19h07 UTC; TUESDAY, 17 JUNE 2014: So much for the claim of Senator James Inhofe (GOP/OK) that he is in possession of evidence that President Barack Obama is somehow disloyal, treasonous, or otherwise shows no True Patriot Love for Thy Dear and Lovely Land, which Sen. Inhofe contents can be grounds for impeachment proceedings under the right set of circumstances: In line with George Santayana's famous observation that "those who do not recall the past are condemned to repeat it," perhaps Senator Inhofe may want to recall one of the more embarrassing lowlights of the Army-McCarthy Hearings in the spring of 1954--as in a supposed memo by then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, the gist of which is summarised by Wikipedia thus:
After the photograph [of McCarthy researcher G. David Schine supposedly alongside then-Army Secretary Robert Stevens] was discredited, McCarthy produced a copy of a confidential letter he claimed was a January 26, 1951 memo written and sent by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, to Lieutenant General Alexander R. Bolling, Army Intelligence, warning of subversives in the Army Signal Corps. McCarthy claimed the letter was in the Army files when Stevens became secretary in 1953, and that Stevens willfully ignored it. Welch was the first to question the letter's validity, claiming that McCarthy's "purported copy" did not come from Army files; McCarthy stated he never received any document from the FBI, but when questioned on the stand by special Senate counsel Ray Jenkins and cross-examined by Welch, McCarthy, while admitting that the document was given him by an intelligence officer, refused to reveal the name of his source.

Robert Collier, assistant to Ray Jenkins, read a letter from Attorney General Herbert Brownell, Jr., in which he stated that Hoover examined the document and that he neither wrote nor ordered the letter, and that no such copy existed in FBI files, rendering McCarthy's claims meritless, and the letter spurious.
Not to mention where word-processing software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office has reached such levels of sophistication that professional-quality forgeries can be thus prodduced which can actually fool police experts in forgeries vis-a-vis their authenticity.

So put a sock in it, Senator Inhofe.

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Methinks the ones most likely to support the suggestion of Prof. David Brat that Good Christians need to rally round the cause of ons styl ekonomesie vryheid as one with Christian Identity and Witness--as well as using evangelisation and mission work to promote said ekonomesie vryheid--are independent, non-denominationally-affiliated, Low Churches of Fundamentalist/Primitive Christian theology rather than mainstream Christian and Roman Catholic churches (and, for that matter, American patriarchates of the several Eastern Orthodox churches represented in the United States, in particular the Greek, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian such).

Too, you also have to wonder if Church Army USA would consider the concept (and the flawed interconnexion) theologically acceptable as part of its mission.

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Your Correspondent can just imagine certain blatantly out-of-touch conservative types pushing the concept of corporatising Reddingsdaad (Afrikaans; "rescue acrtion") in the form of disaster relief and reconstruction efforts upon Pilger, Nebraska (population 350 or so) following substantial destruction thereof in a rare twin tornado yesterday as killed a five-year-old and injured some 30 others--and essentially corporatising, with share sale in the securities markets, the Pilger community, with shares therein traded on the Pink Sheets or, at best, the OTC Bulletin Board (and reinforced as required with "pump-and-dump" share promotions).

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How do we know Walmart isn't secretly issuing Benzedrine and suchlike stimulants to their OTR truck drivers in the interest of maintaining alertness on long runs requiring overnight travel in service to their stores (and, for that matter, the greater cause of "poor whiteism")? Such I bring up in the wake of reports suggesting that the driver of the rig which plowed into the back of a limobus on the New Jersey Turnpike, seriously injuring comedian Tracy Morgan, in the recent accident went 24 hours without sleep.

Too, I also have to wonder if Walmart is insisting, under the banner of "freedom," on maintaining paper drivers' logs as can risk falsification and editing so as to manipulate pay rates in the worst manner possible. Especially so for drivers as are on probationary status.

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Meanwhile, given where Dr. Mehmet Oz (popularly known as "Dr. Oz") is becoming rather popular among Those Who Should Know Better (especially so the weak-minded and easily-influenced as fall for his potentially dubious medical information and advice), might I be the first to recommend as a PsyOps operation (as it were) cutting short such broadcasts of his syndicated TV programme as dwell upon especially incredible advice and claims with the likes of Doc McStuffins per Disney Junior--as in opening with the regulars at her Clinic for Stuffed Animals and Toys, left to their own devices, going into outright ROFLTAO hilarity at the Good Doctor's informations just as The Doc "herself" comes in and switches off the TV, thereby explaining to viewers of the necessity for to protect especially vulnerable and easily-influenced viewers from themselves as much as from questionable medical advice and information such as Dr. Oz is fond of peddling, as well as urging the surprised (and perplexed, for all we know) viewers to ask their doctor or pharmacist for more reliable medical information and advice, especially where they suspect something sudden or serious.

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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