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20h UTC; THURSDAY, 13 JUNE 2013:
So who exactly is the "real" Glenn Beck here: The one who delivered his online-TV message on cue cards, claiming "his vocal chords were paralysed" ... or the one who claimed on his syndicated radio programme that he is about to "break some important news as will rock the Nation and take down the entire power structure" within measurable distance?

So with full Appy Polly Loggies to To Tell The Truth, "will the real Glenn Beck PLEASE stand up?" (Unaware that a barrage of overripe produce, Cherry Sisters-stylee, is about to hit him from the Peanut Gallery, as if to prep him for the Walk of Shame, a/k/a "the perp walk.")

Methinks Walmart deserved what it got when a portion of roof at its store in Lake Delton, WI collapsed during yesterday's thunderstorms in the general area; such, perhaps, a show of Divine Judgment upon Walmart for reducing its rank-and-file "associates" (read: employees) to objects of contempt, taking unscrupulous advantage of a mostly vulnerable and easily-manipulate clientele with glowing-sounding phrases like "Save money, Live better" and taking equally-devious advantage of the Good Taxpayers by essentially paying welfare emouluments to said Associates, and expecting same to accept such "graciously" while prevailing political thought expects them to "wean themselves off depenedency on government."

Has anybody considered where Divine Wrath and Judgment may be to blame for the Black Forest fire outside Colorado Springs, as if to express His Divine Objections to certain conservative-leaning groups using Colorado Springs as their base for blaspheming and perverting His Name and Majesty in furtherance of their ideology and articles of faith?

Small Business Saturday, a promotion of recent years created by American Express to promote the benefits of patronising independent business owners as opposed to "big box" such during the holiday-shopping season, ought be expanded somewhat--preferably to at least quarterly. As I see it, such may want to be configured along the lines of the Scots Term and Quarter Days, to wit:
  • Candelmas Term (last Saturday in February)
  • Whitsun Term (last Saturday in May, preferably before Memorial Day weekend)
  • Lammas Term (last Saturday in August, preferably before Labour Day weekend)
  • Martinmas Term (Saturday after Thanksgiving)
Hopefully, such will get people thinking about the beneficial effects of small-business (and, by extension, Real America) support throughout the year, not just at the end-of-year holiday period (encompassing Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year's Day, Fox News' "War On Christmas" prolefeed notwithstanding).

It's probably just me, but you have to imagine the following as an ideal ersatz for those silver dragees as some find indispensable in their cake and cookie baking:


In fact, with the county and state fair baking season coming up for many of you, I could just imagine some of you looking for alternatives to those silver dragees in such cakes and cookies you may be baking for entry in their relative competitions, hoping such will really be enough to impress the judges (or, for that matter, catch them off their guard in a show of borderline sick humour they'll be talking about for years to come, especially when they realise that they're extra-powerful breath mints).

(Incidentally, I should mention that Your Correspondent received no compensation or consideration of any kind from Smallflower.com, as has this particular product available online--just click on the image to be taken to that particular item--for so mentioning. As well, the idea of using these as silver dragee-ersatz with potentially hilarious consequences is entirely mein own; of course, as they say, "your mileage will vary." Especially should it manage to win the purple ribbon for Best Overall Baking.)



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