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17h24 UTC; FRIDAY, 30 MARCH 2012: The so-called "National Organisation for Marriage" (NOM), subject of a massive expose by the Human Rights Campaign into its political and prolefeed strategems thanks to a recent court ruling, seems to have some rather awkward delusions about the Clear and Present Danger Gay Marriage Poses to Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations which reek of the old post hoc, ergo propter hoc ("after this, therefore because of this"); case in point, which HRC publishes under the heading "Painting Themselves as Victims":
Embracing marriage equality supposedly “affects economic performance, expands the regulatory and taxing powers of government, and threatens the family businesses that generate economic growth and prosperity.”
Just where exactly, pray, did such a fatuous interconnexion come about? (Let's just hope it wasn't by way of Al Cohol, Mary Jane Warner, Auntie Em and/or Old Lady Snow.)

Have they any documented, peer-reviewed case studies proving the (howbeit illogical) interconnexion between gay marriage and the harm posed unto ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen"--as measured by:
  • Bankruptcy Court filings for small businesses, especially under Chapter 7 (total liquidation of assets to satisfy creditors)?
  • Banks and finance companies tightening credit-quality standards and/or calling in outstanding loans and lines of credit for small businesses at higher-than-average rates?
  • Unusually high numbers of "Going Out of Business" sales among small businesses (and permits therefor issued by local governments)?
  • Larger-than-average numbers of published Notices of Business Dissolution in recognised gazettas of legal record and/or "Businesses For Sale" classified ads in local gazettas, "pennysavers" even?
  • Jobbers and suppliers calling in small-business accounts at higher-than-average rates, even insisting that future business be entirely on a cash-and-carry basis?
  • Structuring layoffs or dismissals in such manner as to avoid prior timely warnings mandated by State or federal laws?
  • Collection agencies arbitrarily targeting smaller businesses with illegal or otherwise abusive tactics?
  • Employers starting to pay employees in cash because their bankers have frozen their payroll accounts without proper explanation?
  • Property-tax assessments on small businesses (and rates therefor) increased by arbitrarily-inflated rates as cannot be logically explained?
  • Employees reporting for work one day suddenly encountering taped notices on the doors explaining that their employer was closed "until further notice," with the doors locked in the bargain (howbeit without the locks changed)?
(Specifically in such states where gay marriage legislation has been approved.)


As if NOM's rather pathetic, juvenile even, patsy about Fear of Victimisation, "I-know-you-are-but-who-am-I?" stylee, excusing their (howbeit unsuccessful) attempts to keep their donor lists out of prying eyes wasn't awful enough (especially when it emerges that prominent business and "Tea Party" leaders are named--and, hence, "outed"--on NOM's donor lists), Blogging Blue, a Wisconsin-based liberal-leaning blog, is reporting where "Tea Party" types have designs on using their "Verify the Recall" online databank as an agency of harrassment, intimidation, fearmongering, "Heathering", even blacklisting, against the nearly 901,000 Wisconsinites as dared sign that petition calling for Governor Scott Walker's recall through the electoral process.

In effect, using Teh Innerwebz as an agency of McCarthyism under the Gadsden Flag, notwithstanding where the practice is illegal and those thereby targeted for reprisal can sue for damages.

And speaking of the recall, the Badger State's Government Accountability Board has declared that the recall IS a GO!, with "Save the Dates" being given of May 8th for the Primary and June 5th for the General Recall. Once again reminding us that "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty," with clear and present danger of obnoxiously lurid, tasteless even, campaigns of misinformation, trick, deception and worse seeking to derail the whole from such who hide behind patriotic-sounding names and/or imagery to target especially miniroty-dominant or lower-income neighbourhoods thus (which, we should be reminded, are illegal and should be duly reported to the local police or, if privacy is of utmost consideration, CrimeStoppers).


Two items from our (presumably) "morally suspect" Canadian brethren as are worthy of your time and consideration:
  • In what could be an interesting weapon the "Tea Party" can use not only as part of its War Against Women arsenal, but also serve its desire for "jobs creation" (are we forgetting that categorical pledge already?), Canada's Court of Appeal has struck downtwo interrelated Ontario laws banning prostitution and brothels; however, a third specimen of Ontario legislation, prohibiting women from soliciting prostitution for money or consideration, remains on their statute books pending further review. And expect the Supreme Court of Canada to have the final say before we see the likes of the "Maison Japonais" off Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, say....
  • Citing where it actually costs 1.5 cents to make just one penny, the Royal Canadian Mint has announced that it will stop minting 1-cent coins this fall, with the Bank of Canada taking such out of circulation (and, in consequence, translating into consumer prices, even with GST and HST figured in, being rounded to the nearest five cents.

As the Chinese Proverb puts it, "Even though you live near a forest, don't waste firewood."

The which may be worth directing to the "Tea Party" crowd in its Luscious Glory of hard-wired "Drill, Baby, DRILL!!"-brand Jucheism insisting that increased (and perhaps wasteful) oil drilling will magically translate into lower gasoline and diesel fuel prices within measurable distance, consistent with the principles and disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., as Great White Father.

Likewise with "Wise Use" Zealotry and True Belief insisting on the wasteful and counterproductive, never mind the clear and present danger of environmental and ecological harm.

As for practical application in the Here and Now, such may want to be a call for taking common-sense measures towards saving fuel as long as we're all griping and bellyaching about high gas prices and (howbeit baselessly) blaming President Obama and his policies for so causing.

The which, for starters, does not include falling for that seemingly-perennial call for a one-day boycott of gas stations on April 15th, nor for boycotting specific brands in the hope of defunding International Terrorism supposedly involving the Royal Saudi Government as paymasters therefor.

But then again, some practical measures worth considering towards saving fuel include:
  • Maintaining proper tyre pressure and rotating your car's tyres according to recommended schedules as per the Owner's Manual.
  • Having scheduled maintenance done at recommended intervals, again per the Owner's Manual.
  • Using the proper weight and grade of oil when so changing.
  • Filling the gas tank early in the day (i.e., around sunrise) to minimise vapour loss, and avoiding impulsive tank top-ups in favour of refilling only when the gauge is getting close to Empty.
  • Driving at a slightly-slower speed than posted, especially on freeways in open country.
  • Avoiding wasteful, frivolous and unnecessary acceleration serving only to display exaggerated machismo. Ditto with jerky "start-and-stop" manouveres, especially in congested traffic scenarios.
  • Taking rest stops approximately every five hours/300 miles to stretch the legs, catch some fresh air, sip something light and refreshing (avoiding caffeine, "energy drinks" and alcohol). (Such is also an ideal opportunity to check road/weather conditions ahead by way of 511 or equivalent infoservices.)
  • If drowsy or tired, pull off at the next feasable rest area and rest a few hours. And avoid driving outright where certain prescription medications you're taking are known to cause or aggravate drowsiness.
  • NEVER use your mobile phone while driving, except in direst emergencies (in which case pull off the road, switch on the flashers and call 911 posthaste).
Such measures can go a long way to help save fuel and prevent further potentially unnecessary oil drilling serving only warped and arrogant ideological ends, yet unlikely to show anything for it (especially where the drilling is in areas geologically-inapproriate for crude oil or natural gas).

Please to share the preceding with especially your neighbourhood "Tea Party" Zealot/True Believer.

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