But a strange trick fuel economy to improve economic benefits?

18h UTC; MONDAY, 30 JUNE 2014: As if the Supreme Court's ruling in the Hobby Lobby case that companies can use "deeply- and dearly-held beliefs" to preclude contraceptives from their employee health cover wasn't awful enow for ekonomesie vryheid van ons styl cherished by this same camp as one with Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations by His Grace and Favour Alone, let alone Real America, consider where the justices ruled, in closing the current term, that it would let stand a lower court ruling upholding California's ban on so-called "gay conversion therapy" such as is endorsed by this same Elmer Gantryite ilk.

And speaking of Hobby Lobby, boys and girls, there's a call out now for Real America to essentially boycott same for their hobby and crafting needs--especially where you've got a few mom-and-pop stores as could use the business all the more. Or even online stores like this one; besides, when you shop online via this blog, 9.11% of my proceeds go towards reducing America's National Debt.

Meanwhile, Verrukt--as in the giant Schlitterbahn Kansas City waterslide--may heve become Verrukt itself (and know, Verrukt is German for "crazy"): After initial safety testing found where test dummies could be seen bouncing out of the tubes after the giant first drop, management announced a delay in its opening and public introduction pending further research ... and now, it looks as if its opening may be suspended indefinitely after tests of the conveyor-belt system to bring tubes from base to summit failed to perform up to standard.

In short, expect it to be something of a white elephant within measurable distance. And don't expect even the Wisconsin Dells waterparks to attempt anything similar.

And has anybody considered where exceptionally serious destruction from recent thunderstorms and strong winds in parts of southern Wisconsin (as in the rural districts of Crawford, Dane, Grant, Iowa, Lafayette and Richland counties) could be a show of Divine Wrath and Judgment for their continuing to support hyperconservative causes and their articles of faith which is largely talk with no realistic action ensuing?

Finally: Does the dog in the following look like a certain Garrison Keillor (as in public radio's A Prairie Home Companion) to you? (Just leave your comments.)

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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