18h37 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 31 DECEMBER 2014: Just when you thought you wanted a nice, end-of-year break to reassess your options in blogging, especially considering where you've also launched another blog reflecting mein own Hanna-Barbera side of the mind as is seeing its share of popularity, along cometh a few worthwhile items of Teapottery galore (as Mein Innkeeper Friend likes referring to the "Tea Party" and suchlike elements weird and unwholesome) as deserve come commenting upon in the first place. To wit:
  • Just where exactly do those on the "Christian Patriot" front get the idea, the delusion even, that extending civil-rights protections to gays and transsexuals is actually "harming Bible-Believing Christians" to the point of "persecution" ensuing? Are there any actions pending before civil-rights agencies as are pushing this trope (which, IMHO, could actually risk being dismissed as "frivolous," "baseless" or "insincere" in their tone and logic)?
  • The "Tea Party" Sanctii Sanctorum for "rescuing" ons styl ekonomesie vryheid, as in "Right-to-Work," methinks sounds like dogwhistle code of the highest order. Especially considering where such might actually pose unwitting harm to smaller businesses, as if wage dilution preferably reinforced by a sub rosa "currency reform" based on reinstating a "sound money" policy based on repegging the dollar to gold wasn't good enough for the cause of ekonomesie vryheid and its supposed "natural and mutual interconnexion" unto Our National and Sovereign Identity.
  • "REAL AmeriKKKan" Volkskultur taken to new lows of crudity: You're probably aware on the news of where a two-year-old boy shopping with his mother at the Walmart in Hayden, ID shot said mother while on said shopping trip. And with a handgun perhaps recklessly stored in the mother's handbag so that Junyer could easily reach it without mother noticing. (Which should call to mind the classic Christmas episode of the police drama Dragnet in its radio incarnation known as "A .22 Rifle for Christmas", the which needs to be listened to in its entire to grasp its message. In any event, such was Dragnet's Christmas episode from 1949 until 1952, and a tearjerker indeed.)
  • For such who question the Loyalty and True Patriot Love of such challenging right-wing prolefeed, and the ideology and articles of faith so driving at the expense of facts, to the extent of labelling such as being Closet Communists and worse: Have any of you of this ilk actually read Marx and Engels' Communist Manifesto to understand that workers' revolution by force of arms is all the more essential to the achievement of workers' control of the means of production? (Or, for that matter, Lenin's What Is To Be Done? or the Quotations of Chairman Mao Zedong, among other ideological masterworks. Let alone Hitler's Mein Kämpf or the Protocols of Zion.)
  • How exactly is our "morally superior" socioeconomic paradigm of ons styl ekonomesie vryheid being harmed all the more when one gas station out of every six in the country is now selling regular unleaded for under $2/gallon, as if the national average for regular unleaded as 2014 segues into 2015 of $2.26/gallon wasn't good enough socioeconomic news?
Oh, and One Thing More, the which I'd especially like to direct unto the misguided, the warped and the deluded who see themselves as "patriots" to cover for their emotional weaknesses and inadequacies suggesting a failure to recognise the clear and present imminence of change, preferably through the irrationally juvenile:

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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