"We carefully did the best selection. They are outstanding among others."
--Message on a Japanese soft-drink vending machine. (I'm sure you'll concur
when you see what's at the link.)

17h52 UTC; TUESDAY, 1 JULY 2014: Something the Maine Legislature may want to consider at this time, even if it requires a Special Session thereof for that end: Videlicet, considering impeachment proceedings against Governor Paul LePage in the wake of relevations that he was seen in Weird and Unwholesome Company (as in so-called "sovereign citizens") to advance his call for killing off Democratic or Democratic-leaning politicians and their fellow-travellers, and to excuse such as Serving God and Country.

That, and seeking the endorsement of Our Lady Queen of the Holy Rosary, Mediatrix of Peace, Mediatrix Between God and Man, notwithstanding continued and continuing ecclesiastical disavowal of the "apparitions" thereof at Necedah, WI in the summer of 1950, particularly because of the insincere and apocalyptic tone of the supposed messages thus relayed.

Let this be a reminder to especially "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" types,
and their drookies and fellow-travellers.

Of all the absurd "states' rights" canards used to oppose sanctioning same-gender marriages and relationships: A Federal judge called out the Commonwealth of Kentucky's patsy that such would "endanger civilisation" in striking down the Bluegrass State's ban thereof just today--but stayed it pending an appeal by the Commonwealth.

Such a canard as this calls to mind the Byzantine Emperor Justinian's decree of 538 CE which blamed "the rampant and immoral spread of homosexuality" for a recent series of earthquakes, and subsequent outbreaks of plague, in and around Constantinople (now Istanbul).

Is it any wonder the vidiot's lamp of Diogenes is as bad
as it is these days, with too many choices and
not enough time to watch it all?

In any event, Your Correspondent would love to see at least one "shoobie trap" motel, preferably of the "pee-and-em" sort (as opposed to the antiseptically-predictable national chains), in all the better-known such to give up on television outright, especially given the high costs of cable or satellite TV and the unbearably large number of mostly uninteresting viewing choices available. That, and the fact of vacation being a time to give up the vidiot's lamp and have some rationally rational fun for once.

(In its turn, passing on the savings thus realised to guests in lower room rates.)

Memo to businessmen seeking to build goodwill:
If you're looking for goodwill-building playing-card decks, just
click on the above.

As if I didn't need reminding the few Canadian readers of this blog, may I just use this opportunity to wish same a happy Canada Day today (or, if you prefer it en francaise, l'Fete du Canada). (Secretly, though, I enjoy singing the old "O Canada" in its original French, as opens "O Canada! Terre de nos aieux!/Ton front est ceint des fleurons glorieux!" As well as picturing such being the melody of Monty Python's "man with a tape recorder up his/his brother's nose," and its eventual [howbeit badly-distorted] ur-stereo version--especially of the following arrangement, as used by the Canadian Broadcorping Castration at signoff through the 1980's):

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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