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18h25 UTC; THURSDAY, 12 JUNE 2014: In its day, Fray Bentos, Uruguay was synonymous in certain countries (Great Britain especially) with tinned corned beef cheap and cheerful--at least until a 1966 outbreak of diptheria in Aberdeen, Scotland was traced to untreated water at the Uruguayan packing house as produced Fray Bentos Corned Beef for export.

And I couldn't help but think of the interconnexion between Fray Bentos and corned beef the other day when Your Correspondent called at Rochester Wholesale Fruit here in Winona just to do a little browse-around ... and couldn't help but notice, in a somewhat off-the-beaten-track corner of the market, a section given over to halal foods for the Muslim trade in and around Winona (which you can identify, by and large, by its labelling being in Arabic as much as in English). And in said Halal foods section were cans of imported corned beef "slaughtered according to Halal procedures" made in--you guessed it--Fray Bentos, Ururguay.

(Come to think of it, you could just imagine Fray Bentos seeking a twinning with Albert Lea, Minnesota, its commonalities being their communities being named for actual persons and their common meatpacking heritage--only in Fray Bentos' case, much of its output was for export to Europe and North America.)

And getting back to that Halal section at Rochester Wholesale Fruit for a moment: With Muslim teachings proscribing pork and pork byproducts, the closest to SPAM as is permissable under Muslim dietary law are luncheon meats made of chicken or even beef-and-chicken blends. (Same even has a Certified Halal Dutch-made chicken loaf similar in general appearence and concept to SPAM.)

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Your Correspondent can only imagine Glenn Beck's deploying the rather flimsy canard of "cultural heritage and folkways" in excusing on-air use of politically-incorrect and insensitive epithets targeting especially National Minorities traditionally subject to contempt and opprobrium. But whether the FCC would expect the defence as aforementioned is anybody's guess, even considering its ongoing objections to the Seven Dirty Words and their variants as goes back to the Pacifica case in 1977, when a station owned by the Pacifica Foundation broadcast during hours when children were obviously in the captive listening audience a recording of George Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words" routine.

And there's also the discredited Urban Legend about a certain radio-era children's show host uttering some Bad Words sotto voce in the mistaken belief that his microphone was switched off after signing off his show for the day.

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With Detroit automakers taking an especial interest in aluminum bodies for the sake of increased fuel economy, it may be worth noting that in the mid-1930's, Ford was developing experimental automobile bodies made from the likes of soybeans and hemp fibers that were as strong as conventional automotive steels, but were much lighter in terms of body weight.

Too, let's not forget about Communist East Germany's Trabant 601, its fibreglass-bodied joke of an automobile for the masses (not to mention a rather fuel-inefficient two-cycle engine, spartan interior appointments, clumsy transmission and radio programmed only to receive East German state radio broadcasts).

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, himself facing a serious reelection challenge in Indecision 2014, was counting on private-sector employers to spontaneously, and out of the collective goodness of their hearts and minds, create 250,000 REAL jobs for REAL people during the course of his gubenetorial term, with the help of God and a corporatised Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

We can only imagine his response in the wake of this rather sobering analysis from The Progressive magazine as finds that only 5,840 "real jobs" were created thanks to the Sanctii Sanctorum of a governor so detached from Reality as he is--which, by my calculations, is but 2.336% of goal.

The which will want to be worth sharing with such Wisconsinites still giving serious regard to reelecting Governor Walker "For My God and My Country"--with the aid of Our Lady Queen of the Holy Rosary, Mediatrix of Peace, Mediatrix Between God and Man, as revered (howbeit with continued and continuing ecclesiastical disapproval) by ever-declining (thanks to age, for the most part) adherents still remember the supposed "appearence" of Our Lady near Necedah in 1950.

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Finally, readers--especially those of you with smartfones--Your Correspondent has deemed it necessary to recast his smartfone app because the original vendor thereof has been having website issues of late. Meaning, in effect, that you now have an all-new smartfone app from this The Blog That Am! as includes both the blog and online shopping components in the same free app.

Which you can get by simply clicking here ... or by scanning the relevant QR code off to the side of the page with your camera smartfone. Thus, you don't have to be confined to a more conventional desktop or laptop PC to keep in touch with this very blog and its social-media interrelationships!

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