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17h25 UTC; THURSDAY, 17 JULY 2014: Honestly now: Who do you think will blink first in response to newly-announced trade and banking sanctions from President Obama and the European Union vis-a-vis the United Russia regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin in its response to their continuing misadventures in Ukraine and Crimea--the Russian Government and United Russia (including the latter's known associations with the Russian Orthodox Church) or ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, as Putin insists?

Your Correspondent can just imagine the smecking and drooling of satisfaction among "Tea Party," "Christian Patriot" and suchlike types looking to legalise child labour in the interest of "promoting healthy respect for the Dignity of Labour in the young" over the news that the Bolivian Congress is approving legislation as would reduce their mininum age for employment from 14 to 10 years of age

In its Luscious Glory of insisting that only free enterprise can create jobs spontaneously (if only "reasonable effort" was made on the part of its several scions, know), Congressional RepubliKKKans are persisting in their Delusions of Grandeur about wanting to keep taxes all the lower to replenish the Federal Highway Trust Fund--as in using accounting tricks, mind games and doublethink to avoid the REAL problem of the Federal fuels tax remaining as low as it has been all this time. and its needing to be increased to reflect inflation.

No wonder the RepubliKKKans these days seem to have no regard for the concept of money, unless the Federal Reserve System was abolished concurrent with the reinstatement of gold-based monetary policies dominated by ideologically-influenced "currency boards" who could use Any Means Necessary to replicate Germany's infamous hyperflation misadventures after World War I in hopes of scaring the Allies into reduced war reparations payments as a way of washing its hands of blame therefor, and resorting to the "stab-in-the-back" canard to claim persecution.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the extracurricular misadventures of Your Correspondent, he's taking it upon himself to use the old letterposts to call upon the several taxicab companies in The Once and Future Waterpark Capital of the World (even considering a year-round population of some 5,500 population that swells at the heighth of the summer period to some 130,000 on a busy weekend) to establish some order out of chaos, as it were, through the formality of a Taxicab Association as would establish some standards for once in such areas as:
  • driver training and conduct;
  • vehicle maintenance and appearence;
  • dispatching and response to calls;
  • calculation and collection of fares; and
  • general quality of service.
Which, I admit, may be a little too much for an average Joe fond of the Waterpark Capital enow to have some compassion and concern from a distance for its best interests ... but I feel the big question here should be whether such would be taken seriously, let alone actually work, without such crossing into cartel behaviour as harms business and consumers equally (yet which Governor Scott Walker's drookies will insist is part of the Natural Evolutionary Processes of ons styl ekonomesie vryheid in its Natural and Mutual Interconnexion to Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations by His Grace and Favour, any interference thereof to be seen as posing Clear and Present Harm to the Larger Organism).

So until next time, folks ... "73"
(Which was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye,"
in case you're wondering.)

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