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15h48 UTC; TUESDAY, 19 JUNE 2012: Talk about summer fast approaching: Here in the Minnwissippi, where Your Correspondent is based, it's going to be rather warm and muggy to such extent that heat indices could be in the 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit range by suppertime ... with some blessed relief expected in the form of thunderstorms as could prove rather dangerous (and then some) from late evening on unto the overnight. (In fact, some strong/severe stuff prevailed to the north of us this morning, with some power cuts ensuing in the Twin Cities area therefrom.)

Meanwhile, some other stuff worth digressing on:
  • The "Tea Party" crowd can expect to resurrect the crudity and depravity of the old "Yellow Peril" paranoia against Asians of over a century ago, inspiring as it did the likes of Sax Rohmer's Dr. Fu Manchu, the Yellow Peril Incarnate, as well as the Chinese Exclusion Acts banning immigration of Chinese into the United States starting in 1882 and the "China Boy" laws in California as banned "Asiatics" (encompassing Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Okinawans generally) from voting or owning real property, when they hear the news that Asian immigration to the United States last year surpassed that of Hispanics for the first time in some years. (But then again, Asian immigrants do have some redeeming values, in particular such about family values, industry and mutual self-help--that last one among the Koreans especially.)
  • With some analysts suggesting that the Eurozone Socioeconomic Crisis could be the Achilles' heel of President Obama's chances for reelection ("it's a small world, after all"), maybe it was time to consider where the Mitt Romney socioeconomic agenda is actually a rehashing of nativist and xenophobically outdated concepts last seen, in substantial measure, in apartheid South Africa by way of the Afrikaner Economic Agenda which set the stage for apartheid's implementation ... and, to some extent, by North Korean Jucheist thought about a "people-centred" socioeconomic paradigm (conditional, of course, on its conforming to ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe such as conservatives insist is mutually interconnected to Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations as of Divine Will and Right).
  • Don't bet the local Starbucks on the possibility of lower coffee prices within measurable distance, what with Brazil's announcing where it expects a record coffee crop this year of 60 million 132-lb. burlap bags of raw coffee beans (which, incidentally, are the pits of a red fruit not unlike cherries as opposed to true beans); there's easily the likelihood for where coffee roasters as much as supermarkets could continue with current pricing, notwithstanding the record crop prospect, and pocket the difference with little or no measurable consumer benefit. (Which could be enough to suggest mixing in the old roasted chicory root to stretch out the coffee, thereby mellowing the taste, reducing caffeine--and adding some fiber as well.)
  • If you thought The View (ABC) or The Talk (CBS) were the acme enow for daytime chat, imagine the possibility of an online TV channel out of Wisconsin Dells (of all places!) having a chat show which makes those two look like a bad weekend at Six Flags--as in one which turns out to have mixed-sex panellists (as opposed to the all-female such on those two), is more casual and happens to be done from a deck jutting out unto Lake Delton, the whole avoiding that rather ostentatious mansion of Mt. Olympus owner Nick Laskaris from camera view (especially with the Original Wisconsin Ducks guides starting to point same out approaching Dawn Manor on the Lake Delton portion of the legendary amphibious tour) yet at the same time managing to be more in line with a realistic ideal of Real America (as opposed to a Branson-centrist such preferred of conservative prolefeeders tending to dogwhistle racism, nativism and arrogance). As for the ideal theme therefor, over a title sequence produced in Filmlook, imagine Alan Haven's rather lush insturmental "Image," vintage 1965, as used on Radio Caroline North (anchored off Ellan Vannin).
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