19h30 UTC; SATURDAY, 6 DECEMBER 2014: No doubt about it: Kirk Cameron's exercise in paleo-Christian cinematic prolefeed, otherwise known as Saving Christmas, was perhaps DESERVING of the wooden spoon as the Single Worst Movie Ever per the Internet Movie Database's just-launced 100 Worst Movies of All Time List ... as well as a 0% rating at RottenTomatoes.com, a somewhat snarky film-review analysis website, notwithstanding Cameron's attempt to rig the site and give Saving Christmas a more favourable percentage.

"War on Christmas" Zealots and True Believers, take note.

And may I remind Meneer Cameron or his attorneys that if he has designs on legal action against especially harsh critics of Saving Christmas, may I refer him to the Iowa Supreme Court's Cherry Sisters v. Des Moines Leader ruling from 1905, which established the doctrine that constructive dramatic reviews are Constitutionally-protected free speech.

Meanwhile, sticking with the sham "War On Christmas" for the nonce, you may have heard where police in Mayville, WI visited two children who used their mother's cell phone without permission to pervert 911 for advice on how to get in touch with Santa Claus all the sooner to share their gift wish lists. And suggested writing Santa at the North Pole, sending same via letterposts.

Tell me this isn't doublethink: Having the head of the Policemens' Benevolent Association of New York commend acquitted New York police officer Michael Camarena (white, know) as a Model Police Officer when evidence is extant showing his engaging in illegal ;police tactics when he sent Eric Garner (of colour, know) to his martyrdom in attempting an arrest for Illegal Cigarette Sales.

And equally absurd: Suggestions by certain conservative prolefeeders holding that BENGHAZI(!!!) or even high tobacco taxes were to blame for Garner's martyrdom--without credible evidence in any case. That, and certain other prolefeeder types suggesting that those failing to accept blindly and without question the Official Version of Events, and the official timeline of same, are probably Communists of the highest order or whose loyalty should be seen as suspect. Not to mention perhaps having Serious Mental Illnesses of the old "schizophrenic germs" paranoia stylee requiring especially comprehensive treatment grounded more than likely on the old ideological browbeating.

So much for claiming to defend ons styl ekonomesie vryheid as essential to Our National Character, Unity and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar, &c.: How exactly are falling crude oil and gasoline pump prices "risking socioeconomic harm and collapse" to the point of causing needless martyrdom wholesale, as certain paleoconservative prolefeeders are claiming? (As a matter of fact, one Oklahoma City gas station's cutting its price for unleaded regular to $1.99/gallon the other day saw an extended line of drivers waiting to fill up, prompting two others there to likewise cut prices to that same level and a third open up a "gas war" by cutting its regular unleaded price to $1.98/gallon. And somewhere in Louisana, one station's advertising premium unleaded for 29ยข/gallon the other day attracted quite the crowd until someone realised that the pumps weren't properly recaliberated.)

Even more bizarre is where OPEC's unwillingness to cut production in the hopes of giving the finger to shale-oil producers in especially the Bakken/Three Forks fields in North Dakota and Montana, as well as Russia's playing along with OPEC, is contributing all the more to the oil-price decline on the wholesale markets. So where's the economic harm?

And Finally: One thing Your Correspondent can expect from the forthcoming Alharbi v. Beck, et al. court proceedings, now that same has been greenlighted after a Federal magistrate rejected certain asserttions from the defendant based on the Involuntary Public Figure concept, is quite the insight into how conservative prolefeed, and the prolefeeders so enabling, operate in perpetuating the Nazis' "big lie" technique to "win over hearts and minds" of the vulnerable and easily-influenced, especially such of the lowest socioeconomic strata.

Too, let's hope some questions are addressed as to Beck's mental state relative to his depraved excesses in prolefeed, including such involving alcoholism, narcotic drugs, gambling, sex mania or addiction (including pornography) and even Certain Loathsome Diseases Known to Afflict the Mental Faculties and the Thought-Processes (especially gonorrhea resistant even to Salvarsan).

Whether the revelations ensuing are enough to prompt a major housecleaning of paleoconservative prolefeeding, let alone turning public opinion against the ilk, is anybody's guess. But let's just hope where the ;prospect therefor is clear and likely.

Especially before we see Oklahoma City all over again.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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