01h UTC; THURSDAY, 17 JANUARY 2013: Reader, as I say in the title of this post, I ask for your kind Appy Polly Loggies this go-round in the posting of this particular blog post, especially if you can sympathise with the predicament Your Correspondent has been having with the Trojan horse programmes Win32/Sireref!cfg and Win32/Sireref.bc as somehow sneaked unto my computer unawares to the point of causing serious harm and mischief as prevented my being able to get started online.

In any event, thanks to Mein Innkeeper Friend, I was able to get to a local computer repair shop here in town this midday, explaining that startup attempts were sluggish and unsuccessful ... and in due course, the shop was able to discover where it was the aforementioned Trojan horses, as were successfully deleted following:
  • Installing an updated form of Microsoft Security Essentials, and running a comprehensif scan of the PC with same; and
  • Installing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware as a backup to the preceding, and running a further scan with same.
Which, in any case, should be enough to deal with same.

In the meantime, visitor (especially such among you via LinkReferral.com, some of whose member sites could be unwitting conduits for mouchikware, their webmasters potentially unaware of this), may I suggest running an especially
comprehensif "scan-and-clean" of your PC using preferably the timeliest versions of anti-viral software you have downloaded thereto (updating same if especially in doubt), making sure any mouchikware so discovered is quarantined and deleted posthaste. That, and making it a point to run a quick scan of the PC at least once a week just to stay on the safe side, the better to stay a step ahead of the latest mouchikware threats as can cause harm and mischief.

That, and being careful about the websites you visit; some such (especially where "warez" or "filez" come into play) can be nasty conduits for Sireref to sneak in and cause trouble.

Meanwhile, the image as leads off this post links to (in a new tab) some helpful antivirus programs you may want to consider installing, especially should yours need updating. Still, though, there are a few good free downloads thereof available online, but you may want to be careful to make sure you don't get burned or otherwise jinxed.



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