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18h15 UTC; SATURDAY, 18 JANUARY 2014: Lest any of my Good and Loyal Readers were getting ideas, notions even, that I had forgotten Some Other Worthwhile Topics of Interest, Timeliness and Importance in my zeal to discuss over the past week the Secret Conservative Delusion of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as one with AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations, relative to the Reclamation of the Dignity of Labour consistent with the Disciplines and Principles of said ekonomesie vryheid, &c., I feel it best at this time to bring a few choice ones up. To wit:
  • With House Speaker John Boehner categorically pledging to announce the RepubliKKKans' "complete and final solution" to Obamacare (t/n the Affordable Care Act) within measurable distance, maybe it was time that Real America (not the conservative prolefeed simulation) constantly remind RepubliKKKans and their fellow-travellers that it was one of their own who first demonstrated the viability thereof with his Massachusetts prototype--and that it was one of their ideological drookies, the Heritage Foundation by name and stylee, as first advanced the concept under the banner of "promoting personal responsibility." And that said reminders need to be driven home constantly By Any Means Necessary, be it through letters to local gazettas, social media, weblogs, posters, billboards, transit advertising, even on the matchbook covers at your local gay bar.
  • "Voting with your remotes" in action: As you probably know by now, the fifth series of Duck Dynasty on A&E has now gone to air, the first since patriarch Phil Robertson's infamous comments in GQ reeking of homophobia and racism as led to a brief suspension, only to be reinstated after online pressure from the easily-misled among the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" as are more than likely to be its core audience (and, if the ratings for the series premiere Thursday night are any barometer--i.e., down 25% on the debut of the previous series last August--may be its unravelling, especially should advertisers start bailing out to the point of A&E having to cancel the series outright and without warning, just as TLC did with Sarah Palin's Alaska a few years back, cancelling it after eight episodes of a scheduled 13).
  • How do we know budget surpluses being claimed by several "Tea Party"-deluded state administrations (Scott Walker's in Wisconsin, e.g., reinforced with calls for rebating the surplus based on the old "It's YOUR money!" patsy to the Good Taxpayers) over recent days aren't really the result of accounting tricks, smoke-and-mirrors even, to create the illusion of a surplus when, in Reality--which will be made evident when you apply generally-accepted accounting procedures in an audit--such delusions about low taxes magically generating jobs creation have only caused a net deficit as will need to be paid for by higher taxes? (Oh, and let's not forget the use of mind games such as crimestop, blackwhite and doublethink by official media channels to win over the masses in this respect.)
  • So much for calling thyselves "Freedom Industries" (as in the leak of chemical substances as adversely affected the drinking water in the Chareston, WV region for a few days last week), as in showing thyselves to be hypocrites via Carey Street (supposedly "to protect [themselves] from legal liability" in the wake of lawsuits thereby ensuing), having a Felon Known to the Police as its majordomo, and being a sugar daddy to Koch Industries-affiliated entitles whose articles of faith seek essentially to betray Thy Dear and Lovely Land to a "Third Way" model which the "New World Order" is sure to exploit.
  • With the 13th series of American Idol now underway on Faux, starting with Edited Highlights of the auditions in several major cities to eventually produce the shortlist of finalists as will compete for a $1 million cash prize and a recording contract--let's hope it becomes its Unlucky Thirteenth, preferably by discerning among the finalists that one such whose voice is essentially a hybrid of Florence Foster Jenkins and Alessandro Moreschi in terms of sheer awfulness and gross-out ... and voting for him/her  week after week, eventually to win the grand prize at the end.
  • If you recall that famous scene in Rebel Without a Cause where James Dean browbeats his parents for not listening to what the youth have to say, you probably have an idea--mine, at least--of how certain religiopolitical prolefeeders want to "win over hearts and minds" among the "REAL AmeriKKKans" whose minds can be easily manipulated to such hard-wired Zealotry and True Belief. Made worse, more than likely, by Al Cohol under pressure of realising that it's still Saturday evening and you have yet to come up with the morrow's sermon, and whose end result is enough to send many of the congregants leaving the church in disgust mid-sermon, never mind the pastor's by-now-obscenity-laden paranoia with hyper-juvenile overtones and nuances calling to mind a neurotic mother suddenly turning on her kids as they come home from school, insisting they're but giving her a nervous breakdown and worse.
  • As for the continuing revelations about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's breathing down the necks of Democratic mayors of several Garden State cities for "not playing along" by his rules insisting on blind, unswerving cooptation serving himself first and foremost, Your Correspondent has to wonder if the testimonies of such aides and drookies of his thus subopenaed to date will "go Nuremburg" (as in invoking the claim of their "only following orders" under pain of serious reprisals, unaware that they alone had the moral power of conscience to refuse such orders if they, and they alone, knew such to be illegal, immoral or otherwise against their better judgment)--and essentially implicating Governor Christie for being behind such orders, even if indirectly.
Finally, a reminder for Real America to think about. Copy. Print out. And share among the Otherwise Uneducated Masses as a "winning of hearts and minds" tactic for Indecision 2014:

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of
Vic and Sade through the years)


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