17h UTC; SUNDAY, 19 JANUARY 2014: For some reason or another, there seems to be this rather mystic interconnexion between mermaids and shipwrecks, especially so the sort where sunken treasure is involved. In particular, the notion that said mermaids are overzealous guardians of said wrecks, replete with rotting wood weighted down with coral buildup over the ensuing centuries, and have been known to threaten treasure divers approaching same with all manner of dire consequences too unpleasant to repeat here, having some sort of a tradition entitling them to guard sunken wrecks holding substantial treasure, especially in locked chests as may be even more difficult to open after centuries of submersion.

But on the other hand, such mermaids sent to befriend such specimens of children asked out of the beachhouse during the day "for the sake of the parents" (read: getting the kids out of their hair long enow so the parents could engage in debauched behaviours they don't want the son knowing about and perhaps reporting to the proper channels), reduced to wasting their time in idleness on the beach, will reveal a somewhat interesting side of mermaidry as tends to the chivalrous. One which can get to be rather instructive and at once magical, especially where the mermaid in charge takes what could best be called a proactive role in lieu of essentially unfeeling and uncaring parents bordering on the dysfunctional, serving essentially as a surrogate foster-parent making the summer days more interesting than wasting such online or in front of the TV (as the parental units want and expect all along by such advised absences).

Such can get to be the case where mermaid-human relationships target potentially dysfunctional boys, the need therefor being rather easy for mermaids to discern while washed up on shore by sight alone ... and then, with a short dive or two in the nearby reefs (the mermaid occasionally doing a "kiss of life," as it were, with an exchange of air into his lungs allowing the kid to stay underwater without needlessly surfacing every so often), having the two stare into each other's eyes underwater, basically handfasting all along, to see if the targeted youth can be said to deeply and truly believe in the power of mermaids and their magic. And more often than not, such will be the beginning of a wonderfully magic summer friendship, followed more than likely by such otherwise wasted time between breakfast and supper (as advised by the parents) being spent with (and among) said mermaids in life lessons as turn out to be rather fun, with one particular highlight being sexual introduction (the mermaid assigned his case explaining that the main reason their privates are a little difficult to discern without looking carefully is because, like other marine mammals--dolphins and whales especially--mermaid genitalia requires an especially watertight seal to ensure that sea water stays out while semen stays in, requiring especially close timing when mating and sexual instruction comes into play thus).

And among other worthwhile highlights of such summers among the mermaids the vulnerable can expect to enjoy are some especially wonderful dolphin swims as include observing their rather open sexuality at close range, not to mention hugging and caressing especially close dolphin acquaintenances of the mermaid herd.

Discovering underwater coral caverns that mermaids will use for birthing, with dolphins assisting throughout (as thus explained, such is out of concern for sharks who could be attracted to the blood and afterbirth ensuing from what are essentially tail-first births; soon afterward, the mother and her newborn will seek out an air pocket in said cavern to give the newborn its first breaths, followed by prolonged nursing at her breast--and remember, such prefer baring their breasts out of "being close to nature," stereotypical notions of such wearing clamshell bikinis being "false modesty" incompatible with their surroundings).

And time spent in and among treasure wrecks to be found near the kid's summer home, some not too widely known otherwise, which mermaids will love to use as ur-clubhouses to "chill out" in during fits of ennui or otherwise driven by a need for bonding that can easily be confused for the stereotype of being hyperjealous guards of treasure troves concealed by rotting wood, coral reefs and/or sea grass developing over the intervening centuries around said wrecks and shifting tides and undercurrents (including the effects of past hurricanes as may have split open some wrecks) ... and even then, the local mermaids will, as part of these encounters, share as souvenirs of such wonderful times parts of these hoards such as the odd gold doubloon or two, or even some loose jewels as were originally part of necklaces caught up in such hoards.

(Oh, and did I mention the sexual encounters such will enjoy using out of friendship and bonding as part of practically every dive, not to mention many happy times among these mermaids--some practically close to his own age in terms of appearence?)

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of
Vic and Sade through the years)


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