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00h UTC; SATURDAY, 9 MARCH 2013: Every time the official Federal unemployment numbers show a significant and measurable decline in the unemployment numbers here in our "morally superior" United States, conservative prolefeeders go into full-on hysterics and claim that such are somehow fudged or manipulated for "political reasons" vis-a-vis President Obama.

Unfortunately, though, what they probably don't know is that Communist propaganda was forever claiming in the day that the Soviet Union had "completely and finally" eliminated mass unemployment, such being among the Failings of Capitalism, and that all available workers had jobs--the which concealed the fact that "make-work/fake-work" positions were sometimes created among Communist regimes to create the aura of nil-rate unemployment as a propaganda weapon more than anything.

Is it any wonder, perhaps, that many in the anti-abortion arena who see their cause as Serving the Greater Glory of God and Country are probably themselves secret admirers of the late Romanian Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu vis-a-vis his desire to increase the birth rates towards the Final Achievement of Pure Socialism, seen in Marxist-Leninist thinking as the Final Stage of Workers' Revolution ... which, obviously, required banning abortion, contraception, family planning, sex education and pornography as "promoting decadent bougeois tendencies" incompatible with Socialism?

So where exactly does Holy Scripture state that the defence of free-enterprise ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe requires the defence of articles of faith condoning racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobic nativism, protectionist trade policies and an overzealously jingoistic, fanatical even, brand of Christian Nationalism which, in the wrong circumstances, could cross into delusional excesses rivalled only by Jonestown, Guyana in November 1978?

For such who insist that industry-specific self-regulation according to Codes of Best Practice is the Last and Only Hope for Saving Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c., as will translate into spontaneous and wholehearted jobs creation by the private sector within measurable distance (all the while hoping for a theoretical nil unemployment rate, with equally low taxes "in the national interest"), what they need to think about is that such codes as they have pipe dreams of can't work without effective controls which serve to benefit all stakeholders equally--businesses, consumers and industry groups as sponsor such Codes.

As in:
  • Recognising the importance of healthy competition and innovation as essential to the maintenance and defence of free enterprise, while concurrently rejecting, repudiating even, cartel behaviour and its byproducts which can have clear harm and danger for business and consumers alike;
  • Insisting that said Codes be applied equally in the letter as much as the spirit and intent therefor;
  • Provides for stringent checks and balances to protect the integrity, confidence and trust of all stakeholders;
  • Has an open and transparent policy and procedure for fairly and impartially handling complaints, and reporting on the outcomes thereof on a regular and timely basis; and
  • Provides for an opportunity for the Codes (and any subsequent Guidance Notes) to be made available to all interested parties on request, including provision for reasonable accomodation vis-a-vis disabled persons (including Braille, large-type and audio recordings), and in an easily-understood form.
What's more, if such Codes are expected to have "safe harbour" status (i.e., immunity from actions by the Federal Trade Commission), then the sponsoring organisation is expected to ensure that its signatories comply with the provisions of said Codes, including due and timely handling and resolution of complaints from consumers and businesses.

Besides, we can do without the "Tea Party" platitude insisting that the "natural evolutionary processes" inherent in ekonomesie vryheid, &c., excuses practices which risk crossing the line into cartel behaviour such as:
  • price fixing (including Reseller Price Maintenance agreements);
  • controlling supplies arbitrarily to certain favoured accounts;
  • collusion;
  • creating artificial shortages to arbitrarily inflate prices;
  • "negative-option marketing";
  • controlling supply and distribution channels regionally;
  • restricting or banning brand advertising; and
  • conduct which could raise questions of fraud, waste, inefficiency, mismanagement, "featherbedding" and corruption.
The which, as are well-known, can harm business and consumers when left unchecked.

Finally, by way of the Facebook page of Wisconsin Dairyland Fudge out of Wisconsin Dells, comes this reminder for our North American friends (except where otherwise legally proscribed):



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