00h UTC; THURSDAY, 20 SEPTEMBER 2012: The slogan as is the title of today's post happens to be an Engrishfied version of the blurb from the label of "Nobama Brew," a craft brew of a modest little Oklahoma brewery whose proceeds go to "Tea Party" groups and sects--and, by all accounts, is selling rather well across both sides of the American political spectrum (at least in The Sooner State).

But then again, those infamous remarks of Mitt Romney's as are quickly causing conservatives to question their confidence and trust therein in principio could put a dent into sales ... as well as recall that "celebrity brew" fiasco known as Billy Beer, which cashed in on the notoriety of President Jimmy Carter's younger brother Bill being a beer-guzzling, trash-talking garage owner only to be pulled down by scandal himself (as well as the brewery behind it, Falls City Brewing Company, eventually being sold to the late lamented G. Heileman Brewing Company).

For its part, though, the GOP is trying payback at the expense of Mother Jones magazine, which brought Romney's remarks to light--as in a tape of a lecture at Loyola University in Chicago, vintage 1996, wherein then-Illinois State Senator Barack Obama can be overheard suggesting what the RepubliKKKans claim is "wealth redistribution," up there with Godless Communism. But then again, such may be out of context to the point of grossly distorted from a party as calls to mind the legendary episode of the radio fantasy/adventure anthology series Escape entitled "Three Skeleton Key" considering current developments. (The episode proper, which aired originally on November 15, 1949, can be heard in high-quality [for broadband interconnexions] and low-quality [for dial-in interconnexions] streams by clicking on the link apropos your connexion speed and type.)

All the while, know, insisting that only a "people-centred" model of socioeconomic reform and recovery (cf. the Afrikaner Economic Movement's Volkskapitalisme ideal in a bad hybrid with North Korea's "people-centred socialism" of Jucheism) predicated on the concept of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te dien" somehow being essential and integral to the Character and Identity of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation (as if implying that the defence of one under attack is automatically seen as that of the other) will help "reclaim prosperity" and restore REAL jobs, paying REAL money to REAL AmeriKKKans--poor, undereducated, easily-manipulate "white trash," expected to accept blindly and without question the ideal encapsulated in the white-supremacist acronym ORION ("Our Race Is Our Nation").


Getting back to that "Nobama Brew" for a moment, it may be worth knowing that one of the Afrikaner Economic Movement's "poster children," as it were, seeking to demonstrate by example that the Afrikaner CAN do well in business by serving the Greater Luscious Glory of a Heretofore-Dispossessed Volk to especially "poor whites" (and in a manner not unlike that common to network-marketing companies of the worst sort, among them Amway, Shaklee and YTB/Your Travel Bureau, to shame the rank-and-file distributors) was the tobacco and luxury-goods company Rembrandt, whose cigarette brands included Rembrandt and Springbok ... in effect implying that contracting lung cancer and heart disease over time serves the Greater Glory of the Afrikaner by creating jobs for Afrikaners. (In due time, Rembrandt would be acquired by Rothmann's of Pall Mall.)


A dog-food commercial Your Correspondent would love to see: That where the dog, having been starved thoroughly over measurable distance ahead of the actual shoot, never mind the Humane Society and PETA, eats the sponsor's product wolfishly, almost like a glutton even, all the while scored to Katchakurian's "Sabre Dance" ... and within a few seconds, Fido expresses his need to "do as need and nature hath us taught"--yet, before the requisite bodily functions can be carried out, the camera cuts away to a "ONE MOMENT PLEASE" scenario lest Innocence and Modesty be offended.


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