18h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 17 APRIL 2013: The conservative prolefeeders must have no regard for the victims of Monday's Unfortunate Events vis-a-vis the Boston Marathon's finish line, especially the likes of Alex "Prison Planet" Jones pushing the trope (howbeit without credence) that it's all a "false flag" attack involving the Obama Administration to excuse some class of a National Emergency as involves suspending the Constitution "in the national interest" (cf. the Nazis using the Reichstag Fire of January 30, 1933--itself a classic "false flag" attack carried out by Nazi goon squads and officially blamed on "Communists"--to excuse the suspension of forthcoming elections and, in its turn, civil liberties).

(As well, consider what Snopes.com has to say with respect to several current Boston Marathon-related conspiracies making the rounds of especially chain e-mails and social media conduits of questionable merit and value, in particular targeting the poor, ignorant and easily-manipulate. The same sort known to listen slavishly to conservative prolefeed and take same at face value irrespective of the facts as come up within measurable distance.)

Even more disgusting when it comes to prolefeed involving said Unfortunate Events is the manipulation of scenes from a recent Family Guy episode entitled "Turban Cowboy" to make it appear that the hit Fox series somehow "predicted" said Unfortunate Events, with several versions thereof showing up on YouTube and right-wing prolefeed sites; such tactless editing being enough to prompt show creator Seth McFarlane (who also voices the show's "father figure," Peter Griffin) to comment thus in Twitter:
The edited Family Guy clip currently circulating is abhorrent. The event was a crime and a tragedy and my thoughts are with the victims.
As well, Fox Television is pulling the episode from further broadcast rotation, not to mention asking YouTube to pull all known copies of the manipulated clip (mostly from conservative prolefeed-tending accounts) thus circulating. (Not Only That: British movie channel Film4, in view of the Late Unfortunate Events, has cancelled a previously-scheduled broadcast of the comedy Four Lions, itself revolving around an Islamist terrorist plot to attack the London Marathon, itself scheduled for this Sunday.)

For our friends of the "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" persusasion:
China's "harmonised" brand of blogospheerez and microblogs (Weibo in particular) are suggesting that public-health officials coping with the H7N9 bird-flu strain (which, for those keeping track, has sickened 77 and left 16 dead to the moment) are subtly "advising" media outlets to report only positive stories of courage in its face, lest "unnecessary panic" on a par with that following the SARS outbreak's onset some years back ensue among the masses. (In any event, live poultry sales continue to be banned as a preventative measure.)

Out of concern for Unauthorised Recreational Abuse and Perversion, the Food and Drug Administration in the United States has wisely elected not to allow generic versions of the highly-addicting pain-relief analgesic Oxycontin onto the market in view of the original patent thereon expiring from today.

Is it just me, or does it seem like "tourist trap" communities are somehow populated with "crazy" types among its year-round residents forever looking for ways to expand touristic-driven revenue in the wrong sort of ways? I mention this in view of where certain otherwise orthodox gift/souvenir shops in The Once and Future Waterpark Capital of the World have been visited, Joe Friday-stylee, by police for selling synthetic narcotics (sometimes under the guise of "room fresheners," with the added warning that such are "not for consumption"), drug paraphanalia (in particular "bongs" and hookahs used for smorking cannabis, not to mention "spice grinders" as can be used to prepare cannabis for smorking) and such merchandise perverting recognised trademarks (as in so-called "designer replica handbags" on the cheap), as if thinking that T-shirts with sexually-suggestive messages and tasteless ashtrays were no longer good enough moneymakers out of season.

(Come to think of it, Concerned Parents in surrounding communities have expressed concern about social-media gossip suggesting where certain tourist-trap "gift shops" being ready sources for "plant food," "bath salts" and drug paraphanalia sold openly, and on a "no questions asked" basis besides.)

Memo to such "Tea Party"-leaning Zealots and True Believers insisting that the Lower Classes need to be "weaned away from dependency upon government" all the more, and By Any Means Necessary--subtle persuasion at first, resorting to more coercive measures of the Dianetics model if required, reinforced as necessary through the mental-hygiene laws--unto the "healthy and empowering benefits" of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as one with AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations Endowed Thus by Divine Will and Edict: You may not know it, but it's well known that lower-income persons:
  • lack any sense of consumer savvy or sophistication;
  • cannot be expected to make wise purchasing decisions in the first place (especially such which emphasise practicality and utility over wasteful and selfish vanity, thereby translating into value for money over time);
  • have few or no consumer-education skills as can help them identify scams and swindles known to target such all the more at their expense; and
  • are all the more open to suggestion and manipulation by weird and unwholesome business interests as see their exploitation to be Sound Business Practice, reinforced by a "See Something, Say Nothing" mentality (The First Rule of Fight Club, so to speak) itself reinforced by fears about loss of job, home, livelihood, &c., if they're considered "too vocal or outspoken."
So how would this help wean the Lower Classes off "government dependency" in the end, pray?



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