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The Zealots and True Believers in the ideal of socioeconomic rescue and recovery encapsulated in the Afrikaans expression 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself"), the rallying-cry of the Afrikaner Economic Movement as begat South Africa's infamous system of apartheid, are certainly disappointed in the decision by the AIG Board of Directors to not join in pending legal action as challenged the terms and conditions given them by Congress in 2008 vis-a-vis their bailout in the wake of Bush the Younger's Grand Socioeconomic Delusion having come home to roost.

And for which the Nation, whether we like it or not ("Tea Party" types especially, take note), will wind up paying for. Even at the clear and present risk of the "New World Order" "usurping Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations," a typical "Tea Party" and suchlike patsy of the highest order known. (And know, to the "Tea Party" crowd and their low-intelligence drookies, "nation" is conditioned on that encapsulated in the white-nationalist acronym ORION [Our Race Is Our Nation], as well as insisting that "every Nation is founded upon a Country allocated unto it by Yahweh God.")

The "Tea Party's" drookies in the Wrath of God brand of prolefeed can't wait to establish interconnexion vis-a-vis the prevailing influenza pandemic, with Widespread outbreaks being reported in 42 states, 350 deaths therefrom to the moment, many hospitals having to turn cases away for want of space and/or restrict visitors to immediate relatives, high school and workplace absenteeism owing to sickness and increased calls for frequent handwashing or use of hand sanitisers. And, as per usual, lacking seriously credible evidence beyond that which Al Cohol, in the guise of God, "revealed" unto them.

Venezuela, it seems, is caught between Scylla and Charbydis over whether incumbent President Hugo Chavez can assume Presidential powers and duties in the wake of his prolonged illness aggravated by his ongoing battle with unspecified cancers, and his Cuban-based treatment therefor. And not even today's ruling by the Venezuelan Supreme Court holding that El Presidente doesn't need to take the oath of office right away if he's too sick to hold office isn't doing much to settle nerves.

Could it be possible that he's being kept on life support for as long as possible in the name of "national unity and cohesion," and manufactured appeals therefor?

As if, in the minds of certain misguided conservatives, "AmeriKKKa NEEDS to be more like China" to hasten jobs creation and socioeconomic recovery so as to "reclaim Prosperity for All," changes in China's traffic laws with the New Year as included fines being doubled and the yellow light now interpreted as a "stand by" for the imminent red such are certainly attracting a mix of public and official unease; even the Xinhua news agency weighed in on the suddenness of such changes catching China's ever-increasing numbers of auto drivers unaware.

The recent Unfortunate Events of wholesale martyrdom from firearms
have doubtless reopened the raw wounds of the debate over whether the Luscious Glory of film, television and video-game ultraviolence is a major contributor to Infamous and Notorious Criminal and Asocial Behaviour--much to the glee of especially cultural conservatives who would like to use Branson's so-called "music shows" as a "more realistically AmeriKKKan" defining cultural test and standard, inasmuch as they're likely to see the 65616 as more in line with "REAL AmeriKKKa" as opposed to Hollywood.

To Your Correspondent, however, any debate over what exactly constitutes Amerikanischer Leikultur (as in "American Defining Culture") can do without bringing in the unhealthy and overzealous influences of conservative prolefeeders bemoaning, a la the Old Testament prophet Job, the "undermining" of Our Dear Lovely and Most Exquisite White European-AmeriKKKan Culture as Essential and Integral to Our National Character and Identity, Branson to be seen as the Acme and Ideal Therefor (almost on a par, know, with the overzealous promotion of German "folk culture" by the Nazi regime's Kraft durch Frude movement in its Luscious Glory of improving worker productivity and maintaining labour peace through appeals to conflated Racial and National Honour and Identity ... and its "keepers of the flame" for awhile afterward in South Africa in form and fashion of the Reddingsdaadbond [Rescue Action League], seen all the while as a Mission From God to empower the Afrikaner Volk, God's Chosen People Upon Africa, nationally, culturally and socioeconomically, preferably through the new, "people-centred" Volkskapitalisme "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk"). Such can only risk going too deep into fanaticism detrimental to national and sovereign interests.



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