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00h30 UTC; FRIDAY, 20 SEPTEMBER 2013: This particular blog post is directed at the Greek and Greco-Cypriot Diaspora throughout the world, especially such who value liberty and democracy. Because it involves a greater threat to those concepts in the form of a Greek neo-Fascist political party called "Golden Dawn" as is exploiting enforced austerity campaigns in Greece and Cyprus to push anti-Semitic screeds and canards as part of their pandering to latent ultra-nationalism as would, for all we know, make Zeus blush with rage.

Which should raise alarm bells galore across the Greek and Greco-Cypriot Diaspora, especially considering where Golden Dawn may be seeking support, financial and/or moral, from said Diaspora throughout the world by appealing to what they perceive to be emotional degrees of attachment to their ancestral homeland across same. In particular through disguised "movements" claiming to offer assistance to the Greek Motherland, but turns out being fundraising conduits for Golden Dawn, taking advantage of the Greek and Greco-Cypriot Diaspora communities and the ignorance they probably have about the agenda, and the underlying threat, that Golden Dawn poses to their ancestral homelands. (Including such modelled on the German-American Bund, a byproduct of the Nazi regime in Germany in the 1930's as sought to win over support for the Nazi cause from the German-American community, much to the chagrin of party leadership.)

And preferably sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Your Local Electric Company would like to alert you to a new scam making the rounds of especially "Non-Producer" communities of late, with such having been discerned in at least 12 states and Washington, DC of late: The scam in question involves rather paranoid phone calls from scammers claiming to be from the power company as claim that your electric bill is way overdue, and that electric service will be duly disconnected within measurable distance unless inflated amounts are paid to cover the "delinquent bill"--and through Green Dot MoneyPak Cards or similar exclusively.

Such are not the tactics of more orthodox electric utilities, who would send written notice about the likelihood of disconnexion by letterposts and would prefer that you use their official payment channels, as explained in said letter, before any deadlines noted in same. Nor would they send employees "from Secret Branch" or somesuch to demand payment through unorthodox tactics; insist that anyone who claims to be "from the power company" show official identification (and if not, or otherwise refuses to do so, calling the police posthaste as well as the Customer Care Department of your power company).

Besides, Green Dot MoneyPak cards are not accepted everywhere; here's the official list to that effect, just so you know.

In the immortal words of the late John Cameron Swayze
as concluded every broadcast
of the Camel News Caravan (NBC-TV, 1949-1956),
"That's the story; glad we could get together ..."


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