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00h11 UTC; FRIDAY, 16 MAY 2014: At this time, Your Correspondent needs to apologise for his absence from the Greater Blogospheerez for the last couple of days. such having been cause by Microsoft's May update bundle not translating into my conputer being able to restart; such seems to happen to the best of us, especially when it emerges that one of the update bundle's components may not have been properly and duly configured to the point of causing conflict with other programmes.

Essentially requiring having to bring it in to a local computer shop to (in the end) reinstall Windows 7 by way of some recovery disks as came wirh the PC when I purchased same earlier in the year. And it took until late this afterlunch for the one-man computer shop to finish the task, which was enough to allow for moi to get off an eye check appointment and update his bifocal eyeglass prescription for the first time in almost five years (and, to make things a little more interesting, an early-stage cataract was discerned, but it wasn't of the sort as can be easily and readily removed surgically).

Meanwhile, can you imagine this as a PsyOps weapon to cut short
especially laughable to the point of obnoxious infomercials for weight-loss products and diet plans of the campiest sort: Having no less an anthority than Doc McStuffins (per the Disney Junior series) interrupt such to explain that such an interruption was all the more necessary in the circumstances to hand, and that weight loss is a serious matter requiring a doctor's advice and supervision. (With Nurse Hallie the Hippo adding a few remarks on the side about dangerous or otherwise dodgy weight loss and diet plans, with Doc "herself" concurring.)

Finally, as if reflecting on a new report suggesting that racial and ethno-national segregation persists in some public schools 60 years after the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka ruling by the Supreme Court as held race-driven segregation to be unconstitutional (with the same noting that most Hispanic K-12 students in Texas public schools, to take one example, are likely to attend schools with 90% Hispanic enrollment):

"What will happen NEXT?!"
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