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14h44 UTC; SUNDAY, 20 MAY 2012: Given the New Approach to blogging being taken here by Your Correspondent in the hopes of improving things somewhat, perhaps he felt it time to change the pace a bit by answering some of the questions about this blog as must probably be on your minds on seeing this here in Teh Innerwebz. (The title thereof, in case you enquire about inspiration, is the Engrishfied form of the strapline for a Cartoon Network self-promotional message from some years back as sought to address some questions supposedly asked viewers thereof: "You've got questions. That's understandable." Which, itself, was a play on Radio Shack's slogan at the time, "You've got questions. We've got answers." Now you know.)

Which, in a more conventional online milieu, would be covered by a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page; in this case, since it is that Your Correspondent hasn't had much call in this respect, he can only imagine what would be common FAQ's here with this New Explosion of Pedigreed Bull on Teh Innerwebz vis-a-vis you good and loyal (or what passes for it) readership. So let's proceed, shall we?
  1. What would you consider to be the influences of your weblog? For starters, an upbringing in a succession of institutional and foster-care milieux concurrent with my schooling years (i.e., starting at six years and continuing until high-school graduation), which saw Your Correspondent subjected to all form and fashion of teasing, harrassment, name-calling, taunting and occasional hazing (in fact, as I received my high-school diploma in 1980, someone in the Peanut Gallery, as it were, shouted out "Johnny Wadd!" as my name was called, as in the late porn-film star), the which only got worse thanks in some measure to a misguided referral interstate for Vocational Rehabilitation services as eventually led to a referral to the Day Treatment programme in that same community, such eventually becoming even more abusive in that "therapy" was excused as the rationale for using Bad Words by therapeutic and counselling staff, claims of "spies" in the community volunteering information as could be used against clients, even the use of terms like "schizophrenic germs," "parasitic agents" and "men in white coats" along with implications that they could have me committed directly to the state asylum without proper legal process, warning or provocation.
    The which, in any case, was enough to translate into serious psychoemotional harm and damage as precludes my being able to hold down more traditional 9-to-5 models of employment and livelihood, thus entitling me to disability benefit which, admittedly, has its limits. (Otherwise, about the only work I can do for pocket money, as it were, is keeping watch over the office mornings at the motel of a dear and trusted friend of long standing, as well as occasional yard work and getting a cut from selling aluminum cans therefrom for recycling.)
  2. So why don't you just go and find work as uses the hands more than the mind for once? Please refer to the question previous for starters. As if that weren't enough, two attempts to prepare me for work in the sheltered workshop system were only driving me to madness, what with unstable and unpredictable job assignments, equally unpredictable paycheques, staff insisting that mainstream companies would rather prefer hiring the disabled only in low-visibility positions "for image reasons," and then as independent contractors, even advice that we consider applying for openings on especially the evening or owl (as in late-night) shifts "to improve your chances of getting hired sooner."
    Which calls to mind advice I was given by foster-siblings at a foster home I was in in the months before my graduation from high school that I consider as a career option highly-expendable, dangerous even, overnight work of the sort referred to by a highly-offensive racial epithet I will not repeat here For Obvious Reasons; the imprecations here were that only suchlike people would apply for, and take on, same because such was about the only kind of work available to them (and for which "we can get more of your kind where you came from" in case of staged "accidents" to get rid of "troublemakers," real or suspected), without any sort of provision for hazardous- or dangerous-duty allowance over and above baseline pay (cf. the Hawk's Nest Tragedy near Gauley Bridge, WV between 1927 and 1932, in which an estimated 700 people, mostly Southern blacks but also a few "poor whites" as well, died from the effects of silicosis during construction of a diversion tunnel through Hawk's Nest Mountain in connexion with two hydroelectric dams on the New River by an affiliate of Union Carbide).
  3. Is this why you have an Online Mall on your website in the first place? Yes. Mostly with an eye towards the prospect that the aforementioned motel might have to be sold at some distant date in the future, or Mein Innkeeper Friend (who has asked not to be named) suddenly dying or otherwise becoming too incapacitated to continue running same. Not to mention the clear and present prospect of State Social Security benefits being arbitrarily reduced out of warped "Tea Party" ideological delusions of Luscious Patriotic Glory. (Such can also explain the donation buttons found on this site, where you can give through PayPal whatever you'd be willing to give. Which, unfortunately, is not tax deductible.)
  4. How much could I earn exactly from the Online Mall anyway? It depends, first and foremost, on you making a purchase from any of the affiliated e-tailers so featured (in fact, "affiliate" is the key word here). Once said purchase(s) are processed by, and go through, the e-tailer involved, Your Correspondent would get a cut on the sale as his commission; commission rates do vary among e-tailers, so it's not easy to make any clear estimates on what to expect in earnings when all is said and done.
    What's more, the selection of e-tailer affiliates I have is such so as to empower you to comparison shop and find the best value for money as meets your particular needs and requirements.
  5. Why would you want to donate part of your proceeds to such a lame cause as Reducing the National Debt when there are more pressing causes out there? For starters, think of it as one with Social Responsibility and Good Online Citizenship--as in a show of protest against continued and continuing Congressional ex-lax, ideologically-driven for the most part, vis-a-vis dealing with said National Debt while insisting (again, for Ideological Reasons) that keeping taxes all the lower will magically translate into spontaneous, significant and measurable jobs creation which, in its turn--well, you get the rather nauseating delusion. (In fact, for many years, the Bureau of the Public Debt at the Treasury has actually accepted voluntary donations from the public towards reducing the National Debt, which, BTW, are tax-deductible. In my own specific instance, my share would be 9.11% of the ensuing commissions, in deference to the Unfortunate Events of that day.)
    So "why be normal" in the first place?
  6. What other charities would you be donating to with the proceeds from the Online Mall? For starters, The Salvation Army USA, as a memorial to my late father; during World War II, when he served in the Army (34th "Red Bull" Infantry Division, specifically), he discovered that the Salvation Army's canteens at rest stops for troop trains and on the front lines gave away coffee and donuts whereas Red Cross canteens charged 15 cents for coffee and two donuts. Since then, during major disaster periods, my family considers it a point of honour to consider the Salvation Army over the Red Cross when it comes to disaster-relief donations (cash being preferred over "in-kind" such, the better to free up warehouse space ahead of distribution efforts).
    For another, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN; such also holds something of a family place of pride.
    (If you're out on the West Coast of the United States, Salvation Army Donuts can be purchased at Fred Meyer, Ralph's and Fry's supermarkets, with proceeds going to the Pacific Northwest region of the Salvos; it's made from the original recipe dating back to World War I, only with vegetable shortening replacing the traditional lard and a light sugar glaze topping the donuts to keep them together in shipping.)
  7. Why do your links open in new browser windows? Simple: To make it easier for you to go back to my website when you've finished visiting the particular site whose link you clicked on. (In fact, a clear distinction needs to be made here between conventional outside links and "pop-up" or "pop-under" banner advertising, which can confuse some who have questioned my online motives in past: The former is a voluntary action on your part, while the latter are involuntary, usually because of malicious scripting code sneaked into a website. In fact, the Terms of Service for many a website host actually disapproves of "pop-up" banner advertising among such having websites thus hosted.)
    (And just a reminder that Your Correspondent has no control over the content of such links, as are provided for the sake of further insight on your part.)
  8. How do I contact you when there's no e-mail links on the website? First off, I decided against direct e-mail links on the site because past experience elsewhere on Teh Innwerwebz shows that "spammers" could use such as conduits to send "spam" e-mails in reckless and reprehensible fashion. Hence, my setting up a Contact page on this site for you to send me e-mail by way of a contact form to complete (including a "captcha" to make sure you're a "flesh-and-blood" visitor and not a "bot") and click to send.
  9. How do I leave comments on specific posts? For some reason or another, the web hosts have configured things so that blog posts displaying on the main blog page have no direct comment link; hence, the need to click on the title of the specific post you wish to comment on (as archived off to the side), inevitably opening in its own right. Once that's accomplished, scroll down to the end of the post, where there should be some class of an Engrish message; that will be your cue to leave a post-specific comment, should you so desire.
  10. How do I receive these posts in my e-mail or in feed readers? Thanks to the miracle of RSS (Really Simple Syndication), these blog posts can be had, via the RSS feed of this blog, in a daily e-mail (subscribing through the RSS feed page at the link) ... or, in a selection of leading RSS feed readers and portal sites like MSN Live, My Yahoo!, AOL, Excite Mix, &c., by way of a "one-stop" subscribe facility off to the side of the page (just scroll down the page until you see it, and then click on such reader[s] you use to subscribe). Either way, you can always opt out if you don't like it over time.
  11. How do I share these posts in e-mail or social media? Just click the "Share/Save" button following these posts and follow the relevant prompts. (Remember to share these responsibly, especially where e-mail is involved; "spam" can only risk causing embarrassment.)
    Additionally, I've recently launched a Facebook page for this weblog, in case you're in Facebook yourselves; you'll find the latest posts therein displayed for you to comment on and share in your Facebook page(s). (Just be sure you click the Like button on said page first.) Links to the latest blog posts are also duly noted in my Twitter account within due course of their posting, via the RSS feed.
  12. What's the purpose behind the Weekly Roundups? These happen to be "flipbooks" (powered by, know) of the past week's blog posts, as become live shortly after I post the Saturday edition of these posts; the better so you can catch up on the past week's posts or read/share a particularly interesting specimen from the past week again. Links therefor can be found off to the side of the page, which cover the two months' previous thereof.
  13. Do you have an e-mail list? I've launched the Yahoo Groups-powered such Friends of The Blog That Am!, which, once adequate interest among visitors has been expressed in the subscriber list numbers, will provide you with (howbeit sporadic) insider commentary about what exactly goes through Your Correspondent's mind as isn't exactly worth the blog itself. Just click the link to learn more or subscribe (the latter requiring your response to a confirmation e-mail sent shortly thereafter).
  14. Can you access this blog in smartphones and tablet PC's? Just look for the QR coding (in Glorious Colour, at that!) off to the side of the page and scan the relevant such into your smartphone or tablet PC (so long as you have apropos readers installed) to so access. (Such also encompasses the Twitter and Facebook feeds, and also the RSS such.)
In any case, I hope this answers some of your more pressing questions about this blog's modus operandi, as it were; more I hope to answer in a future post in this vein. Stay tuned.

REMEMBER THIS: Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and apprecitated. And if you like these posts, please join my (howbeit sporadic) e-mail list (after replying to the confirmation e-mail beforehand) for insight and observations as may come across Your Correspondent's mind (which you can always leave at any time); to contact me, please do so through the Contact page; responses cannot be guaranteed.

And please be aware that Your Correspondent has no control over the content of outside links in these posts, which are provided solely for your information and enlightenment.



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