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00h UTC; THURSDAY, 29 NOVEMBER 2012: Another reason why BP AmeriKKKa's corporate prolefeed, especially respecting the Gulf Coast, is not worth trusting by the Real American: Citing reckless and utter contempt for Corporate Responsibility and Good Corporate Citizenship, the Environmental Protection Agency has, for the nonce, revoked BP America's entitlement to hold or bid on new United States Government contracts or subcontracts, including bidding on oil and natural gas leases on Federal lands and waters, pending further review of the record.

In the meantime, perhaps it would be best for Real Americans to likewise start boycotting BP service stations and BP Shops convenience stores as a show of support for such government action.

Some 75 years ago, Aplets and Cotlets, the Confectionery Pride of Washington's Vale of Cashmere, were proudly marketed as "The Confection of the Fairies"--even to the extent of having fairy images grace the packaging therefor. Which has Your Correspondent wondering, largely out of whimsey, about what it would be like if Liberty Orchards, as markets Aplets and Cotlets (themselves inspired by Turkish Delight (a/k/a Rahat Locoum, a well-known Near Eastern confection), decided to dust off that "Confection of the Fairies" marketing angle through a tie-in involving the Disney Fairies--so long as such conformed to Disney's new guidance on licencing for food products.

As Fibber McGee and Molly would have put it: "Don't you get it, Molly? 'Confection of the Disney Fairies'--" "'Tain't funny, McGee!!"

Also not exactly funny (or is it?) is the news that the official gazetta of China's Communist Party, the People's Daily, fell for a recent story in the satiric journal The Onion about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un being The Sexiest Man Alive, even going to such lengths as publishing a 50-page photo album on its website of mostly propaganda poses from Pyongyang's official mouthpiece, the Korean Central News Agency. All the while unaware that such was actually satire.

Tell me this doesn't reek of irony, doublethink even: The clear and present likelihood that opponents to abortion, contraception and family planning "out of conscience" founded upon "Deeply- and Dearly-Held Christian Beliefs" (or so the trope would have it) as keep housepets (dogs and/or cats especially), take such objections to their zenith by refusing to have said pets spayed or neutered "to teach [their] children respect for the Sanctity and Sachristy of Life" and "remind them that Life Begins at Conception." (Yet all the while taking pains to hide from the children the actual actu coitus proper "lest their minds be corrupted" at the sight of animal sexuality made manifest.) Never mind, of course, that such specimens of Zealotry and True Belief taken to its debauched excesses probably aren't professional breeders themselves.

Moral: Have your pets spayed or neutered out of common sense and responsibility. And notwithstanding the Fox News crowd's caterwauling about "Creeping Socialism!!!" (preferably delivered in a moronic singsong falsetto up there with The Red Guy on Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel, if you still recall those shows), local humane societies do offer low-cost or free-no-cost spay and neuter services from time to time, or can refer you to groups that so offer. Just call 211 for starters.

Sterzing's is an Upper Midwestern brand of potato chips out of Burlington, Iowa as has been around since 1933--originally as an adjunct to a chocolate shop seeking to stay busy during the warmer months of summer, when chocolate melts rather quickly. And though they only have your basic, plain-vanilla type of potato chip, made with but sliced potatoes, partially-hydrogenated soyabean oil and salt, theirs has quite the following among others who have tried the Leading National or Regional Brands ... and discovered where Sterzing's  is actually much lighter tasting and much more palatable.

And considering where Sterzing's markets its potato chips in that light-yellow bag of theirs under the "Tri-Some" brand, Your Correspondent has to wonder what sort of a comedic gag can be milked out of that very name and stylee--especially one which involves targeting some grossly obese kid forcing them upon his person by playing up the "Tri-Some" name throughout.


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