00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 30 MAY 2012: Make no mistake about it: Your Correspondent is PROUD(!!) to be among the people "Tea Party" types and their weird and unwholesome drookies regard as Threats to Our Dear Lovely Nation and Its National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar--or so they see it, and in much the same vein that the Afrikaner was expected to regard apartheid South Africa in the day.

As if insisting that the "Non-Producer" element (per Ayn Rand Thought) has "power and influence disproportionate to its true population numbers" ... that we fail to recognise (per Orwell's Animal Farm) that "some animals are more equal than others" as of Natural Right and Tradition ... and that the survival of Our Dear Lovely Nation, &c., depends on maintaining the Unwritten Law which ordains White Male Bible-Believing Christian Power and Dominion, and that such must be maintained By Any Means Necessary, especially (so they hope) through "false flag" attacks as could amount to outright insurrection, treason even, such as they hope to translate into Rivers of Blood in the Enoch Powell stylee such as they hope will Reclaim and Reconsecrate Our Beloved Nation Unto Yahweh God and His Dearest Son Jesus the Christ.

The which, in any case, needs to remind us Real Americans of the need for continued vigilance in defence of American National and Sovereign Identity and the values we stand for, never mind the "Tea Party" and Elmer Gantryite elements perverting such (cf. Antonio's famous reminder in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice [act I, scene III] that "the Devil can cite Scripture for his own purpose", bringing to mind the following):

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