00h UTC; TUESDAY, 14 AUGUST 2012: What the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan Presidential Campaign of Indecision 2012 doesn't want you to know about their "real" socioeconomic agenda, adamant as they are in their Luscious Glory of insisting that the defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe is one with that of Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations (and wants nothing less than a Constitutiuonal Amendment establishing the "mere formality of legal recognition" therefor):

Videlicet, that such is straight out of the Afrikaner Economic Movement, as was born in a whipround called by Vader J. D. Kestell during the Bloemfontein stop of Die Tweede Trek of 1938, a symbolic reconstruction of die Voortrek promoted by Afrikaner nationalist leaders in a symbolic call to Afrikaner Ethno-National Cohesion and Solidarity as a Humble and Pious Bible-Believing Christian People in Danger of Oppression (or so they were expected to believe was occuring under British rule over the Union of South Africa) to save the Afrikaner from himself, not so much through State charity but by appealing to ethno-national solidarity and cohesion ... and was perfected behind closed doors under auspices of the hyper-Freemasonic-tending Afrikaner Broederbond and its "public face," as it were, of the Federasie van Afrikaner Kultuurbeleggings (FAK; "Federation of Afrikaner Cultural Organisations") about a year later at the Eerste Ekonomesie Volkskongres ("First People's Economic Congress"), also in Bloemfontein.

A movement which saw Communism, Fascism and Traditional Capitalism to be Contrary to the Greater Luscious Glory of the Afrikaner, God's Chosen People, whose Volkseenheid ("organic unity of a people") was predicated upon a Pious and Humble Christian Faith which saw the Afrikaner to be thus (and which, unless Drastic Measures were taken in the Name and Behalf of the Volk, threatened to send the Afrikaner even deeper into "poor whiteism" aggravated by British thinking towards the Afrikaner in the Union of South Africa).

A movement whose "three-legged stool" ("drie-been stol," in the Afrikaans as is the traditional Afrikaner lingua franca), as it were, was composed of:
  • Reddingsdaad ("rescue action," preferably of a "people-centred" model);
  • Helpmekaar (literally, "helping each other," such as through cooperation or mutual aid); and
  • Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism," as in a "people-centred" model of capitalism emphasising jobs creation and workplace-based training over traditional capitalism's emphasis on mere wealth creation).

Such expected to be one with the Greater Collective Good of the Afrikaner, and to be accomplished through:

  • harnessing the otherwise "idle monies" held in savings among the Afrikaners into "productive capital" as can be leveraged as required through a Reddingsdaadfond ("Rescue Action Fund") as would finance "viable" business startups, with Afrikaner banking and savings institutions, even the Afrikaner life insurer Sanlam, expected to be major  stakeholders in this effort;
  • establishing an Afrikaner-centred investment house (Federale Volksbeleggings/FVB; "Federal People's Investments") to "do the Volk and Nation a favour," as it were, by investing in such enterprises as would then be turned over to Afrikaner management;
  • calling upon Afrikaners to patronise and invest in Afrikaner-owned businesses exclusively, and insist that Afrikaans be used in business dealings and advertising (all for the Greater Luscious Glory of the Afrikaner above all else); and
  • "wholeheartedly" supporting the "Mission from God" otherwise known as the Reddingsdaadbond (RDB; "Rescue Action League"), established for the greater development of an Afrikaner national, cultural and socioeconomic identity (reinforced by the fact that 2d of a member's monthly 6d subscription went towards a group life insurance and burial policy).
The preceding best encapsulated in Vader Kestell's clarion call at Bloemfontein, 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself")--which would eventually be approriated by the RDB as its slogan.

And out of which the Afrikaner was expected to accept as gospel the belief that God Bestowed His Particular Blessings Upon Afrikaner Enterprise as Rescued the "Poor White" From Poverty and Despair--notably Sanlam (and its "mothership," as it were, of Santam), Volkskas, Saambou, Rembrandt-Tabak, Iskor, Eskom, Naspers, Perskor, Federale Mynbou, Federale Nywerhede, Sasol and rural agricultural cooperatives. The whole expected to be reinforced through the various "cultural gatherings" by local chapters of the RDB, the several affiliated organisations of the FAK, the Afrikaans Programme of the South African Broadcorping Castration and the weekly general-interest magazine Huisgenoot ("Home Companion"), "the poor Afrikaner's university."

Now tell me, honestly, if what we are seeing here is the real, "people-centred" socioeconomic model which the Romney/Ryan campaign, and its drookies in the Greater "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement, expect to promote as that with Our Last and Only Hope for Reclaiming Our Dear Lovely Nation from Itself. (Further interesting and juicy details can be gleaned through Google Books, the which is highly recommended in the interest of insight and enlightenment.)

Comments, anyone?

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