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00h UTC; MONDAY, 26 NOVEMBER 2012: Having already gone through the Thanksgiving long weekend in our (presumably) "morally superior" United States, reader, Your Correspondent is beginning to wonder if what the RepubliKKKans really have in mind as their ideal for socioeconomic recovery (knowing full well that they've yet to explain a viable such in plain, easily-understood words all this time) is one predicated on chain letters of the "Five Reports," "Elite Gifting" and "Mailing List Generator" models as willfully and consciously target such "group areas" of known "poor whiteism" as are inherently incapable of serious socioeconomic empowerment, even under the self-help models RepubliKKKans theoretically seem to prefer through vague generalities.

Now tell me what a certain Panchito Pistoles would think (honestly, of course) about a suggestion advanced by outgoing Mexican President Felipe Calderon (as leaves office this Saturday) suggesting that the official name and stylee of our southern neighbour across the Rio Grande--as in the Estados Unidos Mexicanos (literally, "United Mexican States")--be changed to simply "Mexico." (The contention therefor being that the formal stylee tends to be limited to official usage, such is seen to be in imitation of foreign states such as the United States, and does little if anything for the greater brand image of Mexico, as it were, internationally.)

Something to think about when you get "spam" e-mails about "designer replicas" at obnoxiously cheap prices over the Festive Season shopping period (the senders thereof insisting that the whole is "carefully nuanced" and "focus-group tested"): China's Ministry of Public Security last week announced where, in a joint campaign with French authorities, they had arrested 74 people in several major cities in connexion with illicit workshops manufacturing knockoff Coach and Louis Vuitton handbags, seizing some 12,000 such.

As if "Save money. Live better" wasn't already its own worst joke, a Bhangladeshi garment factory in the capital of Dhaka as supplies Walmart and other off-price retailers a bon marche (in theory) was destroyed in an electrical fire early Sunday morning, with some 115 workers known dead to the moment. Sic transit gloria mundi....

Meanwhile, something worth looking for when shopping dollar stores, Walmart and suchlike for your holiday gifting is the prospect of hilariously-incoherent to the point of irrational instructions, safety warnings, &c. (in English!) on packaging for much of the Chinese-manufacture cheapjack therein sold. (The same likely to be said of cheapjack thus sold being of Bhangladeshi, Pakistani, Cambodian, Vietnamese or even Japanese manufacture. But it's the Chinese as are more likely to take the laurels here.)

How much longer before Walmart, in its Luscious Glory of desperation seeking to maintain loyalty and cohesion among its supposedly Happy Little Vegemites (otherwise known as Associates) in the face of current and pending protest against low wages and poor working conditions, starts requiring of its employees attendance at Soviet-model "ideological instruction" meetings as part of employee training and start-of-shift folderol ... much of the "instruction" being written by the John Bircher crowd and its ideological successors as insist that ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe is essential to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar, among other highly-irrational bromides which can only risk emotional and psychological harm thanks to the tone and stylee of presentation expected?

With YouTube's recent announcement that PSY's megahit "Gangnam Style" (a satire about Seoul's high-end Gangnam district), in its numerous permutations, has become THE #1 music video thus streamed, Your Correspondent would love to see some transit agencies doing PR videos which use "Gangnam Style" as the soundtrack to speeded-up footage of the typical routine of operations, scored so that such emphasises a "fly-on-the-wall" sort of approach (e.g., as each verse starts, we see the bus or train doors opening and the crowds entering, shifting to such paying their fares, getting seated, &c., as the vehicle gets into action) to make the concept of public transit more interesting.


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