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16h43 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 21 MARCH 2012: In the medical world, some interesting new studies about the further possibilities of the old aspirin and caffeine (the latter common to coffee, tea and colas) are worth noting by Your Correspondent this time around:
  • Three studies out of the United States and Great Britain hath it that a daily low-dose aspirin tablet (as in 81 mg), in addition to preventing heart attacks and stroke by dissolving blood clots in the arteries, may also have preemptive properties against certain types of cancers when taken over time. (Just a heads up here: Because aspirin therapeusis is not approriate for everybody, what with the risk of some people likely experiencing the risk of stomach bleeding and ulcers, you should ask your doctor first before starting on a low-dose aspirin regimen. And branding doesn't necessarily matter, just so long as it has 81 mg of aspirin's active component, salicylic acid, per tablet.)
  • From the Once and Future Hub City of the Universe (t/n Boston), Brigham and Women's Hospital researchers hath it in a new study that caffeine may actually offer some semblance of blessed relief for such suffering from the effects of the skin disorder psoriasis after years of the prevailing thinking holding that coffee only worsened the effects thereof; now, the opinion is that alcohol and smoking are enablers, aggravators even, and that applying caffeine-based beverages to afflicted parts of the skin may actually ease the irritation. (Can you just imagine the possibilities of some sort of therapeutic skin salve with caffeine added to help ease psoriasis at your local druggists'?)

Tell me this isn't a new low in attempts at seeking Redemption for Value: It's now emerged that Army Staff Sargeant Frank Bales, facing charges of Mass Murder in connexion with the recent shock slaughter of 16 innocent Afghani civilians (and is now at the Ft. Leavenworth military prison pending court-martial), was in a previous life a rather unscrupulous financial adviser as bilked his clients out of $1 million (not yet repaid, in spite of orders so directing) through Unauthorised Trading (a/k/a "churning"), Breach of Trust and Recommending Unsuitable or Inapproriate Investments.


It'd be interesting to find out how many extremist politicos are "palling around" (as it were) with the Dregs of Materia Homeopathica Medica, particularly when it comes to popular far-right prolefeed claims of "natural homeopathic treatments" for Certain Loathsome Diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, bronchitis, TB, &c., &c., never mind where the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS), which lists the various homeopathic treatments available and their formulae and dilutions, has no such homeopathics recognised.

Even if the active components in materia homeopathica medica are described in Latin on the packaging.


Late-night thoughts while listening to the Werner Muller Orchestra's version of "Falling in Love Again," even if the lyrics are sung in German: Picture the video thereof opening on a nighttime aerial view of Berlin reunited and rejuvenated, especially along the Potsdammer Platz where the Berlin Wall used to be at its most infamous, as well as the new central railway station (DB Berlin Hbf--Lehrter Hbf, to use its official name) ... and then, as the vocals start to get under way, we shift the scene to a drive along the Kufurstendamm at night, replete with such landmarks as the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the KaDeWe department store, approaching the Brandenburg Gate as the vocals come to their conclusion, ending with a panoranic view of the Berlin skyline from such hills as afford this luxury, preferably outside the A10.


A YouTube Mashup Your Correspondent would just love to see (with apologies to Mad magazine's occasional feature of "TV Scenes We'd Love to See" or "A TV Commercial We'd Love to See"): That classic Red Bull ad "When Pigs Fly" being followed by a choice specimen of TV signoff announcement, especially from J. Allan Wall's most excellent collection thereof. (And especially if the switch is sudden and spontaneous.)


Mondegreen Dept.: For some time, Your Correspondent couldn't help but imagine that stanza of Louis Armstrong's 1965 sleeper "What a Wonderful World," dusted off in 1989 for Good Morning Vietnam, going:

I see skies of blue
And clouds of white,
The bright, blessed days,
To the dog, say goodnight ...

(As I understand it, the correct version thereof, discovered via Rod Stewart, is "And the dark, sacred night.")

How many among you mondegreen fans out there think likewise?


Tell me this isn't exactly trief, haram even, when it comes to Presidential primaries: Fresh off his victory in the Illinois primaries last night, GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney was overheard calling on his weaker rivals (as in Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul) to please step aside and wind up their campaigns for the sake of "party unity" and "electoral integrity," notwithstanding the insistence of Meneers Gingrich and Paul in their remaining steadfast up until the GOP conclave in Tampa this summer.

Presumably to give Sarah Palin, in her Luscious Glory of insistence that the primaries be drawn out to "better ensure vetting of the correct Presidential candidate as will Reclaim Our Dear Lovely Nation From Herself," as it were, a hard time; in fact, Your Correspondent understands where she's seeking county-level delegates at state GOP conventions as would pick delegates for their respective delegations in Tampa to pledge the Whore of Babylon Reincarnate's nomination, organisational ineptitude and mismanagement notwithstanding.


And talk about the excuses such caught downloading or otherwise perousing child pornography on Teh Innerwebz (usually through peer-to-peer file-swap sites like Limewire) have therefor: A man from St. Charles (halfway between Winona and Rochester via US 14, know) who pleaded guilty the other day in court to Downloading and Possessing Child Porn to the extent of 1,195 images and 297 videos of children engaging in sexual acts, both with adults and other children, all downloaded onto a flash drive just so wife and children wouldn't get suspicious, "denied being sexually excited by children, but told officers [as arrested him in 2010] that his marriage wasn't going well and he 'used the computer to augment his sex life,' court records show," according to the local gazetta's coverage of the proceedings.

Go figure.

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