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18h15 UTC; TUESDAY, 14 JANUARY 2014: Like many others who see themselves as Real Americans (as opposed to the prolefeed simulation under that appellation used by certain misguided conservative prolefeeders from time to time for their own selfish ends more than a desire to advance facts, or what pass for them), Your Correspondent is sick and tired of such who, hiding behind the cloak of "REAL AmeriKKKanism" and claiming to be acting For My God and My Country, are whining about "Christian Persecution!!!" stateside in their prolefeed, especially since Barack Obama ascended to the American Presidency. (And I could just imagine the trope being delivered in a moronically sophomoric singsong calling to mind The Red Guy on Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel on Cartoon Network some while back, to better maximise--in theory--the "victimhood" patsy so implied.)

Especially considering where:
  • there is hardly any evidence extant to substantiate these claims in the first place;
  • such "claims," if they do exist, probably lack credibility or cannot otherwise be independently verified;
  • such does not meet the generally-accepted standards of recognised international human-rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch vis-a-vis Religious Persecution (especially absent credible and independently-verifiable documentary evidence);
  • tend to be chain-e-mail "friend-of-a-friend" (FoaF) stories which are more than likely attributed to such sources as Fox News Channel, conservative talkback radio and Christian Right prolefeed whose credibility is highly dubious or otherwise non-existant (and any deflations thereof via Media Matters for America,, Politifact and suchlike likely to be challenged on "context" issues by the original sources therefor, without success);
  • reeks of general insincerity in tone and nuance (especially should it emerge that the "sources" actually have issues with alcoholism, drug dependency, gaming or past emotional abuse they refuse to deal with, contending that "Good Christians" are above error and weakness and any deviation thereof to be seen as one with Demonic Possession);
  • is likely to be rejected by more mainstream scions of Christianity (especially considering that the trope is particularly appealing to Fundamentalist/Primitive Christians whose theology and articles of faith are especially attractive to the socioeconomically-vulnerable, marginalised, ignorant and dispossessed for reasons outside their direct control), especially absent credible evidence to substantiate); and
  • suggests what amounts to an "AmeriKKKa IS THE WORLD" mentality as implies that all other countries in the world cannot exist in the Christian AmeriKKKan Worldview expected of the "REAL AmeriKKKan" as is also expected to be a "Bible-Believing Christian" (hence, bordering on projection as ignores the fact of obvious Christian Persecution elsewhere in the world, especially so in China, North Korea and certain Muslim countries).
As well, you have these same Zealots and True Believers in this non-issue of "AmeriKKKan Christian Persecution" whining about why the "Evil Lamestream Media" isn't paying attention to the issue when they ought to out of "journalistic responsibility [and] common sense": It's because this issue doesn't exist, plain and simple. And as I said above, it's possible that such is actually a manufactured distraction, plain and simple.

Too, you also have the possibility that such a prolefeed canard as this may be projecting for the fact of such who see themselves as "Bible-Believing Christians" giving tacit aid and comfort to campaigns in Russia, Uganda and Nigeria banning overt displays of homosexual affection and even "homosexual propaganda" seen to target children (as in "recruiting Impressionable Youth into homosexuality"), as if seeking the Grace and Favour of Bog and All His Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints in Their Mercy Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Nation, a Sovereign Peculiar By His Divine Grace and Endowment Subject to Revocation Without Warning At Any Time, and Solely at His Pleasure and Discretion....

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of
Vic and Sade through the years)


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