00h UTC; THURSDAY, 28 JUNE 2012: As Your Correspondent writes this blog post here in the Greater Minnwissippi, it's rather muggy as catch-all (a Heat Advisory being up until 20h local time this evening), and not even the overnight is expected to provide any sort of relief absent decent and working air-conditioning in one's house (or, in my case, apartment). Even tomorrow, in fact, things are expected to continue getting rather muggy with heat indices approaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit ... and the waterparks in Wisconsin Dells are expected to be rather busy as anything (hence, any visitors thereto are advised to arrive as early as possible to beat the crowds, especially ahead of opening time).

But then again, there's plenty of other worthwhile business (if you could call it that) to get out of the way:
  • Evidence that West Virginia may be the worst example the Zealots and True Believers in "REAL AmeriKKKa" must have therefor: Last Saturday, an illicit pyrotechnica stand outside a bar in Chester, along the Ohio River, caught fire (blame it on a faulty extension cord) and produced an impromptu pyrotechnics display as quickly raised police attention (what with The Mountaineer State limiting fireworks sales to "schoolboy" such like sparklers and firecrackers; the stand's owner now faces charges, on the strength of this evidence, of Selling Illegal Fireworks).
    (BTW, giving credit where credit is due for this video, ultimately via YouTube; you may have also seen Edited Highlights thereof on TV worldcasts.)
  • With Stockton, CA (population 285,000) now facing the prospect of bankruptcy proceedings, expect the "Tea Party" types in the area to start filing incorporation papers for "The City of Stockton, California, LLC" in Delaware ("for tax reasons," supposedly) within measurable distance. (And more than likely dealing with some rather dodgy "cheap-and-fast" incorporation service in the worst part of Wilmington possible therefor, especially one with "sovereign citizen" connexions.)
  • Stop me if you heard this one: "I went to a 'Tea Party' rally, and all they had was KoolAid!"
  • No wonder the Christian Right is as male chauvinist as it gets, and then some: They'd love to find some sort of legal angle by which to condone spousal rape and ultraviolence as a means of coercing the wife into "submitting graciously to the husband's desires" ... not to mention using incest (especially when it involves sexually-immature children) as a means of asserting coercive power and control, the whole to be excused in His Name and Service. (All the while "blaming the victim" in the end to avoid legal trouble.)
  • Which brings to mind where the British-based children's aid charity Save The Children has come out with a disturbing new report ahead of a forthcoming summit under its auspices in London revealing where teenage pregnancies (especially in young girls as are sexually immature, some as young as ten) can be harmful to the lives of both child and mother; among Other Disturbing Findings therefrom, 60% of children born to barely-pubescent mothers die from maternal inexperience.
  • Tell me this doesn't sound like "Tea Party" articles of faith on steroids: Among the platitudes used in apartheid-era South African prolefeed excusing apartheid, and the rationale therefor, was that the White Man's Burden as condoned Euro-centrist colonialism in Africa in the late 19th century, continuing well into the mid-20th, was in Clear and Present Danger of Usurption by "Communists" and "Communist fellow-travellers" influencing the "ignorant and easily-manipulated" blacks across the several British, French, Belgian and Portugese colonies across Africa into seeking "self-determination" (as in a National and Sovereign Identity in their own right), which also threatened the power and influence of the Pure Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ as the colonials used to keep the blacks "in their proper and natural place" of subjugation and inferiority. Hence, apartheid was to be seen as the Gatekeeper and Vanguard of White, Bible-Believing Christian Power and Dominion in the face of suspected domination by Moscow and the Comintern, reinforced further by the notion that "every nation is rooted in a country endowed unto it by Yahweh God."
  • With all eyes and minds across AmeriKKKa expected to be drawn unto the Superme Court today for the final word on the legality and constitutionality of health-care reforms popularly known as "ObamaCare," expect the conservative prolefeeders to start pushing, in case the law is struck down on Constitutional technicalities and niceties, "people-centred" (or so they think, after the North Korean stylee) replacements holding ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe to be the One True Foundation therefor; same likely to be based on vendor-paid vouchers to "open the magic doors of free enterprise and free choice to a heretofore-enslaved-to-State-welfare populace" (or so the meme would go) by way of purchasing private health cover or assist with the purchase of Medical Savings Plans (such to be heavily pushed as "promoting personal responsibility through thrift, and the interconnexion therefor"), all the while without due safeguards, checks and balances even, for the best interests of all stakeholders. Or, alternately, offering the states "block grants" to "develop health-cover plans based on their own unique experience and conditions," and without any clear oversight expected in the bargain.
  • It looks as if American energy self-sufficiency could be even more realistic than even the "Drill, Baby, Drill" prolefeeders can expect: An OPEC report cited by The Wall Street Journal hath it that improvements in drilling and refining technology opening up heretofore-untapped oilfields, increased use and acceptance of renewable biofuels and Brazil's increasing role as a petroleum exporter could mean that, by 2035, Our Dear Lovely Nation will no longer need imported Middle Eastern crude, even considering where refiners like it for its ease of refinability into gasoline.
  • The acme of possible "inside jobs": Wyndham Worldwide, which owns the likes of such well-known "cookie-cutter" motel chains as Ramada, Days Inn and Super 8, faces serious Federal charges of failing to use due care and dilligence in securing credit- and debit-card transactions at its several properties to the effect that International Criminal Syndicates were able to engage in hacking attacks on the relevant databanks thrice between 2007 and 2009, with some US$10 million in unauthorised charges ensuing on afflicted accounts. (Moral: Consider "old-school," prefreably family-run, independent motels and resorts as give you real value for money.)
Until next time we meet, Dear Lovely Ones--

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