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17h05 UTC; SATURDAY, 28 JUNE 2014: So what exactly is there to write about at this early stage of the journalistic "silly season", the summer stupor of meat-and-potatoes news stories across the several conduits of the media that translates into plenty of "junk food" distractionary items as seem to be manufactured to confuse and misead the Great Unwashed Masses away from Reality (especially so trans-Atlantic, where the "silly season" seems to be something of an institution alongside spending the rare summer weekend afternoon by the seaside)?

Which calls to mind this BBC Magazine story from 2005 as to what transpired during that particular journalistic "silly season" in England's Green and Pleasant Land; therefrom is perhaps the ideal encapsulation of the typical "silly season" news item: "
Sometimes though, it's impossible to define exactly what makes a silly season story - although if a pop academic were to devise a formula it would doubtless make the news."

But then again, it's not always called the "silly season"; in parts of Europe, "cucumber season" is the term of choice, whereas in Germany, it's known as the Sommerloch ("summer hole"), while the French prefer to call it la morte-saison (literally, "the dead season") or la saison des marronniers ("season of the conker tree"), and in Sweden, the term nyhetstorka (literally, "news drought") is the term of choice, with news stories thus commonplace known as
rötmånadshistoria (literally, "rotting-month story").

Down in the Southern Hemisphere (in particular Australia, New Zealand and South Africa), however, summer (and, hence, "silly season") coincides with the Christmas/New Year's festive period, replete with plenty of social engagements that involve much alcohol consumption during an otherwise slow news period generally--no doubt enough to inspire plenty of Antipodal "silly season" material (and not just on the social news or gossip pages, know).

Still, though, Your Correspondent tries not to fall for the "silly season" trap, especially because his being of The Kind Our Parents Warned Us About perhaps qualifieth him to provide just the right sort of observational skill when it comes to the news--especially where the desire is to give conservative prolefeeders, and the politicos enabling them all the more, their due with what may best be described as doublethink mixed with snark.

Hopefully, the following image as closeth out of this post should be encapsulation enough of my philosophy (or would it? In any case, please feel free to leave your comments, provided you happen to be among the legions in Facebook):

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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