18h13 UTC; TUESDAY, 5 AUGUST 2014: For a young boy coming into his flowering, being asked by his parents to be out of the house during the day (even if it's a summer beach house) just so they could be alone and on their own without his "needlessly being in the way" (so the excuse would have it) can be asking too much. Especially at such a crucial time.

But when he encounters some mermaids in the vicinity, taking advantage of what's essentially parental spite excused as "love and concern" for their own son can actually be rather meaningful, thanks to some wonderful underwater time among these mermaids which gets to be rather instructive.

Especially in the "facts of life" department, particularly his emerging sexuality.

And even if he's diving naked among said mermaids, they can't help but see in our boy a rather interesting person at a rather crucial time needing some instructive fun that the parents are unwilling to provide on their own, expecting the boy to find it on his own. But then again, it can get to be wonderfully bemusing to the mermaids when some of his first swims among these mers include sudden and spontaneous wet dreams into the seawater, with giggling ensuing among these mers at the sight thereof.

Enough to prompt his (shall we say) mermentor to begin some basic sexual instruction aimed at channelling his budding sexuality along more productive lines that are rather magical--even if mermaids' sexual organs, like those of sea mammals such as dolphins, have to be water tight to ensure that sea water doesn't leak into her body, yet allows the penis in at the right time to maximise such delight that sex with a mermaid can be.

Especially when it's a young boy just coming into his flowering, needing to release his newfound sexual urges in the best possible way under the circumstances (and actually enjoying it, much to the mers' delight).

But it's not exactly all about sexual discovery that this quality time involves: Such also involves some rather unique and yet natural dolphin swims among these mermaids as turn out to be rather interesting summertime friends and companions ... hitching rides with sea turtles alongside mermaids ... even encountering a couple of unknown treasure wrecks where these same mers like to hang out around, with plenty of dive souvenirs worth remembering from the treasure store. As well as a somewhat magical ceremony on at least one sunset in a nearby cove where said mermaids gather to recognise him as an honourary such, with an especially memorable sunset dive among such waters as are especially wonderful and at once magical.

Which the parents, in asking about how the boy spent the day in line with their request, believe are some new diving companions he just stumbled upon. (That sunset ceremony being on a night, let's hope, where the parents had to "sit up for a sick friend," or so the patsy went, and the kid was left to his own devices.)

In short, a rather wonderful summer learning from mermaids what his parents were unwilling to explain to him, unwilling to accept the inherently natural at such a time in the son's life as if thinking that he would be going crazy or worse.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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