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21h UTC; MONDAY, 25 MARCH 2013:
Ere I begin this particular post, readers, a brief explanation is in order if it happens that you may not notice fresh posts for awhile: Last Saturday morning, as I was heading back to my apartment from my morning's duty at the motel I do for in Winona--and in the homestretch, as it were--I slipped on an icy patch in the driveway serving my apartment complex and separating same from a Pentecostalist church in the neighbourhood to the extent of causing a few scratches on my person and some stiffness in my right shoulder as can make otherwise simple things like putting on a jacket painful, let alone difficult.

For which some relief was effected in the form of some blue mineral ice gel and the old acetaminophen, and has continued in its way. Just this morning, Your Correspondent went to the local urgent-care clinic to look things over, and they diagnosed the situation as one with rotator-cuff tendonitis (which is quite different from the originally-suspected pulled muscle); X-rays were taken to assess the situation, and physiotherapy has been prescribed, the first session of which will be tomorrow afterlunch. How many more there will be is anybody's guess; however, some pain-management meds have been prescribed to ease the suffering for the next few days.

Now you know. That, and the posssibility of my taking a few days off over the Easter long weekend; still, if past experience with Your Correspondent is any indication, even taking a few days off from blogging can still be enow for him to come up with blog post ideas. I suppose such is typical among other bloggers, is it not?

As for Other Pressing Business which needs to be out of the way, this may be a rather interesting time for some Appy Polly Loggies coming out of equally-interesting circles who made what turned out being unwitting erratae over recent days--as in:
  • CBS Television apologising on air during last night's telecast of The Amazing Race for presenting a challenge in all-too-close proximity to a Vietnamese memorial at the crash site of an American B-52 bomber during the Vietnam War on last week's such, prompting numerous complaints from Vietnam War veterans and veterans' groups about the insensitivity thereof; and
  • Ford Motor Company's Indian affiliate apologising for two cartoonish-looking print advertisements as were seen to be in poor taste in view of ongoing debate about womens' status vis-a-vis recent infamous gang-rape cases in India as proved fatal; the which sought to demonstrate the capacity of a certain model's cargo hold in the boot by showing women trussed up and gagged while lookee-likees of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Kim Kardashian looked on approvingly from the front seat.
So much for expecting lower-income workers to cut back their personal spending in the wake of recent payroll-tax increases cutting into take-home pay, theoretically expected (at least in some circles) to translate into increased Personal Responsibility through thrift: A freshly-released survey commissioned by Bankrate.com (as tracks deposit, loan, credit card and home mortgage rates) hath it that those in the Lower Working Classes (i.e., such with annual incomes of $50,000 or less) may not have noticed the increase, or saw it as too small to be discernible enough to force consumer-spending changes (even if most of their consumer spending tends to such retailers as take advantage of their ignorance and incredulity like Walmart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and suchlike).

On the other hand, such with slightly higher annual incomes (i.e., such in the $50,000-$75,000/annum range) were all the more likely to notice the payroll tax increase and adjust consumer spending habits accordingly.

Is it any wonder that, in their Luscious Glory of jobs creation "by any means necessary," "Tea Party" types could unwittingly be calling for condoning prostitution just to keep unemployed women "busy" and at once "having decent work" in the first place? (Never mind their not putting such into plain words, obviously, lest scandal ensue.) I bring this likelihood up in light of a just-released study published in the journal Pediatrics as hath it that young girls as were abused in some form or fashion were all the more likely to become Unwed Mothers absent any sort of due and timely preemptive action such as contraception or even the RU-486 tablet (notwithstanding discredited anti-abortion prolefeed claiming the very name is actually a coded rebus meaning "are you for abortion?").

In a related vein, Australian Prime Minister Julian Gillard herself issued an Appy Polly Loggy last week for official Australian Government policies as prevailed between World War II and the mid-1970's which forced unwed women to sacrifice their babies for adoption by preferably childless or infertile couples, the prevailing view being that such were "morally unfit" or at risk of being seen as "sluts" or worse. As part of the apology, some A$5 million has been set aside to help locate the true birth mothers of such as were afflicted by these now-discredited policies with an eye towards their reunion.

Memo to such Elmer Gantryite types whose opposition to same-gender marriage is based (so they think) on Biblical injunctions to, for one, "be fruitful and multiply" vis-a-vis the Supreme Court's hearing challenges to the Federal "Defence of Marriage Act" (DoMA) and California's Proposition 8 over the next two days, with plenty of emotive pathos expected throughout (including such based on the pro Deo et patria card): What part of "undesirable traits of breed" don't you get, especially among those of you insisting on a "race purity and integrity" canard straight out of Nazi Germany (in particular its Lebensborn initiative towards the perfection of an "Aryan Master Race" as would ensure the continuity of the 1000-Jahre Reich) and apartheid South Africa? (Especially considering where such designs were based on the since-discredited concept of eugenics, itself based on desires in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to improve animal husbandry through creating a race of pure-breds, unaware that over time, such a Noble Experiment would backfire with unintentional genetic consequences. Case in point, vis-a-vis several preeminent dog breeds.)



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