18h UTC; SATURDAY, 18 MAY 2013: Could you just imagine the following interesting scenario:

As in a youngish boy on the cusp of his pubescence, his sexual flowering, the only survivor of a serious yacht accident somewhere in the Pacific's broad expanse as suddenly took the life of the rest of his family as were cruising thereon in the interest of "learning" ... who, as it turned out, managed to get into the only available rescue raft from said yacht and was left drifiting for a couple days until, as luck would have it, a couple of dolphins swam to the raft's sides and guided him to what turned out to be a rather small collection of Polynesian islands has had yet to see the onset of the White Man's Burden all this while.

So much so, in fact, that the natives remained outright naked all this time, largely out of a sense of comfort (especially while swimming or diving underwater, not to mention surfing) and tradition more so than erotic intent--but then again, these same specimens of pure Polynesianness remained rather candid and yet casual about sexual matters without crossing into the pornographically depraved (as in sensing that sexuality was a perfectly natural thing, and that the sexual act was largely for pleasure; hence, if pregnancy ensued--well, pregnancy happened).

Not to mention having an ingrained belief in insisting on extending sexual favours to all comers, if ever they did come--especially such of fairer complexion such as the boy of our story.

So, upon arrival, our boy (whom we'll call Sven for the sake of convenience) is actually looked upon with much in the way of curiosity by the natives ... and when taken before the local king to explain himself, Sven explains his rather unusual circumstances and the fact that he's "just an ordinary kid," not some missionary or suchlike type, who wound up thus by Fate. Whereupon His Majesty, considering where Sven is "coming to a certain age," as it were, refers Sven to a rather good-looking princess/sexpert as provides him with some rather natural, unrestrained even, instruction on Polynesian-stylee "facts of life," especially so the sensual. And it gets to feeling rather good, and then some, as he learns that nakedness among their kind is rather natural ... that they actually enjoy swimming with dolphins in a most natural sort of way (especially when naked; the dolphins seem to like it all the more) ... that they enjoy seeing dolphins and sea turtles mating underwater (and they don't seem to mind the audience one bit) ... and that sex is a perfectly natural thing, nothing to get worried or sick to the stomach about but rather to appreciate that magical sensation of two souls, if but for a few brief moments, merging into one.

Sven, in short, goes into essentially a Blue Lagoon sort of existance among the natives which, if not exactly hedonistic, is typically Polynesian in its purest sense throughout--even if there are those times when he suddenly lets loose with a wet dream while diving among the dolphins (and they don't bat an eye at the very sight thereof), or even accepts the fact that dolphins actually like using sex as a tool of bonding and friendship (even when humans come into the picture in such a primitive and natural milieu as this), especially after a couple days' acquaintenance with a particular such taking a liking to Sven.

And in return, the natives actually come to accept Sven for what he is.



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