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00h UTC; MONDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2012: The Elmer Gantryite element is certainly DROOLING(!!!) in its Luscious Glory of Harpie-stylee hubris over the continuing effects of heavy rains and subsequent flooding in Northern California by way of a series of "Pineapple Express" waves of rain and wind off the Pacific (translating into snow at higher elevations, obviously) translating into power cuts as have even disrupted the BART network's services ... not to mention flooding along the likes of the Feather, Napa, Russian, Sacramento and Truckee rivers as threatens adjoining communities.

The hubris, no doubt, sparked by what such elements see as the "degenerate influence" of homosexuality in San Francisco's Castro District (and we know such specimens of Zealotry and True Belief must have this closet yearning for apartheid South Africa in its Luscious Glory of White Christian Honour, Privilege and Glory as of Divine Ordinance, Right and Will--something they're hesitant to openly acknowledge).

For such among you thinking about giving the traditional boxed chocolates
for the Festive Season, you might want to consider Buying American this year; Hershey's, long seen as being in the same arena of Americanism as motherhood, apple pie and baseball, has started shifting production to Mexican contractors and is closing plants stateside. Worse yet, they don't have the Common Courtesy of explaining on their packaging the country of origin for their products, not even for their Pot of Gold boxed assortment.

Hence, consider Buying American vis-a-vis boxed chocolates. Some suggestions, offered as a public service:
  • Abdallah
  • Bayard's (part of James Candy Co., as in Fralinger's and James's Salt Water Taffy)
  • See's
  • Russell Stover (also makes Whitman's Sampler and Pangburn's Millionaire$)
  • Sunnyland Farms
  • Priester's
  • Ethel M
  • Liberty Orchards (as in Aplets and Cotlets, Fruit Delights and Fruit Chocolates)
  • Lammes Candy (as in Texas Chewies and Texas Longhorns)
  • The Swiss Colony
In case you know of any other American-manufacture chocolate companies, please let me know.

From an article at which Your Correspondent finds interesting:
You've heard of the starving children, homeless refugees, and millions of people dying of disease; not to mention wars, disasters, and celebrities raising money to fix the problems of the Global South.

But what about the Norwegians?

Where are Bono and Angelina when it comes to the invisible people of Norway, who are suffering, unnoticed, in their freezing habitat?
Such is the premise of a movement styled Radi-Aid, which created the "Africa for Norway" campaign (complete with YouTube video, attracting some 1.5 million hits to date) as a satire on the excesses of celebrity-driven fundraising appeals fuelled largely by media-stoked emotion and stereotypes above clear and compelling need. More specifically, as NationOfChange's article concludes (via YES! Magazine):
The organization's true purpose is to spread the idea that the media should show respect for, provide better information on, and not just exploit stereotypes of the people they seek to help. Radi-Aid says aid should be "based on real needs, not 'good' intentions."
Something to think about in coming up with a "people-centred" model of socioeconomic stimulus "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" as would be pleasing in the eyes of conservative prolefeed conduits generally. One, it turns out, drawing its inspiration from the Afrikaner Economic Movement's model as eventually begat apartheid, well-intentioned as it was in seeking to elevate the "poor white" Afrikaner socioeconomically (howbeit, know, under Nazi influences for the most part) by the leverage of otherwise "idle monies" into "productive capital" as would be unleashed into business and industry creating jobs and jobs training per a new model of capitalism known as Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism").


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