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16h34 UTC; TUESDAY, 20 DECEMBER 2011: With my holiday-fortnight break approaching, perhaps Your Correspondent felt it was time to answer what may best be described as some of the More Pressing Questions you might have in the back of your mind vis-a-vis this work by its author, and the philosophy behind the same.

Never mind, of course, that I haven't had much call from you readers about blog-related questions in the first place, I just felt it would be a common courtesy as much as my holiday gift to you to explain this blog in the form of a blog post such as this. Remember, I hope this is to your satisfaction; however, should you still have any more questions, please feel free to get back to me by e-mail or leave a comment after this post. And do feel free to (howbeit responsibly) share this with your online friends who still have queries in respect of this blog.
  • The inspiration for the name and stylee of this blog came about while I was pondering at some length about the song "Alexander's Ragtime Band", Irving Berlin's first big compositional hit (1911, to be exact), in particular that bit about "The Band That Am." In planning this weblog, I thought about that meme and felt that adopting it to Teh Blogospherez might make it catchy-sounding. There you go.
  • I admit that the political and ideological leanings of this blog tend to the Secular-Progressive sort; a credit, I will admit, to the poor experiences Your Correspondent had in his upbringing in the institutional and foster-care milieu involving teasing, bullying, name-calling (in some cases, mispronouncing my name or otherwise insisting that my name was something else), psychological hazing, misguided advice for my post-high school career options and psychiatric maltreatment later on from psychiatrists hard-set on a "better living through chemistry" (as it were) mindset (i.e., seeing anti-psychotic medications as a cheap and cheerful approach to treating "paranoid schizophrenia" which, IMHO, may have been aggravated by an abusive foster-care milieu just before I left high school--and, in the minds of those so prescribing, a cheap and cheerful form of "reeducation" towards effectively being a parrot for the prevailing political line of the moment, any deviation therefrom to be seen as "leading towards error" in the form of Serious Mental Disorders). That, and being under the wing of especially caring and concerned acquaintenances down the years, in particular Mein Innkeeper Friend.
  • Why it is that my views sometimes tend to the sarcastically bombastic, in some cases crossing the line into the highly incredible: I acknowledge the influences of Monty Python, Jim Henson's Muppets (in fact, I was a longtime acquaintenance of Mr. Henson right up until his untimely 1990 death from a staph infection) and certain Hanna-Barbera animations. (Think of it this way: When British author Evelyn Waugh was asked by a reporter to explain how he wrote what he wrote, he put it this way: "I just write the words down and then push them around a bit.")
  • Why all the LOLcats, Engrish and suchlike leading off these posts? To make same more visually attention-getting, obviously. Otherwise, such would look dull, boring and antiseptic (cf. this classic bit of Engrish from an envelope used by a Japanese photo-processing company to return finished prints: "Fresh fruit enhances everything. Takes the thirst out of ordinary time. A pure whiff of oxygen, painting over a monochrome world in primary colours. We all appreciate that. It's why everyone loves fruit.").
  • Sometimes, I take notes in coming up with what to discuss in blog posts ... and sometimes, I don't. I acknowledge that the headlines provide Your Correspondent with some inspiration for content, sometimes enhanced by conversation with Mein Innkeeper Friend in discussing the day's headlines or whatever crosseth my mind. As for my being creative with the vernacular as I am, I acknolwdge such is a way to make myself (who, know, is dyslexic and, thanks to that and his past abuse, is unable to work himself; more on that presently) stand out as a way to challenge past mindsets suggesting that I was fit only for the very lowest sort of work, such being hazardous to life, health and/or morals (cf. a late 1970's/early 1980's T-shirt slogan perhaps best explaining my philosophy in this respect: "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance--baffle them with bull"). In case you get any ideas, I'm not the sort who takes illicit narcotic or hallucinogenic drugs for inspiration, so why must it be thus?
  • To those among you who think I "need to make better use of my time" by getting a job "to use the hands more than the mind," I, for one, feel such reeks of the spiteful and ignorant. Especially considering where I have a mix of learning disorders and the effects of past maltreatment tending to the abusive which have affected my mind so badly that, despite past efforts to help me through Vocational Rehabilitation to prepare me for the work market, I cannot hold down a stable job in the generally-understood sense of the word; hence, explaining why I have to resort to Teh Innerwebz to kill my time in some measure ... Teh Blogospherez as a virtual canvas for to express my opinion in my own way ... and why, largely to supplement the disability benefits I get from SSI and State Social Security (or trying to, at any event, absent the clear likelihood of my coming into money within measurable distance), I have to incorporate an Online Mall as I do. And which, in fact, has been the case ever since Your Correspondent first started to make his presence known on Teh Innerwebz some ten years back, howbeit on public-access computer termini absent my very own such; such, in fact, having prevailed through several other incarnations I've had in Teh Blogospherez.
  • Staying with the Online Mall for a moment, you may ask why Your Correspondent would want to give part of the proceeds from same (even if, as past experience has shown, it's not been all that much) towards reducing the American National Debt (yes, the Treasury actually accepts public donations to that end, so don't laugh) and The Salvation Army in the interest of ur-Corporate Responsibility and Good Corporate Citizenship, allow me: In the former instance, such serves as a form of protest against the excesses of conservative Zealotry and True Belief forever insisting, in their Luscious Glory of ex-lax, that only by keeping taxes all the lower can prosperity be assured in Our Dear Lovely and Morally-Superior Land from everlasting to everlasting (and only now are we seeing the byproducts of such ideology biting us, as it were); as for the Salvation Army, such is something of a tradition with my family dating back to my late father serving with the Army in World War II, who discovered that the Salvation Army's troop canteens offered coffee and donuts free of charge whereas Red Cross such charged 15 cents for coffee and two donuts.
  • That bit about "a work by its author" in relation to this blog came by way of the pseudonym that the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein used to pen several stage plays for Iraqi audiences during the throes of his Ba'athist regime.
  • For those among you who insist on having links to a Twitter and/or Facebook presence in connexion, know that every post features at the end clear and prominent links to my "iludiumphosdex" presence in both social networks, opening, as with all external links in this site (including online shopping such), in new browser windows for your convenience. Now you know. In that same general apres-post area, I also link to several worthwhile free-no-cost resources you may want to consider looking at to add value to your blog (provided your host's Terms of Service allow for it), provided as an alternative to all those "seminars" and "home study courses" about supposedly making big-big money off Teh Innerwebz as could turn out rather costly, not to mention bordering on the dishonest--fraudulent, even!
  • As for marketing this blog: Seeing as where "spam" (unsolicited bulk e-mail) is unethical, not to mention highly disapproved of (in fact, the Terms of Service of many a website and blog host make clear that the use of "spam" to promote websites so hosted is unacceptable, and can be considered grounds for your site being taken offline), Your Correspondent is compelled to resort to the likes of search-engine optimisation, Entrecard, The T-Shirt, &c., Shop (powered by, know) and the letterposts in a somewhat poor attempt at direct-mail marketing to try calling attention to this somewhat esoteric blog. The direct-mail approach targeting especially independent hosteleries (as in such as are not under the influence of a major national chain; i.e., "mom-and-pop" such), probably because of the influence of my having Mein Innkeeper Friend, in a way; too, I admit to using to winkle out likely targets for the mailings, which, considering my limited resources, are themselves rather limited in the numbers I can send out in a typical day.
  • And in case you ask about whether these posts are available in RSS form for reading as an e-mail or in various online feed readers, yes. Just look for the "Subscribe" button off to the right-hand side of the page for to click on and follow the prompts; I prefer a "one-stop" approach for not just subscription, but also for sharing or saving these posts, in the interest of saving you bedlam and confusion looking up the reader(s) you may be using. (For those among you wishing to add these posts to your website or weblog, I prefer and recommend this online RSS reader, which allows you to tweak such all the easier to fit your own site's characteristics and appearence before adding such to same with a few lines of HTML code.)
I hope that I've answered your questions, readers ... now: Any questions yourselves?!

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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