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Browsing Archive: December, 2013

To bind the holidays happen anyway one more thing

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Monday, December 30, 2013,
Get behind this image is the same implicit cross-connexion.
As long as there is to buy something from there to consider them.

00h UTC; MONDAY, 30 DECEMBER 2013: Curiosity seems to have gotten the better of Your Correspondent in getting another post up during this otherwise holiday hiatus for the blog. In particular the desire to establish an interconnexion unto the image leading off the post vis-a-vis the online shopping angle of this blog, as seems to be a weakness with Your Correspondent in t...

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Had to mention it at this point

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Thursday, December 26, 2013,

00h30 UTC; THURSDAY, 26 DECEMBER 2013: Temptation has come unto Your Correspondent to break into the current holiday break in blogging--in particular his desiring to mention at this time that said break is being used to do some minor tweaking and improvements upon this very blog, which he feels are very needed and are likely to be welcomed.

In particular a change in the general typography of this website; I hope that such is much easier on the eyes and is equally more readable.

And for another,...

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Hollywood Christmas Giveaway, now read this blog

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Friday, December 20, 2013,

18h15 UTC; FRIDAY, 20 DECEMBER 2013: Before Your Correspondent goes into holiday-season break with this very blog, he thought it might be interesting to suggest to such in Hollywood feature-length animation circles an idea for a possible feature, especially if they come short of fresh and fascinating ideas as are really closer to rehashing hackneyed franchises such as those from the Saturday-morning television of younger days via Hanna-Barbera and Filmation Associates.

The idea I have in mind ...

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How is a bad "Christian Economic Freedom"?

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Thursday, December 19, 2013,
True education please click the images
in children's toys and games, you deserve.

19h UTC; THURSDAY, 19 DECEMBER 2013: Make no mistake about it: Christelike Ekonomesie Vryheid, itself founded on the Doctrines, Principles and Disciplines of the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweging of the late 1930's into the 1940's down South Africa way as sought to save especially "poor white" Afrikaners from "enslavement" to British Socioeconomic as much as Political Domination, is among the Articles of Faith that th...

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We don't know none of all these "Christian Economic Freedom"

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Wednesday, December 18, 2013,
Get a mutual connection. And the relationship between
this image and the reference.

19h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 18 DECEMBER 2013: First, Your Correspondent owes all of you an Appy Polly Loggy for being unable to post yesterday inasmuch as he was pressed for time in between a lunch date with Mein Innkeeper Friend and the annual bus tour of the local housing authority to see the Rotary Lights in LaCrosse last evening, preceded by dinner at North Country Steak Buffet, that city. Hopefully, this post shoul...

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Politicians honour thief

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Monday, December 16, 2013,

18h30 UTC; MONDAY, 16 DECEMBER 2013: First, Your Correspondent wishes to acknowledge that the stylee of today's post is essentially an Engrishfied tribute to Anglo-Irish actor Peter O'Toole, whose death at the age of 81 was announced yesterday--specifically, giving the Engrish treatment to one of his more famous lines in his breakout film role in Lawrence of Arabia (1962), as in "There may be honour among thieves, but none in politicians!"

Which may be as apt a reflection of Our Dear Lovely Am...

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God "Christian Mission Free Economy" was

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Sunday, December 15, 2013,

18h UTC; SUNDAY, 15 DECEMBER 2013: As the war of words continues between Roman Catholic Pope Francis and prolefeeders seen by themselves to represent the Voice and Conscience of "REAL AmeriKKKa" (as in the Luscious Glory of "poor whiteism" who can be easily manipulated to fit the need of the hour, especially patriotic such) vis-a-vis the former's remarks about the blasphemy of His Name and Majesty to excuse rampant laissez-fare ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe seen, in and of its...
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Integration of gay, so-called schizophrenia is unknown

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Saturday, December 14, 2013,

18h30 UTC; SATURDAY, 14 DECEMBER 2013: By now, you may or may not have heard of the obviously illogical notion which Pat "700 Club" Robertson pushed on his (pseudo)religious programme this past week contending that the mere presence of a homosexual (in this particular case, a lesbian) in the family circle risked causing the children to develop homosexual feelings or tendencies.

This absent credible, peer-reviewed even, medical documentation proving such an interconnexion.

(Click on the lead-off...

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This is my cup of tea found similarities with propaganda

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Friday, December 13, 2013,

21h UTC; FRIDAY, 13 DECEMBER 2013: By now, you've probably heard about where the so-called "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" (as in North Korea) announced the execution of one Jang Song Thaek, heretofore the mentor of current "Supreem Commander" Kim Jong Un, following a rather hasty military tribunal in Beautiful Downtown Pyongyang, earlier today.

Herewith the full text of the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) dispatch so announcing, without further elaboration save to suggest p...

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You can expect a really good "Christian Economic Freedom" rally?

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Friday, December 13, 2013,
See the meaning hidden within the same image,
looking for transpiration.

19h15 UTC; FRIDAY, 13 DECEMBER 2013: Since Roman Catholic Pope Francis came out swinging against what can best be called ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as excusing wealth inequality and contempt for the poor and vulnerable (hence, against Christian teachings), certain more misguided scions of religiopolitical conservatism (and their prolefeed enablers) have been taking issue with such remarks as not exactly ...

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Mostly the women Free Christian Port Economy is possible

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Thursday, December 12, 2013,
Interaction between this main image the same
see themselves in a new browser window,
and then click go.

18h30 UTC; THURSDAY, 12 DECEMBER 2013: If ever there was an acme out there of Elmer Gantryite illogic vis-a-vis the Constitution and that endowed upon Ons, Die Volk, it would have to be the claim from Bryan "AmeriKKKan Family Association" Fischer that First Amendment guarantees are reserved exclusively to "Bible-Believing Christians" by Natural Implication and Logic. This notwithstanding Artic...

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Exactly how Christian "economic freedom"?

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Wednesday, December 11, 2013,
Click the picture ago the trial balloons.

18h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 11 DECEMBER 2013: Exactly a fortnight now before Christmas, and we can still do without the Greater Conservative Prolefeed Distractive about a "war" thereon (especially when it seeks to push the trope of Thy Dear and Lovely Nation being a Once and Future Bible-Believing Christian Nation by His Holy and Sacred Will and Endowment).

And come to think of it, you have to wonder how many such behind this distractive trope really want to no...

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"Christian" thinking and exactly how is free or something?

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Tuesday, December 10, 2013,

18h30 UTC; TUESDAY, 10 DECEMBER 2013: Ahhh, the power of nuance, subtlety, shades of meaning even, as a conservative prolefeed weapon and agency of the highest order: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is pushing the trope now that so-called "enterprise zones" in targeted culturally-deprived environments aimed at creating jobs and socioeconomic empowerment to "preempt the spread of government dependency," as it were, be restyled as "Economic Freedom Zones."

As if suggesting that such be breeding-groun...

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Want a free Christian economic balance, the reason is obvious

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Monday, December 9, 2013,

You looking for a logical answer for the poor people,
I was shocked from the Government. If you are--

20h30 UTC; MONDAY, 9 DECEMBER 2013: First, I should apologise at this time for the delay in posting this, which was aggravated by an extended server outage with my ISP as is just now getting back to normal. For any inconvenience suffered, I apologise.

Somehow, the Zealots and True Believers in the emerging concept of Christelike Ekonomesie Vryheid can't help but get all over themselves at the ne...

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Outrageous fraud Christian Economic Freedom

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Sunday, December 8, 2013,

17h UTC; SUNDAY, 8 DECEMBER 2013: No wonder conservative politicians, and the prolefeeders who enable them (especially such as target the Moronic Underworld), place such great stress on nuancing the language they use as intended for prolefeed consumption, as if fearing such being challenged "out of proper context"--as the inevitable reply is bound to be when the challenge is made known.

Ponder, therefore, the following:

The which, as Your Correspondent has made clear all this time, is likely to...
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Reduced by talking to more than one week past

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Saturday, December 7, 2013,

19h UTC; SATURDAY, 7 DECEMBER 2013: For some reason, Your Correspondent was caught up over much of this past week to exposing the emerging False Doctrine among certain misguided elements of the Christian Right known as Christelike Ekonomesie Vryheid as their (presumed) response to Pope Francis' recent remarks calling out ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe at its basest and most blatant (and know, the Christian Right sees the Roman Catholic Church as some class of an Evil Cult Perve...
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Christian Economics related free chess

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Saturday, December 7, 2013,
How many insights means new browser Windows image to open

17h UTC; SATURDAY, 7 DECEMBER 2013: Make. No. Mistake. The Zealots and True Believers in the ideal of Christelike Ekonomesie Vryheid, in its Luscious Glory of hoping to channel ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as an agency of Saving the Government-Dependent From Themselves, have only their own Luscious Glory in mind when all is said and done.

Especially considering their latent insistence that the defence of said ekonomesie ...

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"Christian Economic Freedom," full poop is certainly dirty

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Friday, December 6, 2013,

19h15 UTC; FRIDAY, 6 DECEMBER 2013: Trick and deception. The sort characterised by a willful and conscious deployment of code and weasel words, even dogwhistle code (the real meanings entrusted only to such as can be trusted to act stupid and deny the real intent of such meanings throughout), to conceal a darker, more sinister even, intent behind otherwise glowing generalities packaged for public consumption of the "winning of hearts and minds" sort.

No doubt preferred by the Evil Empire of th...

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Free Christian Economic Development is your plan?

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Thursday, December 5, 2013,
(Will open in a new browser window for your convenience)
and the same know meaning was hidden behind the picture.

So much for the notion now emerging in certain Religiopolitical Right circles, started by none other than The Oxycontin Boar "himself," about the defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe being that of Traditional Christian Values, Heritage and Identity Which Defines the "REAL AmeriKKKa" as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations b...

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Christian Free Economic apartheid ideas is really needed?

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Wednesday, December 4, 2013,

18h30 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 4 DECEMBER 2013: As if Rush Limbaugh's opening the (howbeit faulty) theological floodgates recently with the notion (howbeit implied) that the defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe in its "pure" form was to be regarded as "Christian" (not to mention implying that said interconnexion was, in and of itself, mutually interconnected to Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations as of Divine Right and Endowment) wasn't sta...
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Schrodinger's Cat and rape analogies

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Tuesday, December 3, 2013,

18h45 UTC; TUESDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2013:
Certain specimens of conservative prolefeeder must have this fetish for using the old rape analogy as a prolefeed weapon for to attack especially unpopular government programmes or campaigns ... unaware that, in so doing, they could be trivialising the pain, degredation and humiliation that are suffered by those who have been raped so as to make light of same in the wrong sort of way.

Case in point: Judson "Tea Party Nation" Phillips recently sending out an...

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Schrodinger's Cat isn't fooled easily

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Tuesday, December 3, 2013,
icon icon

17h UTC; TUESDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2013: Tell me if the following fundraising e-mail from the reelection campaign of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (via, know) isn't taking the notion of "Austerity Towards Prosperity" to new and pathetic lows:

Which, when all is said and done, essentially calls for saving the "REAL AmeriKKKan" from himself based, it turns out, on the model of the Reddingsdaad campaigns promoted by Afrikaner nationalists down South Africa way in the late 1930's as...
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Schrodinger's Cat relative to economic freedom with AmeriKKKan characteristics

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Monday, December 2, 2013,

18h45 UTC; MONDAY, 2 DECEMBER 2013: Recent remarks by Pope Francis in his first encyclical as take issue with that best described as ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, and his perception that such is incompatible with Traditional Christian Values, have no doubt opened quite the hornet's nest ideological, theological even, with certain Religiopolitical Right prolefeeders over the recent days.

And it was none other than The Oxycontin Boar "himself" as opened the floodgates of what ma...

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On beyond Schrodinger's Cat!

Posted by Iludium Phosdex on Sunday, December 1, 2013,

You can respond to the real American popular beliefs.
Click above to find what you need.

17h UTC; SUNDAY, 1 DECEMBER 2013: If ever there was a Good Cause worth donating a portion of the proceeds I get from your purchases to the Online Mall of this blog to, it would probably have to be one of the least-understood and yet unlikely such out there.

One that many Real Americans are unlikely to know about, perhaps because of media ignorance and contempt therefor "for reasons you will understand," or s...

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