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Just yesterday morning, Hostess Brands (as in the likes of such "REAL AmeriKKKan" cultural icons as Wonder and Home Pride breads and Hostess, Dolly Madison and Drake's snack cakes) has made good on its threat of seeking liquidation proceedings in Carey Street as reprisal for striking employees not returning to work in timely fashion (5 pm EST Thursday being the close therefor).

The which, in any case, has translated into 18,000 once-proud workers losing jobs and over 30 bakeries across the country being closed, which the company's dominant unions (as in the Bakery, Confectionary and Tobacco Workers' Union and the Grain Millers' Union) blame on corporate unwillingness to adapt to changing market conditions--and the receivers blaming the unions for unwillingness to accept pay and benefit cuts to maintain its viability. Which, to Your Correspondent, can only mean plenty of right-wing prolefeed fodder of a most pathetic sort, replete with pandering to the basest of "REAL AmeriKKKan" ideals of White Cultural Heritage and Identity, revolving as it does around Branson's so-called "music shows" being the One True and Definitive Litmus Test therefor.

One asset that Hostess Brands' receivers have up their sleeve: All manner of iconic trademarks, especially so for the likes of such iconic snack cakes as Twinkies, Suzy-Q's, Ho-Hos, Ding-Dongs, Sno-Balls, Gems, Zingers, Donettes and Cup Cakes; you also have the "balloon" trademark for Wonder Bread, that icon and staple of "REAL AmeriKKKan" cultural identity excusing political incorrectness. And you can expect a Battle Royale for the rights thereto, especially from rival bakers like Bimbo Baking America (as owns Entenmann's) and Flowers Baking (as owns Tastykake) as want to maintain such Icons of White Christian Cultural Heritage, especially in such bastions of "REAL AmeriKKKanism" beyond the reach of Kandy Kakes, Koffee Kakes, Butter Krimpets and Kreamies--limited mostly to the I-95 corridor and the easternmost part of I-10 (i.e., roughly from Mobile to Jacksonville), though also available by online order. That, and the likes of Little Debbie and Moon Pie seeking to exploit the ensuing vacuum for consumer loyalties across their traditional "REAL AmeriKKKan" bastions.

With GOP articles of faith still insisting that only a "people-centred" model of socioeconomic recovery "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" (so to speak) will best Reclaim Our Dear Lovely Nation from Itself (what with such expected to be predicated on the concept of a mutual interconnexion between ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar, though they don't want to explain it in plain words), there's still one problem with that: Videlicet, their failing to explain how such a model would be achieved "spontaneously and wholeheartedly," with the "REAL AmeriKKKan" expected to play the Happy Little Vegemite throughout such misadventures in 'n Volk red homself (Afrikaans; "a people rescuing itself") which, in the end, may actually be scripted farce. (Which is not to say that, done correctly and carefully, a "people-centred" model of American socioeconomic recovery which produces tangible and beneficial results for the masses can't be achieved. So what exactly stands in the way of taking the proverbial bull by horns?)

What such specimens of Fundamentalist/Primitive Christianity in their Luscious Glory of "patriotic" Islamophobia serving His Name and Will, especially where the aim is to seize for AmeriKKKa the title of God's Own Country which apartheid South Africa abandoned when they themselves abandoned apartheid, fail to recognise in their Islamophobic prolefeed is that such radicalised Islamist theology is actually with the full support and blessings of the Royal Household of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, itself the centre of the Islamic faith tradition and home to Holy Makkah: Since the mid-1970's, largely with profits from oil export revenue, the House of Saud has financed the construction of such schools and institutes promoting Saudi Arabia's officially-approved brand of Islamist theology, as in Wahhabiism, emphasising as it does a literal reading and interpretation of the Holy Qur'an and Hadiths as the foundation of official religio-political policy in the Muslim world, calling as it does for the use of force or violence as required.

What's more, doesn't Wahhabiist Islam share much ideologically, theologically even, with Bible-Believing Christianity, right down to the insistence that Church and State must forever be united and inseparable? Have the Elmer Gantryites failed to recognise the likelihood for holding such doublethink as they do?

One Thing More (after the late Paul Harvey): If the lead-off LOLcat image is any cluedo, readers, it's that Your Correspondent has decided to take a short hiatus from blogging over the Thanksgiving week here in the United States. Sometimes, having to break from blogging may be the best thing to do for your blogging misadventures, get some freshness coming into your mind. Hence, cry not for me, reader, if I'm absent in this accustomed place for at least the next week; in the interim, your patronage of the Online Mall and/or my Online Boutique for your Festive Season shopping requirements without bedlam or confusion would be appreciated. Especially considering that 9.11% of Your Correspondent's proceeds off your purchases (which you need to take the initiative to accomplish) will go towards Reducing the National Debt of the United States, as if you need some sort of Good Cause to excuse shopping online.

In the interim, do enjoy your Thanksgiving week, mindful all the while that "moderation is true strength" (after the slogan of Yates's Wine Lodge over in England's Green and Pleasant Land).


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