21h UTC; MONDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2013: At least there's an alternative.

An ecologiclly-friendly alternative, come to think of it.

One which, when you're out shopping, actually serves to promote this very blog. Not just by its very name and stylee, but also by incorporating QR coding so that such who scan same with their smartfones get a surprise in the bargain.

(Come to think of it, Your Correspondent could use all the attention this blog can get, even from its online e-boutique of the tackiest in ephemera promoting any blog known to Teh Innerwebz. But there's a good side to it all: 9.11% of my commission on your purchase goes towards reducing the National Debt of the United States, as if you needed a good reason to buy something off this blog for once as is also a free advertisement therefor. Especially in the tackiest and dorkiest of shoobie traps known, as if the shopping bags of Stew Leonard's and the signs of the Wall Drug Store weren't good enough in this respect, even if such were the inspiration for this very concept.

(Retail enquiries and volume orders are especially appreciated, if but to liven up the offerings at the tackiest of souvenir shops in said shoobie traps otherwise selling the tackiest of cheapjack.)

And all you have to do is click on the image as leads off this post, opening, as per usual, in a new browser window (the better to make it easier to return to this blog when you're finished shopping).


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