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00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 14 NOVEMBER 2012: With several petitions at WhiteHouse.gov seeking the peaceful right of succession from the Union among several States (Texas being the most blatant example) in response to Indecision 2012's outcome, how exactly would the secession therefrom actually preserve and strengthen the socioeconomic fibre of the several afflicted States? (Besides, I understand most of the petitions requesting secession are from the former Confederate states.)

And staying with the Former Confederacy for the nonce,
USA Today is reporting something that won't quite sit well with such specimens of "REAL AmeriKKKans" of the Earl Pitts model: Videlicet, the fact of the Southern states being chronically and habitually dependent upon antibiotics to deal with all manner of fevers, infections and viruses--higher than the national average, come to think of it. So much so, in fact, that the Former Confederacy could be a major transit point, breeding ground even, for antibiotic-resistant strains of the common cold, influenza, viruses, staph and fungal infections and Loathsome Social Diseases which, in an earlier day, were more than enough to go to Hot Springs, Arkansas for relief through hydrotherapeusis over a course of 21 baths.

And which may have to be the New Normal, especially where antibiotic-resistant strains come into the equation.

What some of especially my mother's generation insist
is a Blasphemy upon the Solemnity and Sachristy of Thanksgiving: The announcements by Target, Sears/Kmart, Toys R Us, Walmart and several other major retailers to begin their "Black Friday" marketing promotions Thanksgiving evening, with locations opening as early as 8 pm for special "doorbuster" offers and staying open through the overnight hours. Which, in any case, is enow to cause disruption bordering on the floodgates for neurasthenia in the families of such who work at the afflicted retailers, especially having to report for duty barely hours after gorging themselves on Thanksgiving dinner and feeling drowsy from the turkey therein, without even risking a positive drug test from taking No-Doz beforehand.

Further complicating matters: Calls for Walmart associates at the lowliest ranks to take Industrial Action against corporate policies on pay and working conditions as force such to go on relief just to make ends meet, while its majordomos (through the Walton Family Foundation) support prolefeeders insisting that State welfare is one with enslavement, that the poor thus dependent are somehow morally bankrupt, &c., &c., without pushing any sort of mutual self-help solutions "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," so long as they're founded on the delusion of a mystical interconnexion between ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar (cf. the Afrikaner Economic Movement's agenda down South Africa way seeking payback for the Afrikaner vis-a-vis British atrocities thus inflicted according to socioeconomic models "adapt[ed] to [the Afrikaners'] ethnic and national character").

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