19h UTC; FRIDAY, 3 JANUARY 2014: In watching this particular online video, reader, Your Correspondent can't help but imagine where Sven, our old friend just coming into his flowering as washed up on a backwards part of Polynesia in the wake of shipwreck, must enjoy from time to time perhaps the most natural kind of dolphin swim known: One as is practically naked, said nakedness excused more out of comfort and tradition than out of erotic intent (which, come to think of it, may actually be rather secondary when all is said and done).

A natural dolphin swim which excuses an especially close and intimate encounter with dolphins in the same manner as the native Polynesians whose sexual openness helps explain his acceptance among the natives (as in seeing the native dolphins as almost like spiritual friends that can also be rather welcome swimming and diving companions).

A natural dolphin swim enjoyed by these otherwise backwards Polynesians practically from the time they learn swimming and diving (which, it turns out, is almost from birth), and which--aside from sex and, perhaps, surfing in the classical, naked stylee--is among the best things they like to have fun.

A natural dolphin swim as sees conversation ensue among the natives and the dolphins who've taken a liking to them as much as the at-times-intimate stroking and caressing they seem to enjoy.

A natural dolphin swim as allows its participants to witness dolphins' almost-constant mating adventures up close and intimate, seeing in such mating a reminder of their quasi-religious belief in sexuality having to be enjoyable and natural, that such is nothing to be ashamed of.

A natural dolphin swim among the coral reefs, naked, almost any time of day (and perhaps at its most magical a little before sunset, when the bays and lagoons take on that almost serenely magical quality at the heart of dolphin-human interactions that can, at times, turn sexual--usually with the dolphin making the initial overtures in Polynesian-stylee love, and the natives rather accepting of it).

A natural dolphin swim that Sven quickly takes to soon after his sexual introduction by way of a low-rank princess playing the sexpert role by royal command (and whom, it turns out, introduces Sven to such a magical sort of dolphin swim in the Polynesian stylee) ... even if, at times, Sven gets that funny feeling between the legs made even more interesting because of his accepting the Polynesian tradition of overt nakedness without any twinge of shame or disgust (and which, he learns early on in his Polynesian escapade, isn't always sexually-inclined unless he chooses it to be).

A natural dolphin swim calling to mind a creation myth of theirs as hath it that the first residents thereof were born by way of dolphins, and the exercise thereof having some spiritual significance in the Polynesian manner. (And which can, at times, translate into sudden wet dreams underwater which they're not embarrassed to admit to, what with the underwater experience sometimes crossing into the erotic, as seems to be the rule in primitive and backward cultures such as this.)

In other words: The most natural sort of dolphin swim known.

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of
Vic and Sade through the years)


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