walker’s policies have Wisconsin’s economy lagging the rest of the country.

Why do business people even vote Republican? On nearly every economic indicator — jobs, GDP, debt, Wall Street — Republican “supply side” policies hurt the economy, while the Democrats' “grow the middle class” policies help the economy. For example, if you invested $10,000 under the last seven Republican presidencies, it would be worth $11,733. If you invested it under the last six Democratic administrations, it would be worth $300,671.

"Walkernomics” derives from “Reaganomics.” In "The Triumph of Politics: How the Reagan Revolution Failed," David Stockman, Reagan’s budget chief, wrote: “The magnitude of the fiscal wreckage and the severity of the economic dangers that resulted are too great. … The Reagan Revolution was radical, imprudent, and arrogant. … By November 1981, it had become overwhelmingly clear that the Reagan Revolution’s original political and economic assumptions were wrong by a country mile. We were headed … toward a fiscal catastrophe.”

Republican policies only consistently benefit you if you make over $1.2 million a year — the 1 percent. Democratic economics, by promoting broader economic fairness, benefit everyone else.

Timothy Shaw

Especially when you stop and think for a moment that, contrary to prevailing conservative prolefeed tropes, sequestration is the greater threat to American jobs creation than the Obamacare health-cover reforms. This as the same element expects the "chronically welfare dependent" to find work that has, for all purposes and intents, moved offshore because of lower costs and tax incentives ... or is probably an endless-belt homework scam (as in so-called "home mailing") operating under "Tea Party" protection and subsidies.

As well as insisting that their only alternative is mutual self-help based on appeals to a "natural unity of the people" (in the Afrikaans, Volkseenheid) expected to rely solely on its own motivation, resolve, resources and tools, and applying solutions best suited to prevailing local experience and conditions--howbeit after being "properly conditioned" ideologically, with elements of the Scientologist sort.

As for the fiscal thorn in the side of the "Tea Party" (otherwise known as Obamacare) as explains the ongoing fiscal ex-lax, enrollments in the new health-cover interexchanges, both state- and federally-operated, have exceeded expectations over the first couple of days to the extent of servers being overloaded and extended waits for service prompting some to, after repeated attempts, be asked to try again in about a week's time or so "for security reasons." (The which are now starting to be eased.)

So who will have the last laugh? More than likely the "Tea Party" RepubliKKKan faction, who's letting slip where a) the shutdown is "all about ["Tea Party"] image and prestige", and b) the Kentucky Senatorial delegation (as in Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul) having been overheard plotting all manner of obstructive tactics to keep the shutdown going By Any Means Necessary, unaware that they were talking to a live microphone as captured all the sordid details (for which there can expect to be outrage ensuing, as well as Senators McConnell and Paul contending they were "misquoted," their remarks "were out of context" or otherwise "had their Congressional privilege compromised" in a manner bringing to mind the fact that Candid Camera's radio predecessor went by the name and stylee of Candid Microphone.)

Finally, to close things out, another "letter to the editor" from reflecting the prevailing state of affairs in America:
Dear Editor: Who needs enemies when America has the tea party shutting down the government? The world is laughing at us. We used to be a great country but now we look like a country of morons. I am disgusted beyond belief.

Marc Perkel

Gilroy, Calif.

In the immortal words of the late John Cameron Swayze
as concluded every broadcast
of the Camel News Caravan (NBC-TV, 1949-1956),
"That's the story; glad we could get together ..."


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