00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER 2012: With the local council's housing agency having installed a new condensing boiler heating system in the complex wherein Your Correspondent resideth (including his unit, the which serves all four flats in the building), as well as new digital thermostats concurrent thereto, it looks as if the heating situation here will be greatly improved all the more as the nights start getting cooler with the onset of fall up this way--with some potentially serious fall colours likely to compensate for the dry weather as could translate into a washout thereof in other areas of the Midwest (and yes, we could use the leaf-lovers).

Meanwhile, as for the Topics of Worthwhile Interest:
  • So much for GOP POTUS wannabe Mitt Romney's now infamous crack about the 47% of the American electorate likely to vote for President Obama because of, inter alii, their "seeing themselves as victims": I understand that there's plenty of self-conscious "REAL AmeriKKKans," largely "poor white" and Bible-Believing Christian of the worst sort possible, who see themselves as "victims" of a black President and his agenda in a manner rivalling apartheid South Africa's expecting the "self-conscious" and "entitled" white minority to fear if "Communist-influenced" blacks managed to come to power with serious loss of "natural rights, privileges and powers" traditionally entitled the white Afrikaner. (Put another way, these same "REAL AmeriKKKans" Fox News Channel in particular likes to exploit must have the same mentality that the Afrikaner Volk down South Africa way were expected to accept blindly and without question, especially considering the subtle, in-the-background influence of the super-secretive, Masonic even, Afrikaner Broederbond upon the regime and all it stood for; said secrecy being seen as necessary for "serving the Greater Glory of the Afrikaner.")
  • As for the GOP/"Tea Party" (Con)fusionist Alliance's article of faith seeking the "complete and final" denationalisation of certain "non-essential" or otherwise "unnecessary" Government agencies, institutions and schemes (especially where the discredited "Yellow Pages" or "Google" tests are used), how do we know the desire to "force competition and innovation" thereby isn't really based on the "forced-matrix" concept of "multi-level marketing" (more often than not a ruse for Ponzi schemes which pay more for building downline than for selling bona fide products or services)?
  • Meanwhile, something as may want to be worth watching for, a la the fallout from Indecision 2000: A major comeback, by way of "Tea Party" sympathisers, of those "Five Reports" and "mailing list generator" chain letters "to put people back to work," especially such with few or no realistic and marketable job skills.
  • The "Tea Party" in particular, in its Luscious Glory of insisting that ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe (read: free-enterprise capitalism, as per advice of Frank "Focus-Group Tested" Luntz "to make [the concept of] capitalism more acceptable to the masses" among conservative prolefeeders) is essential to the Character and Identity of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation (and would like to see a Constitutional Amendment establishing the legal formality of this doctrine and discipline), wants to see the Government to "completely and finally" sell its remaining stake in General Motors, notwithstanding that the current price therefor of $24/share would translate to a loss of $15 billion to the Good Taxpayers on the rescue package (cf. breakeven at $53/share therefor).
    That, and pushing for a "people-centred" model of "real socioeconomic recovery" as is more than likely based on the Afrikaner Economic Movement's precepts and articles of faith, in particular its Guiding Principle of 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself") and its Three Pillars of Reddingsdaad ("rescue action"), Helpmekaar ("helping each other") and Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism"), all expected to emphasise group and national cohesion at the expense of traditional wealth creation and its "harmful effects" of wealth concentration.
  • How would the "stars" (if they are rightfully called such) of die Bransoner Muzikschaukultur, in its Luscious Glory as the Acme and Ideal of Amerikanischer Realkultur to certain conservatives, be reacting to the flap over the Islamophobic online video Innocence of Muslims, especially in light of disgraceful rioting across the Muslim world as has translated into some 48 people killed, its producer in hiding (as well as facing Parole Violation charges) and a promoter thereof, Qur'an-burner Pastor Terry Jones, now personna non grata in Germany and Egypt (where he could face the death penalty for Blasphemy and Insulting the Prophet Muhammed)?
  • It may be about three months before the Festive Season of end-of-year holidays as involve gift exchanges gets underway; however, something worth thinking about giving the kids might be educational and learning-related toys and games should toys and games be on your mind; after all, there are studies extant which show that learning-driven toys generate significantly and measurably longer play time among children than all those advertised all over the TV around that same time.
Meanwhile, as the Junior Surf Rat Patrol head off on their sweetest ride of the day amongst the evening glass....

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