18h UTC; FRIDAY, 28 JUNE 2013: Sometimes, taking a day off from blogging can work miracles, especially in coming up with fresh inspiration as can be fermented well enow to get it into just the right measure of sarcasm and satiric intent apropos this blog.

Or can it, especially when a lot of things run through your mind all at once (including what could amount to the prospect of a Serious Family Emergency without prior warning, as could be the case with my own 92-year-old motherdear as is showing early stages of dementia and confusion)?

In any event, Your Correspondent understands where a midnight bike ride nakie out in Chickasha, OK the other night translated into charges of, among others facing the rider, Outraging Public Morality. Now honestly, just how many along the path of the ride in question at that time of night saw same to the extent of "outraging morals" (cf. homophobic prolefeed about same-gender marriage "endangering traditional Biblical concepts of marriage and the family")?

Menawhile, Texas Governor Rick Perry may have damaged his political future
with his remarking before the annual conclave of the so-called "National Right to Life League" in Dallas--which, come to think of it, could probably be a secret Nicolae Ceausescu Fan Club--that Texas State Senator Wendy Davis' fillibuster attempt against a proposed blanket ban on abortion as invokes the ill-repute of Philadephia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, the latest "poster child" for abortion and contraception opponents conceals her upbringing by a single mother, her being a teenage mother and her "elitism" by graduating from Harvard Law School, all of which Governor Perry insists are somehow inapproriate and unbecoming a "REAL AmeriKKKan Woman" (cf. what the Nazi regime back in its day expected of women via their womens' organisation, the Frauenheide, and its fortnightly magazine Frauern Wocht, best summarised as one of Kirche, Kuche, Kinder--"Church, Kitchen, Children").

In any case, Senator Davis deserves the support of the Real Americans among us, standing strong in the face of such weird and unwholesome types who insist that any deviation from the "Tea Party/9-12/Christian Patriot" line is and should be regarded as "terrorism" without question or reservation, and that practicioners thereof be shunned by the community. McCarthyism, essentially.

(For the sake of Historical Insight, let's not forget where Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture under President Nixon during his decline and fall, and early on under President Ford, was forced to resign when he was overheard making some rather crass, tasteless even, remarks aboard Air Force One about blacks, not to mention mocking Catholics--in one particular case, mocking the Pope with Italian-accented remarks--and consumer activists previously with essentially locker-room humour tending to the puerile. Let this be a warning to especially "Tea Party"-deluded politicos such as are facing reelection bids in Indecision 2014.)

You can now add Target to the list of such companies now distancing themselves from disgraced Food Network star Paula Deen after her somewhat insincere attempt at Appy Polly Loggy for using the Mark Fuhrman Special in work situations: Any and all remaining stocks of Paula Deen cookware on sale at their stores and at Target.com will be the last of their kind, "certain to be collector's items," as they'd say on eBay--especially among the apologists for Jim Crow and apartheid South Africa, the latter perhaps a favourite arena of inspiration for "Tea Party" and suchlike types (though they don't want to acknowledge as much tacitly For Reasons You Will Understand, or so the patsy would have it).

Getting back to the "Tea Party" crowd, in their Luscious Glory of pushing an idealised Amerikanischer Realkultur predicated on a so-called "White Culture" paradigm (cf. Nazi Germany's Kraft durch Frude and the Reddingsdaadbond in the naissence of South Africa's apartheid regime pushing idealised "folk culture"), how do we know many such groups and/or their major sugar daddies aren't actually "silent partners" or "quiet angels" in a number of Branson's so-called "music shows," particularly so such as feature jingoistic appeals to primitive patriotic feelings, anti-Semitism and crass race-baiting in the context of perfecting their "more realistic ideal of Amerikanischer Realkultur" seen as an antidote to "disproportionate and unhealthy Jewish influence over Hollywood [and] its threats to Christendom"? Has anybody who has visited Branson in past, or are otherwise considering visiting Branson within measurable distance ... or even bus tour operators fond of offering cheap bus-excursions to Branson as include some of the more popular shows, for that matter, considered just such a likelihood?

Houston and Fillmore counties in Minnesota, as have themselves seen substantial flood-related damage from last weekend's heavy rains (to the tune of some $6 million, by one estimate), can do without the crudity of prolefeed from the Westboro Baptist Church crowd, in its Luscious Glory of rejecting empirically-driven science by insisting that things be seen solely in that narrowly-selective Biblical context thus preferred, in particular such which sees homosexuality as Sin, Depravity and Moral Perversion ... thus contending that any support of homosexuals or their lifestyle and culture is one with Risking Divine Wrath and Judgment Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Nation as will Leave Yahweh God with No Choice but to Revoke His Protective Hand Therefrom, Thus Opening the Door to Plunder and Exploitation by the Forces of Satan in the Guise of the "New World Order."

(Appy Polly Loggies there for basically parodying the stylee of certain religious tracts, in particular the sort found in the brochure racks at Primitive Christian churches of the sort favoured by such specimens of "poor whiteism" that Fox News and Fox Business insist are the "REAL AmeriKKKans." Since when did it become etched in stone that religious tracts were above reproach and parody?)

And for those who insist that "Christian Persecution" rivalling the Nazis' Holocaust
is within measurable distance of (howbeit subtle) implementation, consider this report from the BBC:
More than two million Tibetans have been resettled by the Chinese government over the last seven years, a new report by Human Rights Watch says.

Many, including hundreds of thousands of nomads, were forced into so-called "socialist villages", the group says.

The aim is to exert tighter political control over ethnic Tibetans, says HRW.

China denies forced evictions. This comes amid reports that restrictions on the worship of the Dalai Lama have been eased in some areas.

But the BBC was unable to confirm claims that Buddhists in China's Tibetan areas were able to openly worship their exiled spiritual leader and that some temples were displaying portraits of him.

Images from Google Earth published by Human Rights Watch appear to show the mass destruction of existing housing and the construction of villages with uniform rows of new buildings.

"The government has started to despatch new teams of Communist Party officials to each single village of the Tibet Autonomous Region," explained Nicholas Bequelin, Asia Researcher with Human Rights Watch.

"The new personnel stationed in these villages have been instructed to eat, live and work with the villagers and that includes monitoring their political opinions and identifying whose loyalty to the Party or the government is questionable."

The Chinese government has consistently maintained that it is pouring billions of dollars into Tibet in order to bolster its economy and improve the Tibetans' way of life.

However, tensions remain. In the past four years, at least 117 Tibetans have set themselves on fire to protest at Chinese government rule, resulting in 90 deaths.

Many Tibetans resent the influx of Han Chinese into Tibet and the Communist Party's restrictions on their religious freedoms.

In response, the Chinese government has tightened surveillance over the entire Tibetan plateau. In cities, the authorities appear to be keeping tabs on potential troublemakers by dividing each neighbourhood along a grid system.

The new security system is designed to closely monitor the situation at street-level to prevent a repeat of mass protests that centred in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, in March 2008.

In addition, the report says, about 300,000 nomadic herders have been relocated and settled since the early 2000s and the authorities have reportedly announced their intention to turn an additional 113,000 into sedentary dwellers by the end of 2013.
Which probably must be the inspiration for Glenn Beck's ideal of what he calls "Independence, USA," expected to be a showcase of "Tea Party" and "9/12" socioeconomic thought based on self-reliance in practice, no?


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