17h25 UTC; SATURDAY, 22 MARCH 2014: When it comes to our Polynesian companion Sven, as washed up on an essentially remote and (hence) unknown archipelago on essentially the cusp of his flowering, you can imagine the first part of the above going through his mind in his educational sexual quests among the native women with whom sexual favours in classic Polynesian (hence, primitive) sexuality are extended.

And if it's anything to you, know that the local king, in extending Sven the courtesy of native hospitality by way of circumstances unfortunate otherwise, felt that his youth and his imminent pubescence made it all the easier for Sven to start learning that sex is a perfectly natural behaviour ... and is equally enjoyable, as it ought to be in Nature according to the Polynesian model.

And what better than for the native women, in their desire for sexual need, to explain thus by actual experience sexual?

Never mind that such my start out as a casual little naked dive underwater among the reefs and coves of these islands, best enjoyed in Polynesian stylee--i.e., naked, which makes the experience all the more comfortable and enjoyable (even if it means that funny sort of feeling between his legs as can sometimes cause a sudden underwater ejaculation). Even more so in the company of dolphins with whom the natives enjoy swimming with in a most delightful sort of way, especially when it gets to where the dolphins demand sexual courtesies (and the natives gleefully accept) ... or when the dolphins themselves willingly engage in sex while Sven and girlfriend are diving, and they don't feel disgusted in any sort of way or form.

(Or, in season, watching sea turtles in the mating act, especially when the copulating pair are swimming.)

But when all is said and done, Sven actually feels rather pleased with his sexual adventures in that classic Polynesian "low and slow" style, "letting nature take its time" regardless of whom he's currently offering sexual favours to. And the groans of the sexual climax are almost like an offering to the native gods and tiki spirits, even if it's in the middle of the night (when it seems such choruses must be common) or even "turtle fashion" underwater, imagining each other as mating sea turtles swimming across such especially beautiful reefs that natives seem to enjoy diving in naked virtually from birth.

Which, after all, is the way Polynesians like their sex. Natural. Easy. And uncomplicated. Not to mention being rather casual about their sexuality and sexual feelings.

Meanwhile, to close this out, something which perhaps best illustrates what this ritual Polynesian dolphin love of these isolated islands must be like:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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