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Browsing Archive: September, 2012

Economic concerns of religious liberty

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Saturday, September 29, 2012,

00h UTC; SUNDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER 2012: Talk about conflating unrelated concepts, especially when the desire is to serve "Tea Party" and/or Christian Right prolefeed requirements targeting the Great Unwashed Masses ... and especially when such are filtered and scoped into Engrish to make the delusion even more deluded-sounding, as is the case with the title of this post. The better, no doubt, to (hopefully) seek attention and notoriety in Teh Greater Blogospheerz, with the same aims just explaine...
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Because of the prosperity of the 21st century?

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Friday, September 28, 2012,

00h UTC; SATURDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER 2012: If you thought Imperial Japan was rather blatant in its designs on creating a "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" as sought to replace Euro-centrist colonialism across Southeast Asia with an Asian-centrist such seen to better serve the interests of Asia and its peoples around World War II (only to structure things so that Japan, especially the zaibatsu cartels, profited at the expense of its several territories seen only as sources of raw material an...
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So it's exactly what Free Economic Pearl of Great Price?

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Thursday, September 27, 2012,

00h UTC; FRIDAY, 28 SEPTEMBER 2012: I will acknowledge, reader, that the title does (howbeit satirically, or trying to) allude to The Pearl of Great Price, considered one of the Latter-Day Saints' quasi-sacred texts alongside The Holy Bible and what they regard as its complementary text, The Book of Mormon (not to mention the Doctrine and Covenants, which expounds on Mormon teachings, beliefs and general conduct expected of followers), as well as Frank Luntz' previous advice to conservative p...
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Is 2012 constant conspiracy theories is not a true fact put 6

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Wednesday, September 26, 2012,

00h UTC; THURSDAY, 27 SEPTEMBER 2012: For starters, Your Correspondent feels it best to bring up The Top Story of the Moment, as in the passing of singer Andy Williams last evening at his Branson, MO home from bladder cancer at 84 years of age, Branson having been where he established a new following among certain cultural-conservative types seeing in Branson the One True Acme and Ideal of a Defining Standard and Test for Amerikanischer Realkultur as is, for the most part, the so-called "Whit...
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2012 bending methods Japan subculture shaggy

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Wednesday, September 26, 2012,

00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER 2012: "Get on with it", the voices in my head say when I get ready to post blog content:
  • First off, a reminder to former Entrecarders that, inasmuch as they are no longer in operation, they should please remove said widgets from their weblogs as soon as possible. As well, for those of you with Twitter, there's another new traffic-building resource just joined, by name (link to follow presently).
  • How do we know that conservative, "Tea Party"-leani...

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... Chinese-AmeriKKKan rights!

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Monday, September 24, 2012,

00h UTC; TUESDAY, 25 SEPTEMBER 2012: Let's just get on with the business to hand, OK?!
  • Leading off this bit of blogsense is news sure to tug at the heartstrings of such conservative Zealots and True Believers in the doctrine that "AmeriKKKa should be more like China" if job creation and realistic socioeconomic recovery are to be hastened within measurable distance: Rioting provoked by wild rumours about the Foxconn plant in Taiyuan, China as makes Apple's iPhone 5 under contract "going Bain" (...

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Going in with eyes wide open

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Sunday, September 23, 2012,

00h UTC; MONDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2012: As another week begins here in the Minnwissippi region, fall, doubtless, has arrived (and with some discernible frost as well, perfect timing right then and there) ... and the colour has started to get more discernible, but not quite vibrant enow to bring out the colour crowds (peak thereof is in about a week or two here).

Meanwhile, those of you as are in need of decent replacements for Entrecard in light of its shock closing last weekend will want to wait ...

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Irony of ironies! all is irony

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Saturday, September 22, 2012,

00h UTC; SUNDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2012: It's not all that often that Your Correspondent has posted content on Sundays, especially since about mid-summer (the better to see if such would affect site traffic numbers seriously); but as it turned out, Your Correspondent's need to express himself as spontaneously as this in such Interesting Times as these prompts this deviation from the norm (but then again, don't expect Sunday postings to be regular practice).

In any event, sally forth:
  • Tell me this is...

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Is the question here Peoria or play?

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Friday, September 21, 2012,

00h UTC; SATURDAY, 22 SEPTEMBER 2012: Reader, before I start with the gist of this post, I should mention at this time that, in view of where Entrecard has, for all purposes and intents, has yielded up the ghost (these two articles should help explain things for you), I have removed all Entrecard-related link widgets and banners from this blog, essentially beginning another chapter in trying to seek attention, notoriety even, for this very blog via honest, legitimate channels such as traffic ...
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Enough talk; it's time for action

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Friday, September 21, 2012,

00h UTC; FRIDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER 2012: Knowing where the entire (and now faltering, know) campaign of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for the Presidency is predicated on an insistence (after the Afrikaans) that only 'n Volk red homself socioeconomically in Our Dear Lovely and Morally-Superior Nation (so long as such is founded on the disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te dien" and its supposed interconnexion to Our National Character and Identit...
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A refreshing new taste freedom and patriotism

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Thursday, September 20, 2012,

00h UTC; THURSDAY, 20 SEPTEMBER 2012: The slogan as is the title of today's post happens to be an Engrishfied version of the blurb from the label of "Nobama Brew," a craft brew of a modest little Oklahoma brewery whose proceeds go to "Tea Party" groups and sects--and, by all accounts, is selling rather well across both sides of the American political spectrum (at least in The Sooner State).

But then again, those infamous remarks of Mitt Romney's as are quickly causing conservatives to question...

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AmeriKKKa is certainly interesting international experience

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Wednesday, September 19, 2012,

00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER 2012: With the local council's housing agency having installed a new condensing boiler heating system in the complex wherein Your Correspondent resideth (including his unit, the which serves all four flats in the building), as well as new digital thermostats concurrent thereto, it looks as if the heating situation here will be greatly improved all the more as the nights start getting cooler with the onset of fall up this way--with some potentially serious fall...
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Mitt Romney becomes a victim of the old foot-and-mouth

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Monday, September 17, 2012,

00h UTC; TUESDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER 2012: In case you've yet to hear the news by now, Mother Jones magazine has released unto Teh Innerwebz undercover video footage of GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney at a super-secret, private even, fundraiser for what Ayn Rand called the "Producer" class seeking campaign donations earlier in the year.

During same, Governor Romney is overheard telling the epistles of John Galt:
There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. A...

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Drinking buttermilk weed this week

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Sunday, September 16, 2012,

00h UTC; MONDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER 2012: Though of rather recent origin, know, the term mondegreen is used to refer to, as the dictionary defineth it, "a word or phrase misheard as another word or phrase, often with amusing result"; the origins thereof dating to a misinterpretation of that line in the Scots ballad "The Bonny Earl O' Moray" as goes "And laid him on the green," which essayist Sylvia Wright recalls hearing as "And Lady Mondegreen."

By contrast, its Japanese cousin, the soramimi, invol...

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Heart socioeconomic class consciousness and related games

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Friday, September 14, 2012,

00h UTC; SATURDAY, 15 SEPTEMBER 2012: Targeting especially such who see themselves as "patriots" and "defenders" of a so-called True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command (cf. the inscription ONS VIR JOU, SUID-AFRIKA on the Senotaaf of the Voortrekkermonument outside Pretoria) is the mission of Your Correspondent and his somewhat psychopathically-flavoured wit and satire; perhaps explaining the lead-off image today, readers.

But in this instance, we open with Breaking News--as in a Wisconsin di...

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Devastation of counterfeiting of abominations

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Thursday, September 13, 2012,

00h UTC; FRIDAY, 14 SEPTEMBER 2012: Following some light rain on the overnight here in the Minnwissippi, the skies eventually gave way to the brightness of an afternoon when summer prepares its segue into autumn per the Upper Midwestern states ... and some early colour can be discerned in my neighbourhood, but not too much to the moment in any event.

As for the other topics at hand:
  • Two health- and nutrition-related topics which "Tea Party" types are sure to scream about from their "cultural he...

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Present tension talking

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Wednesday, September 12, 2012,

00h UTC; THURSDAY, 13 SEPTEMBER 2012: As I post these my comments here in the Minnwissippi region, the skies look cloudy and things are starting to cool off, with rain immiment any second now (and expected to persist well into the overnight, per the forecast for these parts) ... which, by some indications, could be the best hint that fall may not be all that far behind. However, considering the warm weather over the summer and the drought as well, it's possible that the fall colours could be ...
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The purity of their intentions?

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Wednesday, September 12, 2012,

00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 12 SEPTEMBER 2012: As if the observance of 9/11 wasn't starting to become hackneyed in the minds of some, you can just imagine where the more blatantly fanatical specimens of jingoistic patriotism will start calling for observance of 9/11 to be one with apartheid South Africa's observing Geloftedag (the Day of the Vow) on December 16th to commemorate the 1838 victory of 470 otherwise helpless Voortrekkers encamped at Bloedriver against an army of 10,000 Zulu under Dingane,...
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Byproduct of too much imagination

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Tuesday, September 11, 2012,

00h UTC; TUESDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2012: As Hate Week 2012 continues onward in its Elmer Gantryite orgy of Archie Bunker/Alf Garnett-model bigotry, nativism and xenophobic jingoism rivalled for debauchery only by North Korea in its Luscious Glory of Self-Reliant, People-Centred Jucheism among Those of a Certain Class (for the most part low and worse), Your Correspondent perhaps felt it might be more interesting if he dwelt on a sort of fantasy he had fermenting in his mind the other night:

As in t...

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I believe one of the dedicated United States

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Monday, September 10, 2012,

00h UTC; MONDAY, 10 SEPTEMBER 2012: As Hate Week 2012, that Sanctii Sanctorm of the AmeriKKKan Christian Patriot Right's year, gets under way for another year, along comes word of a new (and at once unlikely) Far Right threat to the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket's chances at the Presidency in Indecision 2012 in the form and fashion of Constitution Party Presidential candidate Virgil Goode, Jnr., whose hard-wired agenda based on a literal interpretation of the Constitution of the United States ...
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This blog imagine the characters

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Friday, September 7, 2012,

00h UTC; SATURDAY, 8 SEPTEMBER 2012: No wonder conservative prolefeeders (and the politicos using them) must have this thing about wanting to maximise the power of their messages so as to best appeal to an audience of poor, ignorant and easily-influenced "poor whites" whose fanatically primitive brand of True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command can be appealed to, exploited even, as required. Hence, the need for an especially scrupulous simplicity of language as seeks to maximise the potenti...
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Low-altitude information about the morals and decency

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Friday, September 7, 2012,

00h UTC; FRIDAY, 7 SEPTEMBER 2012: With GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney's insistence that his Administration would essentially reinvent the AmeriKKKan Government along business-based models (as per his experience with the private-equity group Bain Capital Partners, itself financed initially through "blood money" from El Salvadoran expats resident in Miami in the mid-1980's), you and I, among other Real Americans, need to ask if what the real Romney/Ryan agenda for AmeriKKKa is actually o...

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Policy of this blog is irresponsible

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Thursday, September 6, 2012,

00h UTC; THURSDAY, 6 SEPTEMBER 2012: McDonald's may be one of America's best-known household names internationally, but there can be times where things can actually be lost in translation, so to speak, especially when targeting specific niche markets. Two recent examples:
  • In India, where Hindu and Muslim beliefs proscribe beef and pork items taken for granted elsewhere from the Golden Arches' menu, chicken predominates same (witness where the Big Mac elsewhere becomes the Maharajah Mac in the ...

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Blog post title is snappy, it was

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Tuesday, September 4, 2012,

00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 5 SEPTEMBER 2012: For such specimens of Zealotry and True Belief in the conservative ("Tea Party" especially) ranks insisting on an "AmeriKKKa should be more like China" approach vis-a-vis socioeconomic recovery consistent with the disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as the foundation of AmeriKKKan Character and Identity vis-a-vis the People and Nation, they may want to consider the implications of what's going down in this same China we're expecte...
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The prodigal son returneth his blog

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Tuesday, September 4, 2012,

00h UTC; TUESDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER 2012: No wonder, when all is said and done, that the old Chinese proverb about "may you live in Interesting Times" perhaps best applies to the here and now in our supposedly Dear Lovely and Morally-Superior AmeriKKKa, especially considering the one-week proximity between the RepubliKKKans' such in Tampa (as was last week) and the Democrats' such in Charlotte, NC (as begins later today; understand that I date these posts per UTC time).

For starters, consider how Ne...

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